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Personality Profiles using Numerology and
Acrophonology as objective Means of Assessment

The following text represents excerpts from the brochure titled 'Introduction and Overview', available from
certus Personality Assessments,

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Evolution is the Law of Life; the Numbers are the Law of the Universe;
Oneness is the Law of God
- Pythagoras -

Table of Contents

A Priori ............................................................ ..........+
General ............................................................ ..........+
History and Interpretations ...... .................................... +
Numbers and Numerology/Acrophonology ......................+
The Nine Evolutionary Steps Symbolized in Numbers .....+
Names ........................................................................+
Lessons and Personality ..............................................+
Distribution of Core Energies ........................................+
Harmony/Disharmony among Core Energies ...................+
Modulators .................................................................
Fundamental Lesson ...................................................
Outstanding Characteristics .........................................
Area of Manifestation ...................................................
Achievement ...............................................................
Intimate Self ...............................................................
Expression .................................................................
Temperament .............................................................
Inner Longing ..............................................................
Secret Self .................................................................
Effectiveness among Core Energies ...............................
Karmic Debt ...............................................................
Spiritual Initiation ........................................................
Daily Mode of Living ....................................................
Balance .....................................................................
Displeasure ................................................................
Suddenness ...............................................................
First Vowel/Consonant; Middle/Last Letter ....................
Full Name: Double Letter, Multiple Letters .....................
Missing Abilities .........................................................
Assisted Missing Abilities ...........................................
Intensity Points ..........................................................
Prime Intensifier ..........................................................
Challenges in Learning the Fundamental Lesson ............
Growth .......................................................................
Maturity .....................................................................
Occupational and Career Prospects ..............................
Health Aspects ...........................................................
Colors and Stones .....................................................
Sex Life ......................................................................
Relationships ..............................................................
Compatibility ...............................................................
Forecasting ................................................................

+ items rendered in the following text

A Priori

(This section deals with the metaphysical concept and axioms governing life in this universe. To go straight to the certus System of Personality Assessment, click here.)

Although this webpage concentrates on the pragmatic side of the certus System of Personality Assessments, a few words about its cosmological and spiritual background should be shared here. This will also assist in giving the ancient sciences of numerology and acrophonology their appropriate place in the world of the 'occult'.

All existence, as we perceive it from the human position, appears to be resting on the following three pillars:

  • the undifferentiated, for-ever invisible reality,
    often referred to as the eternal consciousness - respectively God-father (Christian symbology), Neschamah (Kabbalah), Atma (Eastern philosophy)
  • substance matter, the resonance-bound localized energy - respectively
    God-son, Nephesch, Manas
  • abstract motion, also named the initiating, divine power -
    God-spirit, Ruach, Buddhi

All three have to exist as an inseparable triplicity to bring about life in the material/physical world. This way, an organism living in this environment, will be able to operate on the basis of its own volition.
The interplay of these three building blocks originates the axiom of Duality/Polarity and that of Cause and Effect (aka the Law of Karma).
In the Upanishads, 'God -father' is referred to as the Absolute Constant, the 'nothing but Being', the unit of existence, consciousness and bliss (sat, chit, ananda), and that which really is and to which we have to aspire in order to become like it.
Knowing that we will not be able to become part of it or it itself as long as we are in the manifest, we still need the innermost yearning for the return to this source, to uphold the principle of evolution and, as Socrates liked to define this, to bring out the 'best aristocratic, ethical conduct of life' we individually can.
Although we cannot imagine a reality without time, space, involution/evolution, history, aim and individual life purpose, we are able to realize it in our inner world (which is the prime Gnostic tenet), and use it as a general reference for our personal and group development.
Spiritual attainment - which is the means to approximate the Absolute Constant - is to understand and master the varieties of individual manifestation and this way fathom the innate laws through which the Absolute works. 'Being knows Itself through Itself.'

A further observation in the scrutiny of the metaphysics of this universe is that the universe (as we perceive and experience it) is a 'closed' energy system, ie a field in which the energy, once injected, remains constant in its amount, as dissipation is not possible. Therefore, it is bound to an unceasing conversion of form, as the motion, spoken of above, compels it to a permanent state of activity.
A closed system is often referred to as 'circular' in its function, as eventually the forms, locations and intensities of energy have to be repeated and previous processes of conversion have to be reiterated and replayed (in physics known as the tending of a system towards maximum entropy until a reversal of the process takes place). The nature of the closed system is thus responsible for the occurrence of cyclicity and periodicity.
In eastern, mainly yoga philosophy, it is said that experiencing life situations is reaching a saturation point when all that is there to be experienced in a particular universe, has been encountered. At this stage, the individual has 'learnt' this universe, and the being's consciousness (the organism mentioned before) is ready to and will leave this nature to enter another one, one level up in the school of all universes.
The urge to expand into ever higher planes of consciousness and substantial existence is inherent in the entirety of the cosmos, ie all universes, and has to be regarded as the natural and inevitable course of things. We call this process evolution.
(It could be surmised that this factum is a holomotoric repetition of the principle of the 'en-closed system', in which motion, as expressed in different words before, manifests in periodic contradiction and expansion, and that the cosmos and with it the universes it contains, at this time, is in the phase of expansion.)
It appears plausible that the setting of ever new potential differences by the conscious and will-endowed organism is accountable for this expansion, for all processes in the manifest world (nature) start on the mental level and 'harden down' to the emotional and physical, on the latter of which they originate the inflation of space and time (a phenomenon also noticed by today's astrophysicists).
Although this organism is 'will-endowed', the 'setting' is the result of the 'animated principle of evolution' (which we have given the name 'soul').

Motion, which is not energy and therefore has been given the adjective 'abstract' in the triplicity, can only come about if and when there exists a differential of potentials between two points along the path of conductivity that connects them.
Potential difference and motion are necessitating each other in order to occur. Alas, it would be a futile exercise to speculate which one came first at the beginning of space and time (the latter two being the effects of motion themselves), as we have no way of thinking, let alone conceptualizing, the beginning.

Now, as much as the law of Cause and Effect is the result of the (original) interaction between localized energy and abstract motion, its very function sets ever new potential differences for ever new motions to take place between these newly created points of attraction. In summary, the closed system of the universe, once set in motion, becomes a self-sustaining, perpetual field of action, devoid of any need for interference in order to keep it functioning.

