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Legend for the Six Energy Building Blocks

and their Modulators

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It pays to realize that the personality (the 'persona', lat meaning 'mask') is not the Self, rather it constitutes the software without which the hardware (the body) could not operate and would be reduced to a moron-like existence instead.
The personality is therefore the energy vehicle a person has to manage in order to express and achieve the evolutionary mission for which the soul has set the parameters for this particular life (this statement applies to non-natural persons in like manner).
All the energies and modulators with which an individual has been born stay with him/her/it for the time of their entire existence. Their very presence determines the degrees of freedom and the scope of choices the person has when making decisions and arranges to turn them into manifestations in the everyday world.
(You may want to familiarize yourself with a few principles and practicalities of personality and personality assessment.)

The Six Energy Building Blocks are:-
(so-called Core Energies - in order of relevance)

The Fundamental Lesson (FLph, FLsc, FLsp) 25% of the core elements of the personality
The Area of Manifestation (AM) 10% of the core elements of the personality
The Expression (EX) 25% of the core elements of the personality
The Inner Longing (IL) 20% of the core elements of the personality
The Intimate Self (IS) 15% of the core elements of the Personality
The Secret Self (SS)   5% of the core elements of the Personality

(a birthdate vibration)

This building block is the main reason for being around this time, as it is THE learning experience to be had in this life. Like a grand avenida, the FL is the direction of movement along which the entire life unfolds.
The Fundamental Lesson is majorly involved in the career path a person chooses - or should choose -, how well he/she/it performs in a profession and how easy or hard it is to earn a living.
The FL is an energy that manifests in the exterior life and therefore directs what the person DOES.

The Fundamental Lesson is a quality the person does not possess yet, it is a goal and a thrust at the same time, and the person is always aware of it - be that consciously or subconsciously.
The Fundamental Lesson is not to be understood as a final, one-time exam, rather it is a collection of all the questions and answers that in the end analysis form the contents and the completion of a thesis called 'The Purpose of this Particular Life'.
One can gather, hence, that the Fundamental Lesson at the end of a life is not necessarily learned in full and/or in all its various aspects; let alone is there any possible prediction as to when a certain percentage of this lesson has been attained.

According to numerology, the FL can be divided into three principle strata:

1. The physical/material level (the maintenance of life) (FLph)
2. The psychic/social level (the handling of life) (FLsc)
3. The spiritual/causal level (the wisdom of life) (FLsp)

For practical reasons, this assessment deals only with the physical/material (FLph) and the psychic/social (FLsc) level.

The Fundamental Lesson (FL) occupies 25% of the energy of the personality. This figure holds true in most lives. In a number of cases there is, however, an emphasis of the Intimate Self during the years 0-27 and 54-81+, at the expense of the FL during these periods.

In company life the FL is the Nature of the Business.

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(a birhdate vibration)

The aim of a lesson is to teach a principle (eg the Fundamental Lesson, FL, being the primary lesson in life). The area in which the FL expresses itself best and thus the person will learn the principle (lesson) in the easiest and aptest way, is the Area of Manifestation (AM) of that principle. (To be precise, through the Life Purpose, the AM is indirectly also modulated by the Inner Self, although this influence is minor. The AM can therefore practically be dealt with as the Area of Manifestation of the Fundamental Lesson.)

In company life the AM is the area in which all its activities are carried out (eg the area of Aerospace, Mining, or Hoteling).

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(a name vibration)

The Inner Longing (IL) and the Secret Self (SS) interact in such a way that they form a new oscillation with properties that can only be dealt with as different and standing on their own in the formation of another building block in the construction of a personality.
The Expression (EX) is the result of this interaction. It shows how the consciousness of an individual has managed to endow the personality with worldly gifts and talents (the Expression) to realize a manifestation of its most inner desires, fears and hopes (the Inner Longing and Secret Self).
This vibration presents with what a person is furnished: his/her/its natural talents and abilities, the tools with which he/she/it has to work to learn the Fundamental Lesson and to aim for a fulfillment of the innermost longings and dreams.
This vibration is the one by which he/she/it becomes initially known in his social environment.
In the rare case that the vibration of the Fundamental Lesson (FL) is in total accord with the way a person applies his/her/its talents and abilities, the Expression falls into place with what the person has come to learn in that life (the dancer becoming the dance).
In most persons FL and EX differ, and the Expression can be regarded as the tools with which to work in order to learn the Fundamental Lesson.

