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Links to Websites with Related Contents

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Websites with spiritual subjects

Spiritual Endeavors, US Multi-award winning site with abundant information in the spiritual, holistic, and environmental fields.
Om Place, US Deepak Chopra's website: Modern and traditional medicine approached with vedic insights.
Ass. of Happiness for All Mankind, US Meditation retreat and spiritual training center for self-inquiry and enlightenment.
Newage Info, US One of the larger internet resource sites for everything spiritual, personal development and health issues.
Self Growth, US A large, organized directory, articles and links on self-improvement, personal growth and help.
Extonbiz, US Astrology charts and natal, compatibility and transit reports, as well as tarot and numerological readings.
Horoscopes Guide, US Daily and weekly horoscopes, articles, free books, charts, services, tools and more.
Spirit Hit, US Religious/spiritual portal: news & directories for a variety of advisory/therapeutic modalities from all 5 continents.
AstroAstro, US Specializing in vedic astrology and other services and products from the treasure trough of the vedic culture.
Michigan Counseling, US Healing the soul: Basic articles and therapies on spir./holistic counseling, Reiki, and kindred fields.
Klienwachter, US Spiritual New Age wisdom that brings you greater awareness, deeper insights and spurs self empowerment.
UMS, US A distance learning facility in various disciplines of metaphysical sciences. Degrees: Bachelor, Master, Doctor.
Personality Tests HQ, US No link left out in this directory on personality tests, from alcohol to Zim personality test.
Keirsey-Jung Personality Test, US David Keirsey's Temperaments and Jungian Cognitive Functions combined. 29 questions.
Various Personality Tests, US Different methods and knowledge bases for test types; from Enneagram types to Socionics.
Astrology HQ, US An abundant directory on subjects relating to astrology, from Abacus to Zodiac astrology .
Astrology 4U, US This site uses astrological and psychic approaches to enlighten you about upcoming events.
Online Relationships HQ, US No link left out in this directory on relationships, from problems to happiness.
Horoscopes, US In-depth astrology, free daily horoscopes, love, compatibility, matches, weekly/monthly forecasts.
Spiritual, AU Bringing you love, light & wisdom. Free ebook to streamline your spiritual growth; many very informative articles.
Astrology, IN (English). Astrology, western and vedic, and many related subjects like pooja, gemstones, yantra etc, etc.
Omastrology, IN (English). Vedic astrology, online horoscopes, natal charts, life readings, predictions, matching, medical.
Findyourfate, IN (English). Different astrologies, matchmaking, money, relationships, career, numerology, palm reading.
Astro Charts, UK Natal Birth Charts, Relationship Compatibility, Numerology Reports, Psychic Email Readings.
AstrologyWeekly, RO Astrology articles and information updated weekly from around the globe, and astrological service sites.
Life Cycles Matrix System, BE Cyclicity and synchronicity in a person's life and how to deduce meaning and destiny thence.
Lichtinfo, DE (German) Self-development, self-empowerment, an environmentally responsible lifestyle, good health.
Opzijnbest, NL (Dutch/English) Dutch portal about Numerology, many links to Dutch and International websites.

Websites with psychic subjects

Horoscope Match, US Matching people; and impressive links on everything astrology, numerology, singles, parenthood, etc.
Averi Torres, US Malibu's resident psychic, helping people to use their own psychic natural ability to gain control of their lives.
5 Star Psychic Advice, US A co-op of psychics, mediums and tarot card readers giving live advice over the phone.
Phone Psychic HQ, US Everything with the word Psychic in it; large lists for (free) phone, email & other psychic readings.
Witch Lovespells, US Personal attention by Kofi for Obeah love spells, gambling spells, witch love spells and money spells.
Love Spells/Money Spells, US Powerful love spells & money spells cast on your behalf. Safe and powerful - by Aisha.
Spirits of the Universe, US (Español/English). Psychic readings & spiritual advice from Luz Maria. Free onliners.
Psychic Oasis, US Psychic services by Peyton, classifieds, chatroom, message board, resources, newsletter.
Psy Sky, US Psychic phone readings and dream interpretations by Ivy Spacer, articles on psychic and spiritual subjects.
Psychic Spiritual Reading, US Psychic, psychic love readings, & palm readings in search of a soul mate or a lost loved one.
Psychic Readings, US Psychic Readings provides plenty of excellent information on psychics and psychic readings.
Authentic Psychic Readings, US Linda Dalton's home on the web. Psychic readings, tarot resources, and psychic blog.
Psychic Deals, US Affordable Deals on Psychic and Tarot Readings; live online psychics and tarot readers available 24/7!
Live Readers, US Professionally tested Psychics and Tarot Readers. Ten minutes for US$10. Availability 24/7.
Life Psychic, US Reliable and trustworthy psychic advice, astrology, numerology, tarot readings, love and relationship...
Be Psychic, US You may be gifted to be a natural psychic. Here is how to find out and what to do with this ability.
Empathic Amanda, US Amanda is an empathic, intuitive psychic and tarot reader, specializing in all matters of the heart.
Trans-Formers, CA Psychic advice, most free. Improve your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, financial health with wisdom.
Tarot Spread, US Teaching site about the different types of Tarot readings, how to do it yourself and find selected readers.
Psychic Directory, UK An active and well-visited international directory of all things esoteric, psychic & spiritual.
Hypnosis Hotel, UK Dedicated to hypnosis; many articles, 10+ products, and free downloadable personal development books.
A-and-Ins, UK/NL, (English/Dutch). Tarot Reading life; choose from a number of female/male readers in two languages.
Magic Spells & Casting, IN Love/money spells, talismans, charms, witchcraft voodoo, hexes, curses etc. Casting service.
Genuine Irish Psychics, IE Accurate Psychic, Tarot & Angel Readings, Love & Magick Spells to rectify any situation.
Psychic Guild, AU Free Online Tarot Card Reading, using two famous tarot decks, Rider-Waite & Ancient Minchiate Etruria.
Cosmic Connections, AU Psychic and clairvoyance readings, astrology charts, lucid dreaming, crystal healing sessions.
Australian Psychics, AU Psychic and clairvoyant readers in Australia on matters of family, career, and romance.
Australian Love Psychics, AU Psychic readings using different modalities on the specific subjects of love and relationship.
Australian Psychic, AU Dr Peter Filis. Psychic and Palmist. Accurate face to face, telephone and email psychic readings.