This is the environment in which we, the human species, find ourselves as will-endowed organisms, and with which we have to come to an understanding and lead a meaningful and purposeful existence.
With respect to numerology/acrophonology, the important principle with which to deal, is that of Cause and Effect, for it is it which directs whether the results of our actions, or reactions, are beneficial or detrimental to our mission of accruing as many learning experiences as feasible in the shortest time possible, in order to reach a higher level of awareness and maturity, and with that, a stratum of evolution where the mastering of physical, emotional and mental life ensues fulfillment, contentment and happiness - in short, the realization of the divine self in ourselves and thus the achievement of Godhood.

It may be argued that a system based on artificial intelligence, could be programmed to 'learn' by the principle of mutation/selection, incorporating only those experiences that have turned out to be beneficial for its further existence, and this way reach a higher awareness of its environment.
As much as this would be feasible, it were but a growth within the framework of the original program. In other words, only a horizontal development could take place, whereas the vertical components, necessary for 'evolution' - such as feeling contentment, happiness, becoming wise, intuit one's position in the vertical space of being and become creative - would not be possible. The implementation of creative power and with that the ability to evolve, lies outside the manifest of this universe and cannot be replicated by those in it.

By its very function, the Law of Cause and Effect bears the attribute of natural ethics, the axiomatic principles from which all human, manmade moral and code of behavior have to be derived in order to evoke and underpin the quality of the will. As opposed to blind obedience to manmade statutes, whether epitomized in sociological or religious organized belief systems, man has to function in an intelligible manner, driven by the principles inherent in the fabric of this universe. And as far as the application of the will is concerned, without it, neither evolution nor involution can take place.

Historically, we can trace back the code system of conduct for inducing proper spiritual principles in society to the Egyptian culture, which by all reasonable assumption would have received this knowledge from the Sumerian society which in turn, we can surmise, would not have been the 'inventor' of this wisdom either, but would have, at the very best, been the ones cultivating and adjusting this metaphysical understanding to the specifics of their society and the level of group consciousness their people had reached at that time.
Recognizing that the beginning of human evolution did not start on this planet, we have to rely on oral records and readings taken from the akashic records by those who are reliably qualified to do so, and can at this point only speculate which one of the early groups who settled on this globe brought this knowledge with them and lived it as part of the daily routine of their lives.
With the demise of the Egyptian civilization, the aspiration to uplift the consciousness of the individual and with that, that of society in order to evolve, was taken up by various enclave societies, each adjusting the form of the principles to achieve enlightenment to suit the indiosyncracies of their group and/or society.
The division between an esoterically informed elite and an exoterically following populace, so clearly defined in the Egyptian Temple System, remained for reasons of practicability in the teaching method, and for retaining the purity of the body of knowledge per se.
The Egyptian model was emulated in the Pythagorean (and later Platonian) movement, the early Mosaic Hebrew system, the Essenes, the Hermetic schools, the Cathars in Southern France, the Knights Templar, and the Rosecrucians, to name only the ones that have shaped the course of evolution of mankind in a larger measure than others.

The practical, pragmatic side and common denominator of all, was and is the realization that individual and society can only evolve if there is a balance between the physical, psychic and spiritual aspects of existence in the execution of daily life's affairs, with the esoteric part delivering the principal conduct for the application and manifestation of the laws involved in raising one's awareness and thus level of consciousness; and the realization that there exists the maxime of individual and societal responsibility and accountability for one's thoughts, actions and non-actions. This maxime would invariably lead to becoming a leader by example; such a person would have learned through incisive and bitter experiences himself or herself and thus gone through and survived the inexorable 'tests' necessary to evolve to the higher levels of existence.
(In the latter days of Ancient Egypt, there existed more rigid, almost sinister methods to 'test' the level of spiritual maturity an aspirant to the priesthood had reached before he could become an initiate. If he physically/psychically survived, he was 'born again' and saw the world with a new and very different perspective. The very phrase is experiencing a resurgence among today's Christian and Moslemic fundamentalists - alas, only the phrase is.)

Reverting to the law of Cause and Effect expounded earlier, numerology/acrophonology deal with the analysis and management of the course of behavior within that law, against the background of cyclicity/periodicity also spoken of earlier.
It is an operations control method of defining the outcome of an anticipated action (or reaction) based on the individual's dispositions of behavior with which he or she was born (the 'Personality Assessment'), and the predetermined behavioral, energic influences at certain times in the person's life (the 'Forecast').
Numerology/acrophonology, and other methods of divination dealing with empirical knowledge, are thus concerned with the functionality of life and its purpose in this universe. To ponder over its meaning, and cause, one has to engage philosophy, religion, theosophy, and similar arts of thinking and thought. However, whereas validity and reliability can almost be taken for granted in methodological approaches to empirical stock, this cannot be expected when delving into areas that lie outside of human perception and cerebral comprehension.
The sincere aim of practicing the ancient sciences of numerology/acrophonology, is to facilitate the growing consciousness in understanding the law of Evolution/Involution and minimizing the detrimental, involutionary effects of the law of Cause and Effect, the latter of which will take place if the individual is not guided by the knowledge and experience pertaining to the workings of these principles.
The choice for an evolutionary or involutionary path is bound to the power of a person to make a decision, and the use of the will to carry it out. However, it is hard to imagine that anyone would make repeated and willful resolutions to steer a course against greater awareness, personal development and the mastering of life.

The following sections are a short course in numerology/acrophonology to the extend deemed necessary to back up the technical side of the certus System of Personality Assessments and, at the same time, lead to a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the building blocks of a person's personality, and how to live constructively.
In the metaphysical context outlined in the foregoing paragraphs, this means: to achieve self-realization through self-actualization and self-transformation, and in this way assist the will-endowed conscious organism in transiting from the pre personal to the personal stage of development, live it out, and gain all the learning experiences necessary to prepare itself for the final, transpersonal phase of evolution (Buddha-hood or God-realization), while in the state of being human.


