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Obama or McCain: Abyss for America

It's a mass-psycholological phenomenon: Once a people is emotionally and mentally completely worn out, it will accept any promise of 'Change', even if it is either an unsubstantiated pledge, or equally bad, one that defies any common sense and is likely to worsen an already run-down situation., July 30, 2008, by Herward Hencke

The above header is no political speculation; it is rather based on the interplay of the psychic energies of the US as a whole and those of the present two major canditates for presidency in the year 2009 when one of them will be the incumbent.

Barack Obama born on August 4, 1961 and Juan Mc Cain born on August 29, 1936, are both endowed with the psycho-numerological energy type of the Number 11 in their Life Purpose (or Fundamental Lesson) which is the main reason and thrust for living of a person.
The energy of the Life Purpose is the major momentum in a personality, it propels the person forward, never leaves him/her alone and dictates what he/she will DO in his/her life, no matter what.

In the year 2009, the entire world and with that the nation of America, will be under the very vibration of this No 11.
Obama and McCain with their stage-publicized personal energies will then be in resonance with the psychic state, the mood, and inner desires and susceptibilities of the American nation and its people.
This can be an advantage or a disadvantage in a situation in which a new president takes on the reigns and is eager to smith changes inside and outside the country in accordance with his own personality make-up while the iron is hot.
Whether this will yield a good or bad result in the long term depends on the nature of the reigning energy, here the No 11.
As said before, in the year 2009 either canditate will amplify this vibration and will uncannily speak the mind and express the desires of the American people, if not the entire world.
Now then, what are the characteristics of this No 11 type energy?

For the global mood in 2009 (the 'Global Year') we read in Forecasting (or Backcasting) Global Years that there is a strong desire to follow intuitions and inspirations from a higher source for a better life, if one has the ability to convert this information into concepts and structures in the real world and does this in common-sensical and pragmatic ways. that there is a strong desire to follow intuitions and inspirations from a higher source for a better life, if one has the ability to convert this information into concepts and structures in the real world and does this in common-sensical and pragmatic ways.
It is further stated that the emotional drive for bringing about changes can easily lead to self-deception and being betrayed by those who exploit this psychological state to their own advantage, or imposing these characteristics upon others with much awareness or unknowingly.

Barack Obama's and Juan McCain's Life Purpose (Fundamental Lesson) we find in Fundamental Lesson and discover that they bear the same features (which they have for their entire life) as those mentioned above for the American nation and the world in the year 2009.

As a result and on a mass-psychological level, these two canditates epitomize in their self-expression and political proclamation the disposition of the American people and other nations in that year.
Experience and a glance at history show that in situations of a dire nature, of fearing existential disasters to strike on a massive scale, analytical and rational considerations give way to wishful thinking, irrationality, and strong emotional behavior.
Any person being in the political lime light in such a time and by virtue of his/her own personality identifying himself/herself with these sentiments, will be exalted, glorified and seen as the long awaited savior. Thinking will not, say cannot, be applied any more as the psychological state has tipped over its point of balance.

Casting a brief look at the Intimate Self (how a person IS) of the two canditates in Intimate Self, Obama shows a practical side (born on the 4th) in his approach to his vision, whereas McCain (born on the 29th) has the same 11-type energy in his Intimate Self and thus displays these features also in his mode of pursuing his idea for bringing about a change for the better to the nation and the world.

In summary, whilst Barack Obama exhibits certain methodical features in his personality, Juan McCain substitutes this with an overall illusive and ungrounded structure of his Intimate Self.
However, both are 'hooked' on life long visions that neither one can comprehend, analyze and convert into concepts, structures and methods for bringing about change with a constructive and positive outcome. Both have a distorted view of reality and cannot change that - they were born that way.
Whoever will win the race, the years after 2009, especially the year 2011, will be a sobering experience for the American people and the world, for they will discover that they have been lead into an abyss.

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