In company life the EX is Product Design and Development, but also Presentation of Product and Company in the Market.

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(a name vibration)

This vibration stands for the ideality of how to bring about the realization of one's Fundamental Lesson, the motivations and urges a person has, the side of an individual others get to know only on an intimate basis and never at first sight.
The Inner Longing could be termed the end result of the desires of previous lives, the ones that consciousness has set as the next goal to achieve.
The Inner Longing (often called the Soul Urge) is desired to be the state of consciousness at the end of a life's journey, the state of the overall vibration in which consciousness wants to bath after all the lessons of a certain incarnation have been learned.
If this objective is not achieved, consciousness will set the same parameters again and look out for a new manifestation, this time perhaps with a different Fundamental Lesson and in a different environment, so it can speculate on a greater chance of success.
Unless the type of vibration number of the IL harmonizes well with the other core energies, the Inner Longing will stay invisible to the outside world but will, nevertheless, influence the other building blocks and thus the Fundamental Lesson
The IL will predominantly affect the individual's code of ethics, his picture of the world, and the way he/she/it perceives and deals with information.

In company life the IL is the Company's Philosophy and Policy, how it sees itself as an entity in the market and Towards its Competitors, which Code of Ethics it follows, what is its Social Practice in regard to its employees and shareholders, to which Environmental Custom it adheres, and what is its Long Term Strategy regarding its market position, and socio-economic opinion moulding.

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(a birthdate vibration)

The Intimate Self is predominantly responsible for how the person behaves in his/her/its very personal space; be this the close environment in the job or - very strongly - the home and relationships. If there were no other energies in the birth matrix of a person, the IS would be a reflection of the Self.
The Intimate Self is the side of an individual when no one is looking - how he/she/it is before and after the regular day of work and business.
The IS is an energy that manifests in the interior life and therefore depicts HOW a person is.

In company life the IS is the internal life of the enterprise; the meetings among the CEOs, among the board members, the planning, negotiations and arrangements behind closed doors and without the involvement of the employees or the shareholders.

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(a name vibration)

As the Inner Longing expresses the motivations and urges a person has in his/her/its innermost Self, the Secret Self is a person's fantasy, a secret dream the individual will most probably never share with anyone but which influences the decision process in critical situations.

With regard to its manifestation in the personality, it shows even less impact than the Inner Longing. As long as it stands on its own, it bears little connection to the real world; it seems to belong to the spiritual realm where consciousness resides, a memory of the world that exists where no lessons have to be learned and manifestations of ideas, dreams, feelings and urges can be willed into reality at an instance.

Although a disconnected dream, the Secret Self, along with the Inner Longing, reveals a generally unknown aspect of the deeper layers of the psyche of a personality.

As long as the type of the vibration of the Secret Self does not match with or is similar to the Fundamental Lesson and/or the Inner Longing, its influence on the character traits of a person are negligible. If it does, the person experiences an additional drive towards the completion of his/her/its Fundamental Lesson and/or an emphasized urge of his/her/its Inner Longing.

Additionally, the Secret Self plays a decisive role in situations that touch the subconscious layer of the mind.
In the natural state of affairs, the wake consciousness (mental and emotional faculties), collects data and information which are then used by the subconsciousness to form a conclusion and make a decision to act in a given situation.

A person's Fundamental Lesson (FL) calls for the acquisition of material possessions and the Inner Longing (IL) for a lavish life style, but the Secret Self (SS) for helping others when they are in need.
Whether or not the Secret Self would overpower the energies of the FL and the IL depends on whether the SS would receive sufficient assistance from the FL and IL, as mentioned before. In the above given example, this would not be the case. If the FL would be to be of service and the IL to find satisfaction in balancing situations, it would.

In company life the SS is the Covert Visions and Ambitions of those holding the effective position of power.