The purpose of the subsequent pages is to acquaint the reader with the terminology employed in the certus System of Personality Assessments. A few comments of a general nature are also in order.
Numerology 1) and acrophonology, 1) upon which these assessments are predominantly based, offer more than a body of ancient scientific knowledge. They also give a vivid demonstration of the ethics inherent in the axioms of our existence: the Law of Involution and Evolution and the Law of Cause and Effect.
It is the cyclicity and periodicity of situations (law of involution/evolution) that enables us to learn to take responsibility for every action and reaction in our life (law of cause/effect), either on the physical, or the emotional, the mental, or the spiritual plane.
There is no other way of unfolding our potential for progress and cultivation than leaving behind the burden of unfinished business (ie karmic debt). Without taking this step, we would remain evolutive children, playing, and suffering from, the mosaics of experience, unperceiving and not understanding the potential of individual and communal growth we have in this universe.
A Personality Assessment would give thus advice on how to avoid encumbering oneself with new afflictions that impede personal development.
Humanity's mission in this universe is to outgrow the structures of high energy density and evolve into those where fear, restricting belief systems and other limitations have no place or function. Then giving love, being of service, seeking personal growth and enlightenment, are pursued without limitations from the outside or karmic repercussions of one's past.
The 'free' will - petty and not effective enough to bend the laws of existence - does not suffer; rather it is applied wisely when the law of karma is understood. Freedom, happiness, and the drive to achieve, can only come when we have forsaken our liberty to act unethically and thus negatively (an act of either ignorance or rebellion). At the same time, we realize that there are common tasks for which everyone has to share responsibility and take an active stance.
The evolution of the group, the nation, the whole of our species and planetary life, can only take place if and when individuals undertake improvement. A conditio sine qua non, a condition without which wide-spread development does not occur. The reason for this lies simply in the universal interconnectedness of the actions of all living beings: the law of cause and effect.
Unity, oneness, common notions in these days of gradual awakening, cannot be understood, let alone be achieved, if diversity among the billions of individuals is not recognized and given a chance to exist.
Conformity, on the other hand, is not found in nature and leads to the opposite of evolution (which is involution); it smothers any kind of natural advancement, personal as well as group improvement, and bears in itself the goal of death.
In parallel to this, not taking up the challenge of the law of cause and effect, leads to dying without having lived and before that,
an existence that is not human because of its inherent denial to learn - and thus evolve.

Personality Assessments aim at two objectives: Firstly, to make the individual aware of what it has set up for itself to learn in this life, which situations to go through and which debts to compensate. Secondly, how to avoid repeating mistakes of the past in the present and, this way, set conducive parameters for personal unfoldment in the future.

History and Interpretations

Tracing remnants of written accounts of numerological/acrophonological systems leads no further back than to the 2nd Babylonians (= Chaldeans, 625-539 BC) who placed their entire culture on the observance of the stars and the metaphysical comprehension of the expression of the building blocks of our universe.
For them, the understanding, direction and meaning of change was of utmost importance for the planning and development of their civilization.
Before them came the 1st Babylonians (around 2000 BC) who most likely would have made use of vestiges of knowledge left over from the Sumerians of whom, as a civilization, we have only scattered and mainly indirect information surfacing from time to time in newly deciphered scrolls, tablets, or archaeological findings and their respective interpretations.
However, apart from the mentioned ones, the use of numbers as a method of divination has also been known in the Brahman culture (Ancient India) and in China (the I Ching).
Considering the depth of metaphysical content that numerological schemes and their components contain, it seems highly unlikely that human consciousness would have been able to gain this insight in the relatively short time span it has spent on this planet. Instead, it has to be surmised that this erudition came with those who came from far-away planets and more advanced civilizations to settle on this globe.

The first written records in the cradle of western culture and civilization to indicate an institutionalized use of a numerological/acrophonological system appear in the Levite literature of the Ancient Hebrews (in the Kabalah), and from there on in the Old Testament, Egyptian records, the teachings of Pythagoras of Crotona (~582 - 507 BC), and in the New Testament (eg St. John's Revelations).
Whilst all these systems (except the classic Chaldean method) are based on the nine basic buildings blocks of our (natural) decimal counting system (1-9), and whilst the delineations of the functions of these nine elements are the same in all numerological systems, there are deviations in the description of these vibrations when applied to the letters of the various alphabets that have been in use in the span of time over the latest few thousand years.
All of them were correct at their time, as the experience of the nature of these building blocks is always based on the level and dispositions of the group consciousness in a particular culture and civilization.
In other words, what human beings encounter is filtered in accordance with the environment, life style, and spiritual maturity.
It is therefore evident that the analysis of the name of a person who lived in Mesopotamia in 1000 BC, has to be founded on the ancient Kabalistic acrophonology (Gemetria) and the description of the appropriate letters that symbolize the energies prevalent at that time (eg, unlike today, taking into account numbers in the hundreds, as they express a higher level of mystical and spiritual power).

The certus System of Analysis is based on the Pythagorean system of numerological and acrophonological description, as this coincides with the cultural foundations of the ethical values, meaning, and life style current in our civilization.
Although the nine decimal steps in our system of counting are the markers in all development (progressive as well as regressive) in our universe, it becomes evident, once more, that the human position is to perceive and thus experience only certain aspects of these energies at a time.
Numerology/acrophonology are means to reiterate this age-old wisdom.

Numbers and Numerology/Acrophonology

Numerology/acrophonology is the study of the occult significance of numbers, which represent the basic building blocks in the concept of the universe in which we live. Numbers reveal the sequential steps of involution and evolution that consciousness takes throughout self-development. Through myriads of life-experiences we strive to become one and whole with the entirety of creation.
With respect to a living system, like the human system, each of these steps involves considerable environmental and personal energy. There is an opportunity to go through one major learning experience per life, and every time we succeed, we come one step closer to the state of universal or 'God'-consciousness.
It must not be forgotten that the universe is structured with potentials (energies), and that it is the 'free' will (more precisely: the free choice) of an individual's consciousness that draws upon these potentials. The character potential of an individual as delineated by numerology/acrophonology represents about 70% of the total information describing a person's personality 'system' (the so-called 'Energon', see Figure 1). The other 30% are derived from the person's karmic and parental heredity and the environment in which the person lives. Numerological/acrophonological delineations deal thus 'only' with the determinable potentials in a subject's life 2).
In numerology/acrophonology, as in the understanding of evolution and involution, the basic numbers of the 'Arabic' 3) system of numbers are used to delineate the energies which they represent: the evolutionary steps from 1 through 9 (resp 9 through 1 in the state of involution). 4).
These fundamental vibrations (numbers) 5) appear repeatedly throughout an individual's Personality Assessment. Depending on the place where they occur (eg birthdate or name), and the way they are calculated, they give the numerologist/acrophonologist accurate information about the types and forms of the 70% of energy mentioned above 6).
Consequently, an assessment deals with existential aspects of a person's life, that is, the Life Purpose (the 'vertical' component), and the Means of Realization of the Life Purpose (the 'horizontal' component).

