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The Call for Political Changes and the Global Years of Humanity

On a global scale the mood underlying humanity's motives and actions changes every year and follows a preset universal pattern that can be determined in advance Forecasting (or Backcasting) Global Years., July 21, 2008, by Herward Hencke

It is no accident that there is a worldwide call and push for political changes on a global scale in . Humanity as an entity has a consciousness, like an individual person has, and this consciousness goes through annual changes bringing to the fore forces from deep inside that motivate mankind to manifest a different task each year. These years are called Global Years, and there is no way of escaping their compulsions.

The Global Year is of interest to those who like to have an overview over future (or past) developments as they appear (or appeared) on the entire planet. Knowing the character of these stimuli is a significant guide to undertakings that take place on an earth-wide scope and is thus of concern for organizations engaged in the planning of worldwide projects or companies needing to adjust their market strategies. For them the Global Year is of utmost importance in order to succeed. It tells what makes humanity tick as a whole in a given year.

The Global Year of 2008, for instance, indicates that the nations have outgrown current paradigms, realize that hitherto sociological ideologies do not fit the advanced level of consciousness any more, when a new approach to health care, healthy food and its distribution are overdue, when dealing with environmental issues is becoming a topic, when fear of not finding ways of tackling global climate changes sets in, or when it dawns on the inhabitants of the industrial nations that they have to adapt to the fact that they have lived beyond their means and cannot afford to continue their present life style any further. today intoduced a new service on their website, which renders ten Global Years, with starting years ranging from 1 to 9999. This is of special attraction to those interested in verifying the historical events of the past or who want to be warned of those coming up in the future.

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Certuspersonality in the past ten years mainly known for providing the professional sector of personnel managers, career consultants and psychologists with personality assessments, have just added this free of charge online service to their website which displays the Global Years under which the whole of humanity is as a directional force that influences mankind in its consciousness and with that its frame of mind.

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