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The Modulators are:-
(in order of relevance)

The First Name, Vowel/Consonant (FNV/FNC)
The Surname, First Letter (SNFL)
The Outstanding Characteristics (OC-1 through OC-6)
The Missing Abilities (MAB-1 through MAB-9)
The Missing Abilities Assisted (MABA-1 through MABA-9)
The Challenges (CHAL-MI1, CHAL-MI2, CHAL-MA)
The Growth (GROW)
The Suddenness (SUDD)
The Temperament Filters (TEMPph, TEMPem,TEMPme, TEMPsp)
The Stress (STRESS-1 through STRESS-4)
The Relationships, First Name, First Letter (RS-FNFL)
The Relationships, Outstanding Characteristics (RS-OC-1 through RS-OC-6)

These are not all the modulators that there are, but they represent a sufficient number for our online type of analysis.


As the term implies, Modulators are vibrational elements that add to, or subtract from, an existent array of basic oscillations, in this case the group of Core Energies. Although they are not strong enough to visibly alter or bring about changes in the basic elements (Core Energies), they are important as they sharpen the focus, add coleur and nuance, and identify additional potential strengths or obstacles to a person's basic characterological make-up.
The Karmic Debt is the modulator with the strongest impact, and it can be found in the birthday as well as in the name vibrations. Most of the remaining Modulators are derived from the name of a person (birthname and/or current name), whilst the Outstanding Characteristics are referenced to the birthdate.
The name-dependent Modulators indicate characteristics that are either above or below the average intensity, as found to be typical in our present western type of civilization and society. They are significant in influencing a person's attempts to come to terms with and harmonize the various elements of his personality to form what, in the end, could be termed a 'defined character', or a 'mature personality'.

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(an name vibration)

The First Vowel and First Consonant add substantially to a person's expression; playing the most important role in the influence referred to under Growth (not dealt with in this analysis).

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(a name vibration)

Just as the First Letter of the First Name of an individual is a dominant modulator regarding the attraction of being in the close sphere of that person, the First Letter in the Surname acts in an analogous role with respect to the more non-personal, formal side of his, as this is exemplified in the approach towards the professional and skill-expressing aspect of life's affairs.

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(a birthdate vibration)

Often referred to as arrows or planes, these are strong traits modifying the vibration of the Fundamental Lesson (FL) and the Expression (EX).

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(name vibrations)

The birthname contains information about which Fundamental Lessons in past lives have been intuited to such a degree that they have now manifested in the abilities (or disabilities) to manage the affairs of daily living. These disclosures display themselves as the talents and gifts (aka Intensities or Inclusions) with which a person has been born, and which have become part of the overall quality we call the Expression.
Talents and gifts are therefore natural propensities to which the individual inclines and which are expressed either with ease or with great disease, respectively not at all in the case they are missing in the birth chart.
A Missing Ability now indicates potential weaknesses, difficulties, or obstacles, because its vibration was not attuned to in past lives. The energy is less insistent than that of the Karmic Debt but is still exerting an important influence. The experience of learning through a Missing Ability is not going to come easily. Until it is taken to heart, life is full of gloom and hardship and a cause of misery to those around.

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(name vibrations)

If the type of vibration of the Missing Ability also appears in those of the Core Energies, we speak of a Missing Ability Assisted.
Missing Abilities Assisted still have to be encountered, yet the individual is supplied with the type of energy needed to handle the situations.
Only if a given type of this vibration appears in the form of a master number, a doubled element, or a karmic debt, the Missing Ability Assisted is experienced as an obstacle and learning it will be on par with learning a Missing Ability.

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(birthdate vibrations)

The Challenges are obstacles in the course of learning one's Fundamental Lesson, encountered during different periods of life due to the emphasis placed on the negative expression of the type of energy for which this vibration stands.
If these challenges in their numerical value are equal to one in the Fundamental Lesson, a certain Pinnacle, or to a certain Pythagorean Life Cycle, particular attention has to be paid to them to avoid destruction and ruin during those periods.
There are three types of Challenges:
The First Minor Challenge (CHAL-MI1) : It is accentuated in the First Half of life but is felt throughout the entire existence of the person.
The Second Minor Challenge (CHAL-MI2) : It is accentuated in the Second Half of life but is felt throughout the entire existence of the person.
The Major Challenge (CHAL-MA) : It is emphasized in the Youth but it is in force for the entire life span of the person.