Fig 1: Terrestrial Energy Fields forming the Personality of an Individual

The energies represented by the numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8 offer the opportunity for an individual to have a learning experience of a higher quality than the rest of the numbers does; they are called master numbers and are the numbers 11, 22, 33, and 44, with the 11 and 22 being the most common ones. The fundamental learning experiences, or lessons, and the individual's ability to learn them, can be characterized according to the following list.

(It is recommended to read the delineations from the beginning to the end. This will help to give a feeling and understanding of the concept of the nine evolutionary steps that are the basis of numerology/acrophonology.)

The Nine Evolutionary Steps symbolized in Numbers

(and the master numbers of some of them)

No 1 : Individuation, Independence, Attainment

At the beginning of personal development every individual experiences the urge to determine himself 7) to be different from other people and demonstrate Individuation.
The person sets out to develop the capability to be on his own, make decisions according to his own conclusions and to be willing to bear the consequences if the results of his acting turn out to be negative. In principle, the individual has to walk the road from dependence to Independence.
Once in the liberated state, he has to acquaint himself with the advantages of being free to make resolutions and attain in an uninfluenced way, but also with his role as a responsible leader when working with others.
Initiating and developing from scratch are prerequisites for true pioneering work of which this person is quite capable.
The No 1 represents the masculine qualities in our universe; the principle of variety, incitation, stimulation, and action: it is being extroverted, energetic, dynamic, active, upright, dominant, ambitious, commanding, aggressive, direct, and being more often a leader than a follower. At the same time it reflects the weak side of these values, in being naive, immature, selfish, and possibly cruel and callous.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'individuation', the negative one 'selfishness'.
The One is associated with the Sun, the starsign Leo, Sunday, the colors gold, yellow, topaz, and amber.

No 2 : Relation, Cooperation

As much as independence is important to start out on an evolutionary journey, the individual has to realize that the exertion of one's own will has to end where that of someone else's begins, as there are other people and other beings all about.
The No 2 lesson involves, therefore, being a purposeful and relevant constituent of a group; a small group like a family or friends, or a larger group like a business, community, a nation, or an international organization.
In this second evolutionary step the individual has to learn compliancy, observance, assistance, and thoughtfulness and concern for others, the meaning of human Relation-ship and the concept of Cooperation.
The No 2 stands for the feminine quality of our existence, it counteracts and harmonizes the masculine principle; and unlike the
No 1, it is aware that there are opposites and oppositions in life.
Whereas the No 1 likes to take a straight line, the No 2 prefers to live in accordance with the rhythm and harmony of its environment. It likes to associate.
The No 2 represents the principle of preservation, of absorption, assimilation, comprehension and shaping: it is being introverted, intuitive, sensitive, receptive, reflective, understanding, tactful, gentle and cautious - more a follower than a leader.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'association', the negative one 'subservience'.
This number is associated with the Moon, the starsign Cancer, Monday, the colors silver, pearl, moonstone, and cream.

No 3 : Self-Expression, Joy of Living ,

Due to the rhythmic behavior of all energy in this universe, each succeeding experience flows in an almost diametrical direction to the previous one.
In this third lesson the individual must discover, both as an individual and as a group member, the capacity of expressing himself: in an artistic way, by writing, painting, sculpting, singing or otherwise, and in expressing feelings towards others through friendship, affection, and love.
A person under this vibration experiences the Joy of Living, a life of optimism and enthusiasm. An individual strongly directed by this type of energy, has a need for Self-Expression and will therefore do well in private or occupational circumstances where the desideratum of imparting and scharing feelings, knowledge, and insights is not only permissible but forms the basis of activity.
Most of the time, the bearer of this force is unaware or forgetful of the fact that every energy available to humans in their personality matrix is presented to be a medium through which the collection of learning experiences can take place.
What can be gained from going through the No 3 is the encounter that the universe and with that the life not only contain and offer problems and hardship but also accommodate beauty, harmony, felicity, pleasure, ecstasy and bliss. This oscillation is certainly the most enjoyable one of all.
The No 3 in turn again, is an extroverted vibration, expansive, communicative, sociable, dramatic, creative, diversified, friendly and enjoyable, liking variety and joy - in a way, it is 'happy-go-lucky'.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'pleasantness', the negative one 'carelessness'.
This number is associated with the planet Jupiter, the starsign Sagittarius (and in a way Pisces), Thursday, the colors mauve, violet, purple, and amethyst.

No 4 : Limitation, Order, Service

When the party is over, the universe always reminds the growing individual that there is a price for everything - even for just having a good time!
The person has to learn willingness to work for the achievements and enjoyments of life, and therefore must experience the difficult lesson of the circumstance of Limitation. Limitations are as much a part of existence as everything else: limitations in the physical body, of the consciousness, or of the social and environmental milieu.
Rather than struggle against these limits, the individual has to realize that it is necessary to live with them, to accept them and to make a meaningful existence; not regardless of these limitations, but by reason of them. It is an important but not an easy lesson to learn.
The person under the No 4 influence has to learn how to systemize and organize, how to abide with Order and be of Service to others.
The No 4 stage of evolution presents a period of consolidation, that is to realize the practical side of the universe, its firmness, security and stability, its down-to-earth relations and expressions of the laws of existence, the application and formation of the intangible (laws) in the tangible (matter). Now is the time, the growing consciousness puts the experiences of the past into a productive, orderly concept and builds the structures for physical survival and the organizational patterns for the functionality of the person in the physical world.
The No 4 is a vibration of realism and stands for form, discipline, order, work, accountability, organization, construction, practicability, reliability, stability, endurance, and service.
Because the No 4 represents a strictly rationalistic ('squary') approach to life, an individual heavily influenced by this type of energy may show a tendency to block himself into his own four walls, become a workaholic and act/react to outside stimuli in a rather unorthodox, indeterminable, erratic and eccentric way. Although deep down such an individual has empathy with the world and likes to mitigate other people's hardships, his inborn technocratic handling of life will often give him the air of being aloof and uncaring.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'organization', the negative one 'limitation'.
The No 4 is associated with the planet Uranus, the starsign Aquarius, Sunday and the colors blue, gray, electric colors, and tartans.