Websites with miscellaneous subjects

All Inspiration, US Articles, jokes, pictures, quotes ... inspiring for better education, family, friendship, humor, love, lives...
Great Relaxation Music, US A collection of the finest relaxation music available for purchase on the internet. Free samples.
Stress, Anxiety and Depression Resource Center, US Infos, answers, treatments and preventions on their natural alleviation.
Alternative Medicine, US Everything alternative medicine to help you cure yourself the natural way.
Mental Health Abuse, US The Citizens Commission on Human Rights: Exposing the crimes of mental health practitioners.
Shop 4 Womens Health, US AVLIMIL, AVLOMIL, AVILMIL and Estrin-d on sale; same day shipping on all orders!
Yoga, US An educational site providing useful information on health and fitness.
Careers Helper, US A collection of links for career planning, personality tests, and prevailing specifics in certain vocations.
The Degree Experts, US Earn a PhD in counseling studies online from top Universities and Colleges in the US while working.
Life Coaching, US Finding a life coach from where you will be able to meet your needs and also get the best Life coach training.
Free Assessment Resources, US Collection of assessment sites in various areas: ecucation via career to tax and health.
Astrology Software, US Astrology Explorer 3D and Free Online Astrology Birth (Natal) Chart Generation Horoscope.
Translation Services, US A full range of translation services for all localization needs and purposes in over 100 languages.
Confidence Center, US How to deal with and improve low workplace morale, absenteeism, &other productivity blockers.
Shirley Knapp, US Sustaining joy & spirituality: Healing through her books, tapes, classes, consultations and energy work.
Wholistic Healers in Wofford Heights, California, US Professional psychics and wholistic healers with years of experience.
Whispy, US Exclusive, invite only, hand-edited, searchable mind, body & soul directory to find holistic health on all levels.
The Conscious Living Foundation, US Practical steps to greater peace, hope, love and joy: e-boooks, videos, audios.
Dating Secrets E-book, US Free ebook on attractive profiling, detecting liars, and successful strategies for cyber dating.
Enhanced Healing, US By Dr Harry Henshaw: Relaxation music, affirmations, online counseling (stress & self-esteem).
Christian Singles HQ, US Everything Christian singles, from a Christian singles network to upstate Christian singles.
Solve Dating, US Examining chances of defined matching using population data, statistics and probability calculus.
123 Online Greeting Cards, US Religios & spiritual well-designed free greeting cards and info on various religions.
Click Health Fit, US A comprehensive and one of the larger health directories, covering everything from Addictions to Yoga.
Health Resorce Directory, US An extensive health services directory covering both conventional and traditional medicine.
Accredited Online High School Diploma, US High school education with methods that work best for the individual student.
Conscious Living, AU Natural and complementary therapies, environmental Issues, spirituality, psychology and mind matters.
Adyar Bookshop, AU Australia's largest and longest established (since 1922) esoteric and alternative bookstore.
EarthLink, AU Groups/services/products for environmental sustainability, health, community, ethical conduct, social justice.
Dating Match Makers, CA Dating advice/service for X'ian & Jewish singles in USA, CA, UK, Europe, Australia, N. Zealand.
Health Directory, NL Age/gender divided sites on diet, fitness, disease, health resources, dent, doctors, products/services.
Profitable Palmistry, NO (English) The body doesn't lie. A highly acclaimed ebook on teaching palmistry .

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