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(a name vibration)

The Growth describes a type of energy that modulates the Core Energies towards a more rapid development, provided, it is matched by the same or a similar potential among these energies, or among the Modulators, and it is not in conflict with other strong vibrations among the Core Energies.
If these conditions are not met, the person will show little development, particularly in his earlier years.
Example 1.
Grow of 4, Fundamental Lesson (FL) of 2, and no energy of a considerable amount (ie greater than 10%) present among the Core Energies, or as a strong Modulator (like the First Vowel in the First Name) to stifle the experience of communicating and relating to others:
the individual will learn the advantages of being a part of a group and attend to details easily and without suffering emotional upsets.
Example 2.
As before, a Grow of 4, an FL of 2, but an Expression of 5:
The 4 and the 5 being in discord with each other, the subject has to make a decision whether he wants to concentrate on his No 2 Fundamental Lesson and use the No 5 energy constructively to achieve the goal of the lesson, or succumb to the negative side of the 5 and become distracted and scatter his forces altogether.
Example 3:
Again, a Grow of 4, an FL of 2, but no vibration among the Core Energies, or as a strong Modulator, to match or be similar to his Growth number:
The person's personal growth will be impeded and he will not show a clear direction in his development.
Example 4.
Repeatedly, a Grow of 4, an FL of 2, but an Expression (EX) of 4:
The type-4 energy is accentuated by the presence of the Grow of 4 and the EX of 4. There is no doubt, this person will learn expressing himself in a structured and organized way and develop in other areas equal or similar to this type of energy. However, with regard to unfolding his Expression, the process will not take place without a degree of hardness and frustration, particularly in the first quarter of his life and especially if one or both of the 4s result from a Karmic Debt number 13/4.

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(a name vibration)

A person reacts in a specific way when suddenly confronted with a situation he is neither expecting nor prepared for. This may be an emergency situation, a fait-accompli presentation, a new idea or project, or simply the need to make an ad-hoc decision about something.
The way the individual reacts depends on the quantity of Missing Abilities in his chart.

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(a name vibration)

The Temperament describes a person's nature as determined by the proportion of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components in the Expression, the latter being the natural talents and gifts with which he communicates with the outside
The Temperament, like the Core Energies and other modulators, describes the conditions at birth. During the course of the life, the individual's will may make changes in the way he expresses himself. This manifests in the alteration of his name.
Unlike other modulators, which add or subtract to or from the Core Energies, the Temperament Filters act as a strainer allowing only parts of the Core Energies to express themselves in the open.
With most people or businesses, there seem to be only minor alterations in their nature during their life. There are, however, occasional examples where a person's Temperament Filters have been set very firmly because of unyielding environmental conditions at the time of birth (eg being born into a war zone). When these circumstances change later in life, formerly attenuated Core Energies are evoked and are then able to express themselves.
The Core Energies represent the very essence of a person, but the Temperament Filters are important when it comes to meeting, attracting, and associating with people.
The delineations in the assessment distinguish between weak, average, strong, and too strong Temperaments on their respective levels.
It should be kept in mind that no Temperament Filter can let through vibrations that are not present in the group of Core Energies. The description of a certain Temperament has only a relative value and must be referred to the vibrations that are listed in the Core Energies.
TEMPph displays the Temperament score on the physical level, TEMPem on the emotional, TEMPme on the mental, and TEMPsp on the spiritual level.

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(STRESS-1 through STRESS-4) The STRESS
(a birthdate vibration)

This item deals with the effect of a multiple occurrence of a particular energy in the birthdate on a person's health, with respect to his emotional and mental well-being (the Stress Tendency).
Hyper- or hypoactivity affects the nervous system and from there filters down to the physical level where it manifests as weakened strength, vigor and fitness.
The impact of this factor is proportional to the number of repetitions of a certain digit in the birthdate. Three times the No 1, if a person was born on the 1-10-1947, is a case in point.
STRESS-1 through STRESS-4 display the number of stress factors present.

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(a name vibration)

Closely related to the way a person expresses the physical side of love is how he conducts a relationship, what type of person his energy draws into his life in the first place, and what kind of individual he relates to best.
This is a characteristic that derives from the First Letter of the subject's first name. Although the effects of the birthname remain prevalent in a person's life (more than 50%), changing its initial letter modifies the person's fundamental way of expressing himself, including the manner he approaches and proceeds in a relationship.

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(birthdate vibrations)

Outstanding Characteristics in a person's energy matrix, naturally also play their part in attracting and developing a rapport with another person, specifically based on the kind of energies the two persons exhibit as their Outstanding Characteristics. They are an important factor in viewing or maintaining long-term connections.

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