No 5 : Constructive Freedom

To counteract the limitations of the previous learning experience, under this vibration the individual is able to make use of an abundance of talents and opportunities of all kinds. It is a time for expansion, for dealing with change, unexpected happenings and adventure. In short: to live personal Freedom.
This lesson gives the subject a capacity of attaining nearly anything for which an opening is tendered - and many openings are offered.
With the carte blanche and leeway that this affluence of aptitude and scope brings, life could easily be interpreted as a roller coaster ride of adventurous, rousing events. However, the lesson involves more.
The individual must learn the Constructive use of Freedom. In other words, he must not dissipate and pervert his many faculties and/or let presented opportunities go by unchecked or deal with them in an unwise manner; and he must not immerge himself solely in the desires of the senses, like eating, copulating, or the consumption of alcohol and opiates. He must not diffuse his potential and find himself in disappointment and bitterness about the lost opportunities. Instead, he must strive for a purposeful life by using personal Freedom creatively.
From a higher perspective, the No 5 is representative of mankind in this universe in the overall evolution of all that exists. The purpose of mankind is to learn the use of freedom, in an evolutionary, constructive way, guarding what is available to her and not appointively and irresponsibly going after excitement and pleasure and demonstrating that she has the power to execute what she is able to conceptualize in her mind or to weave together in her emotions.
The No 5 is an extroverted vibration and stands for versatility, adaptability, activity, change, resourcefulness, promotion, speculation, travel and adventure; but also for sexual pleasure, deception and magic. The person heavily directed by this type of energy will be intelligent, a quick thinker, efficient, easily bored, and preferentially be drawn to activities where he does not have to do physical or routine work of any kind. With the nervously and mentally high strung energy that this No represents, the doors are wide open on both side of the spectrum: to become a rogue or an adept.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'freedom', the negative one 'excess'.
The No 5 is associated with the planet Mercury, the starsigns Gemini and Virgo, Wednesday, the color silver, and all light and glittering, shimmering colors.

No 6 : Balance, Responsibility, Love

After the individual has discovered what exciting opportunities can exist 'out there', the universe reveals domestic necessities and with this the lesson to learn the grace of Love and harmony, compassion and appreciation, shelter, security, and Balance.
Besides the lesson of balance, the practicing of Responsibility has a great value in the evolution of human beings. It is the immediate display of the workings of the law of action and reaction (aka the law of karma), without which sentient beings would not be able to recognize the inherently ethical concept in the motion of this universe and would not have a natural reference for devising regulations and rules for living together in evolutionary harmony.
Under the influence of this vibration, the unfolding individual is likely to see himself often in situations where he is saddled with more charges, liabilities and obligations than appears to him a fair share and, sometimes, what he feels he can possibly carry. One of the reasons for this is that he is recognized as a person who is gifted to be able to handle a heavier onus than ordinary people and is seen as having an obligation to help where help is needed.
As this is a lesson with which the developing individual has not been confronted before or which has been reintroduced because of an unsuccessful learning process in the past, he has to learn how to be a harmonizer, a peace maker, or a mediator to bring about amicable agreements between worrying parties. His predominant field of practice is his immediate domestic sector but also his friends and the community to which he belongs.
A not insignificant part of this lesson is the act of balancing his own inner self, in particular insofar as he must keep an equilibrium between helping others and his own needs for physical, emotional and mental health. This includes to develop a sense and understanding for trespassing the boundary where help becomes an interference or where others exploit his willingness to offer a helping hand.
The No 6 is a vibration of harmony. It expresses family and social responsibility, compassion, love, counseling, healing, service, creativity, and marriage; birth, growth, and peace. For women, also the forthcoming of sexual desires with a view to co-create. Innate in the desire to even out is a clear perception and recognition of natural beauty and harmony. It is from here that the individual strongly influenced by this vibration is endowed with creative and artistic abilities and likes to live in an environment that radiates these attributes and gives him the feeling of wellbeing and security.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'harmony', the negative one 'over-responsibility'.
The No 6 is associated with the planet Venus, the starsigns Libra and Taurus, Friday, and all shades of blue, rose, and pink.

No 7 : Analysis, Understanding

After six activity-laden steps of learning experiences there has to be a time to strike an interim balance, to introspect, and to reflect. A time to subject all the individual has come to know up to this point in his evolution through learning, to a mental and intuitive Analysis; it is a time to review and take temporary stock.
The result of this is becoming aware of a sound store of knowledge and an Understanding of the applied workings of that knowledge. It is great step forward in gaining an overview of life and its position in the plan of all being ness.
In this period, the recognition and appreciation of the spiritual realm are employed, and the emphasis on material matters is avoided. Dominantly pursuing interests in the material world would counteract the tenor of this vibration and lead astray and thwart enlightenments that are a necessary prerequisites for the remaining evolutionary steps of the present cycle.
This is the time to take advantage of a heightened mental alertness, a clear and discerning mind, and an ability to see life in an overall context from a higher vantage point. It is an interval to remind us that the myriads of experiences we go through life after life, only serve the purpose of finding out who we really are and were we are individually positioned in this vast fluidum called the universe. - Man, know thyself.
In order to attain this goal, a great deal of time has to be spent alone to find the tranquility and sphere of undisturbedness needed to allow the intuitive faculties to have a say and help us to mature.
It is part of this phase that the individual has to learn to spend a good amount of time with himself and not feel isolated or lonely. During this period the person will appear 'different' to others, as he will think, act and alter his life style in a way that is different from his ordinary conduct of things. His interests will take him away from mundane affairs and he will seem to very much engaged in his inner world.
The individual must realize that in this interim he does listen to a different tune and must not be bothered by other's remarks or attempted interferences. Instead he should feel a great inner contentment for going through this period of clarity and comprehension and for finding pleasant vindications for many incompleted conclusions he had reached in the past.
In an age when materialism is the doctrine of the day, the (even temporary) path of the philosopher, yogi, or researcher of consciousness is a stony one. Notwithstanding this, it has to be walked.
The No 7 is a vibration of introversion and it stands for quiet, reclusion, introspection, intuition, inspiration, analysis, wisdom, and philosophical and mystical endeavors.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'wisdom', the negative one 'withdrawal'.
The No 7 is associated with the planet Neptune, the starsign Pisces, Monday, and all pale colors, eg white, pale yellow, light green, and light blue.

No 8 : Material Satisfaction

Having come to a string of conclusions about the directing, higher aspects of life, the individual feels confident again to encounter some learning experiences on the material side of existence. The practical aspects of dealing with, and building up, the physical manifestation of this universe once again appeals to him.
The person under the vibration of the No 8 has a business mind. This does not eventuate in an obligation to own or run an enterprise but certainly means that he feels at home in the world of cool rationality, structure, efficiency, result orientation and profit mindedness. And profit does not necessarily have to be understood solely in monetary terms; it can mean any substantial gain in the form of possession, social status, political power, military administration, or ideological/religious control.
Under this influence the individual sets out to learn the Satisfaction that comes from the dexterous accumulation of Material holdings and the wise handling of their conservation.
A subject strongly influenced by the No 8 rarely reaches the higher level of this lesson, which is to realize that the successful utilization of what the material world has to offer and feeling gratification and fulfillment in doing so, does essentially not necessitate a thrive for possession, status and power, rather is it a matter of attitude and feeling content with what he can achieve to live an essentially comfortable life.
In this sense this energy represents not only the material side of existence, but also the potential to learn how to free oneself from materiality and understanding it as but a manifestation of the non-physical, spiritual side of being.
The No 8, similar to the No 4, is a vibration of realism. It stands for power and achievement in the material world. Financial skills, good judgment, responsibility, and recognition of the karmic side of life with its limitations, retributions, sorrows, losses, and humiliations is what the individual has to learn during the influence of this vibration.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'abundance', the negative one 'rigidity'.
The No 8 is associated with the planet Saturn, the starsign Capricorn, Saturday, and all dark colors (including black).

No 9 : Selflessness, Humanitarianism

At the end of every evolutionary cycle there comes the time to learn the satisfaction of giving to one's environment, to society and to those in need.
This is a difficult lesson to accept after having enjoyed comfort and fulfillment in the material world. Under this vibration, satisfaction - and even happiness - comes from the sheer act of giving.
Under the influence of this energy, there is little personal recompense. A reflection of care, tenderness and warmth is usually taking place but a compensating reimbursement and repayment in worldly values to the degree to which they have been given can usually not be - and should not be - expected. What counts is the attitude of Selflessness and Humanitarianism.
During this lesson the person gradually learns that this is a phase of completion; there are no new horizons opening up, and no fresh, exciting opportunities for grand developments that lead into the future are coming his way.
He feels the urge to look back over the course of this evolutionary cycle, reflect and finalize unfinished business with the awareness that he has to clear the deck to prepare himself for the next round of nine steps of personal development. In this sense, he gets a glimpse of the concept of this creation in which all actions of individual consciousness are eventually forced to be of mutual benefit to everyone else, as this is the only way this universe can sustain.
The No 9 vibration is neither a strictly extroverted nor introverted one, rather it encompasses all previously experienced extroverted, introverted, realistic, and harmonical cycles. It expresses universality, love, compassion, tolerance, patience, selfless service, and the completion and ending of previously instigated activities.
With respects to completions and endings, this energy, if applied negatively, has the potential for climactic endings, like wars or ambitious revolutions, whether these takes place in a personal environment or in an entire nation.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'giving', the negative one 'denial'.
The No 9 is associated with the planet Mars, the starsigns Aries and Scorpio, Tuesday, and all shades of crimson, red, purple, rose, and pink.

No 11 : Illumination, Enlightenment (master number)

A master number exists on a plane above that of its single-digit base vibration (which, in the case of the No 11 is the No 2). It represents a level of awareness in advance of its time and an option to be of service to humanity with respect to mankind's evolutive needs.
The individual under the influence of the No 11, the first master number, must make an effort to develop and cultivate perception and presentiment and to tune into psychic forces not available to those with basic number vibrations. The individual must be prepared to be a messenger to bring tidings from a plane of a higher vantage.
In this life, he must influence and infuse by his own example, living luminously in the way revealed to him and for others to receive and profit from. This vibration is as difficult as it is consuming.
Generally, especially in the early years, he is aware of his gifted nature but unfitted to gain from it for his own progress or for the benefit of his contemporaries. He is often seen as a rather unserviceable romantic or visionary - far more a wishful thinker than a performer.
As with all bearers of master numbers, he suffers from an ever present riptide of uneasy tautness which he feels, due to his consciousness being induced with high frequency information of a higher origin.
He has to realize that he has to live with this link to a spiritually more advanced world which once existed or will exist in another time frame in the future. To attune himself to this realm and channel information of Illumination and Enlightenment, has must not pursue the goal of becoming successful in the material world where he would target the achievement of wealth, honor and social power. Instead, he is advised to cultivate his special talents and find ways to convey the received information in a form suited for practical implementation by those who are personality-wise equipped to do so.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'applied inspiration', the negative one 'covert manipulation'.
As this number is a higher vibration of the No 2, the characteristics and associations of the No 2 apply when and if the individual chooses to privilege the basic, more worldly, side of this potential.

No 22 : Masterbuilder (master number)

The individual under the spell of this second master number has the capacity to integrate the higher order visions of the first master number, the No 11, with the proficiency of manifesting these ideas in the world of matter and form.
Potentially, there exists a tremendous capability and expertise which the individual can utilize to construct and develop projects of significant proportion, for the advance of mankind and the glory of the universe - ad gloriam dei.
If the personality matrix and the circumstances provide the necessary vibrational impetus, this potential can be comprehended and the individual becomes a Masterbuilder, capable of delivering achievements far away from the standards of others. Only a small percentage of those endowed with this type energy can muster its potency and display accomplishments for which they may go down in history.
Whether the conditions for actual great achievements are conducive or not, the person is aware of his potential, even if it is only on the subconscious level. As with all master number vibrations, this inner knowing creates nervous tension, which is generally not making for an easy-going and pleasant life. Most of the time the individual finds himself in an internal struggle trying to grasp and assimilate this power which is constantly 'upon him' and seemingly so difficult to discern and articulate, let alone to make use of.
By his peers he may be viewed as a person who is still engaged in piecing together the various building blocks of his personality in order to form a coherent whole. Some wise observers will look beyond this appearance and see his wherewithal and will try to assist him in comprehending and accepting the special powers with which he has been furnished.
Looking at the latent excellence of the No 22 energy for high attainments in the physical world combined with a deep spiritual understanding, may seem to be a worthwhile objective to set, however, living this goal is another matter.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'grandness', the negative one 'blind engagement'.
As this number is a higher vibration of the No 4, the characteristics and associations of the No 4 apply, if and when the individual chooses to privilege the basic, exclusively worldly side of this potential.

No 33 : Compassion, Sacrifice (master number)

This third master number resonates to Venus, the planet of love, compassion, and beauty. Under this energy, the vibration of the No 6 is raised to a higher level - Compassion - and is therefore also termed the Christ Number (the word 'Saviour' adds up to 33).
If lived to its proper content, the No 33 requires self-renunciation, and often leads to anguish and persecution. Persons under this influence are the teachers of teachers. They are compelled to educate and coach in responsibility and love and must be willing to put themselves last for others, even suffering the negative karmic actions of others (but this way building up karmic credit for themselves).
As is typical with all master number energies, their bearers are called for a special mission in their lives, which they are supposed to carry out with confidence and perseverance.
This individual shows firmness of cause and an unbreakable will to succeed, on so being an example which others may be stimulated to follow or feel uplifted in their spirits. He shows principle and virtue in difficult situations, which sometimes borders on heroism, and he bears the burden and weight of trust and obligation with endurance and tolerance, often without gratitude or return. He may experience a severe and unjust punishment or suffering of his feelings and emotions and realize that he is often in situations in which he experiences Sacrifice .
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'compassioned teaching', the negative one 'worthless crucifixion'.
As this number is a higher vibration of the No 6, the characteristics and associations of the No 6 apply, if and when the individual chooses to manifest the basic, more worldly side of its potential.

No 44 : Self-Discipline, Expediency (master number)

As is the case with every master number, this individual has the potential to gain a deeper insight into the laws of the universe, but in order to attain this, has to fulfill the greater demands placed upon him.
The person under the No 44 is a stable and sober worker, carries on his path because he exerts strictness and control to act in accordance with the charges and needs of a situation to apply Expediency and bring about a pragmatic and possibly profitable result.
As Self-discipline, advisability and effectiveness are outstanding qualities here, typical areas of activity are found in the politics, the military, or in large enterprises. Whatever it is, the person is best placed in an environment in which clear structures and tight controls are part of the mechanism of management. The lure for power, its abuse, name, stardom and worldly possessions is definitively in the basket and has to be aware of to avoid the karmically dire consequences if followed.
The individual under the No 44 enjoys order and stability and backs up his judgment with common sense and logic. The general approach to life is conventional and the interest in the material world is strong. An attraction to the controlling workings of the planes above the physical is by and large not present, or only in regard to profiting from such knowledge to gain power in the mundane world.
Not before the person has developed an awareness of the inner self, that is his intuitive and introspective side (in short: the reflection upon his own learning experiences), can he express the higher tone of this master number; then service to the material needs of the world through fruitful undertakings can improve upon the general ethics and justice of physical existence on this planet.
The positive expression of this type of energy can be termed 'beneficent pragmatism', the negative one 'karmic hardship'.
As this number is a higher vibration of the No 8, the characteristics and associations of the No 8 apply, if and when the individual chooses to live the mundane side of his potential.

No 0 : No defined meaning

The 'number' 0 (rather a cipher than a number) has no value on its own and is not counted in the fadic calculation process in numerology/acrophonology.
In the metaphysical connotation, the 0 is the connecting power between two evolutionary or involutionary spiral windings. It is the place of the creator, the position from which life, the processes between 1-9, or 9-1, etc, are generated. 0 is the symbol of the infinite unmanifest, it is before quality and quantity exist. As it represents both total inclusiveness and nothingness at the same time, it is truly out of this world. For everyone in the manifest, it is incomprehensible.
In the evolutive direction, the 0 transfers the subject from one evolutionary cycle of learning experiences (1-9) to the next (10-18, 19-27, etc); in the involutive direction, the order is reversed.
Individuals with a 0 behind any of their numbers are aware of that energy exerting a stronger influence than it would without the zero. Depending on which number the 0 is attached to, this situation may be experienced as either a helpful and supportive or a difficult and laborious one.
The appearance of, for example, two 10s in two major places of a personality chart may prove an excess of masculine, assertive energy to handle in order to follow a constructive and, at the same time, vigilant path through life. In another example, the number 50 emphasizes the excitements that can be found in life, but also alerts to the dangers of getting completely lost in them if not fully aware of the energetic potential of this vibration.

Summary of Evolutionary Steps :

The aforementioned energies, if looked at in the order in which they occur naturally from 1 through 9, symbolize the ideal concept of human development, which is:

   0 - Source, Unmanifest, Connecting God-Power
1 - Individuation
2 - Attraction
3 - Interaction
4 - Formation
5 - Opportunities
6 - Responsibility
7 - Introspection
8 - Materialization
9 - Completion

Contemplating this sequence in a wider, more general sense, it becomes apparent that these steps represent the universal order of creation, whether this process is applied to the creation of a business or to the origination of an entire universe.
In practice, human development does not follow this order. The application of one's will gets in the way of the natural flow of available energies. The acquisition of learning experiences through effort and tribulation is thus a self-imposed exercise.


Contrary to modern doctrine, the name given to a person is the alphabetical vibration induced into the parents by the consciousness of the child as it incarnates.
This consciousness has chosen the parents and the environment for its new incarnation. The vibratory elements in the name deliver the Expression, the Inner Longing and the Secret Self; all tools, the consciousness needs to achieve his/her Purpose in its new life.
While the Fundamental Lesson, the Inner Self and the Area of Manifestation, dependent on the birthdate, are fixed vibrations for a life time, these tools can be modified and added to if and when the consciousness decides that such a change facilitates the expansion of its personality and helps its evolution. A name change occurs in marriage, or the abbreviation or modification of a name at will.
An altered name does not remove the fundamental oscillations of the name at birth, but it does introduce influences not present before. For example, it can reduce the number of Missing Abilities if the original name is extended to contain more different letters than before, or it can tone down the Intensity Points by introducing an abundance or deficiency of certain letters.
Any deviation from the original name given at birth brings about changes in the vibrations that are, either totally or partially, derived from the name:
The Expression, the Inner Longing, the Secret Self, and the Modulators like the Missing Abilities, the Assisted Missing Abilities, the Intensity Points, the Prime Intensifiers, the Challenges, the Growth, the Maturity, and the various letters of the name - as the most important ones.

Lessons and Personality

Every individual is here to learn a number of lessons on this planet, but there is one lesson standing out to be the main reason for a particular life: the Fundamental Lesson. The individual is equipped with the means, tools and powers (these being of karmic and parental heredity) and an environment (the social and natural surroundings in a given life) that enable him to learn this main lesson and learn all the sublessons along the way (see illustration, Figure 1).
It is on this basis that we see an individual molded into a personality that stands in relation to an envisaged attainment of a certain Life Purpose.
The personality draws all those forms of energy to him that he requires to learn certain lessons and honor his specific reason for living. This mechanism of energy conversion takes place in an automatic fashion.
As much as this process is unchangeable in a given life, it is unpredictable in what way, to what extent, and when the individual will take advantage of the opportunities presented to him to advance his development. His will is the determining factor, for it is the criterion without which the process of learning (=evolution) cannot take place.
Numerology/acrophonology, similar to related schools of knowledge, like astrology 8) and tarot 8) , can but analyse the matrix of energies that shows in the individual's personality chart and point out the probabilities with which he will handle the energic circumstances in which he finds himself in this life.
All the energies with which the consciousness of a Personality has to deal during the life, using the will, include the environment, about 15%, the heredity traits, another 15% (s. Figure 1), and his Self, 70%. Whilst there is no way of predicting how consciousness is to negotiate with the 30%, numerology/acrophonology can reveal the potentials for personal development, the 70%, and within that, articulate those inevitable circumstances and paint the scenarios that will eventuate if the person decides either to tune into the forces present and handle them in a positive manner, or, alternatively, steer a course against them or let himself be swayed from the opportunities at hand by outside influences. In this sense, numerology/acrophonology deliver a fair picture of most of a person's identity and dispositions.
In the understanding of what living on the basis of a specific personality (the Self) is all about, the conclusion is a rather Solomonian one:
The way the individual frees himself from the conditions of his social and environmental boundaries and lives his personality freely and fully, is to deal with these limitations to make his personality strong, so he does not require any further direct learning situations and can stand on his own.
For some individuals, one life time does not suffice to learn a specific life lesson ...

Distribution of Core Energies

As shown in Figures 2a and 2b, the energies of the core elements available to a person during his life are:

  • The Life Purpose (LP) - a birthdate vibration
  • The Fundamental Lesson (FL) - a birthdate vibration
  • The Area of Manifestation (AM) - a birthdate vibration
  • The Intimate Self (IS) - a birthdate vibration
  • The Means of Realization (MR) - a name vibration
  • The Expression (EX) - a name vibration
  • The Inner Longing (IL) - a name vibration
  • The Secret Self (SS) - a name vibration
In numerology/acrophonology, the power of a certain number is understood relative to the entirety of energy in an individual's core personality and how far it is modulated by accompanying vibrations, the so-called modulators.
Most powerful is a number in the Fundamental Lesson and in the Expression, less in the Inner Longing and even less in the Intimate Self, the Area of Manifestation, and the Secret Self (see Figures 2a and 2b).

It is one of the singularities of nature in this universe that natural circuits of oscillation, which are the forms in which energy expresses itself when unified, form a new, additional, independent vibrational field with new properties of behavior (example: parents and their children).
While the former circuits (types of energy/vibration) still exist, the new ones become parts standing on their own in the overall interactions (modulations) that take place among all (the family constituted by the parents and their children).
With regard to the modulating abilities of numbers, representing certain building blocks of the personality, therefore:

   * The Life Purpose is modulated by the Intimate Self, the Expression, the Inner Longing, and the    Area of Manifestation
* The Means of Realization are modulated by the Expression, the Inner Longing, the    Fundamental Lesson and, negligibly, the
   Secret Self
* The Inner Longing is modulated by the Fundamental Lesson and the Expression
* The Secret Self is modulated by the Expression

Fig 2a/2b: Mutual Modulation and Distribution of Core Energies

Harmony/Disharmony among Core Energies

(birthdate/name vibrations)

It is understandable that, when different types of energy come together, they interact with one another in a varying manner: harmonious vibrations result in the amplification of their own types of energy, disharmonious forms negate each other and are thus in discord with each other.
An analysis of the correlation of numbers (energies/ vibrations), particularly in regard to the core elements of a personality, is of vital importance in order to find out how a subject is likely to deal with the energic make-up of his nature.
In a professionally elaborated Personality Assessment the harmonically, or disharmonically, modulating abilities of the aforementioned different types of Core Energy would be included and discussed to help the person understand the contradictions that are part of his personality and for which he has to find a working relationship in order to lead an evolutionarily constructive life.
For empirical reasons, the text would emphasize the usual interaction between two types of energy. It also would allow for those situations where the individual has reached a more mature insight into the workings of human nature and is able to organize and make the best of a usually incompatible condition. In such a case the combination between two Core Energies reaches a higher percentage of harmony, than when an individual is reluctant to learn and grow.
Too much of the same form of energy, ie combinations like a 1-1, 2-2 etc, are always very difficult to manage. Those of a 1-5, 6-9, and 2-3 fluctuate in accordance with the state of maturity of the bearer. The setting of a 4-5, 8-11, 6-7 are almost always discordant, and a 6-2 and 3-6 are almost always in harmony.

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1) Numerology: The science of the numbers
   Acrophonology: The science of the sounds
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2) The diagram in Fig. 1 coincides with the view of progressive scientists in the fields of neuroscience and parapsychology, according to which the human personality is a complex combination of genetic influences (Heredity), procedural and episodic memories originating in the present life and carried over from previous ones (Environment), plus a willfully set purpose to learn a specific lesson in the present life, consciously initiated through the application of the will prior to conception.
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3) The so-called 'Arabic' numbers had been in existence long before the Arabic races and cultural system came into being.
As recent research indicates they did not even originate on planet Earth. Dan Winter, computer scientist and meta physicist in
New York State, showed in the mid 90's that the graphical way our Arabic numbers are written, is identical to the profile of a spiral, the universal symbol for evolutive/involutive processes, when viewed from 10 different angles. Obviously, there is a more direct link between our numbers and their meaning for life than is generally known or accepted.
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4) The numbers themselves do not contain any energy, in the same way a radio does not exert any of the programs to which we listen.
As with the radio circuits, numbers receive energy when their self-resonance frequency is met by the ever-present oscillating magnetic fields in the universe. Through this mechanism, they act as a receptor for the universal forces that deliver the organizing principles necessary in order to live (the information contained in the radio messages).
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5) For the purpose of this text, the words 'energy', 'vibration', 'influence', 'number', or 'force', are used in an interchangeable manner.
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6) Today's numerology is an amalgamation of ancient numerology, dealing with numbers only, and acrophonology, dealing exclusively with sounds.
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7) For grammatical and textual clarity, only the male gender is used in this body. It stands equally for both sexes.
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8) The relationship between numerology/acrophonology and astrology is that of the principle to its form. Astrology would, for example, predict a certain time at which a person would do well pursuing business matters (the form). Numerology/acrophonology would point out what was to learn from the situations encountered at that time (the principle). In other words, what happens versus why it happens. A tarot reader, on the other hand, would tune in and pick up the types of vibrations that at that time were residing in the subconscious of the subject. When these oscillations change, the reading also would.
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Herward Hencke

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