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Obama and The World in 2009

It is likely that Barack Hussein Obama will remain in office for a few years, as the powers that select American presidents chose him years ago because he fits the required criteria needed to usher in a New World Order (aka One World Government, aka New Financial/Economic Structure), and they will see to it that faults like not having given evidence for a natural birth in the US will not matter.

Barack Obama has been trained in Positivism and Marxism, both of which form the bedrock for any kind of centralistic system of governance in the world today.
More over, he possesses an oratory talent and, most importantly, is imbued with the drive to bring into manifestation a vision:
the vision of better living conditions for everyone in the United States and the World at large (see Press Release Obama America).
The downside of this specter is that by his very nature he is not qualified to materialize such a task and is bound to rely on outside advise for its implementation; he is impressionable and thus the ideal candidate for the proponents of a NWO.

The Global Year of Humanity, ie the psychological influence under which the world is in the year 2009, is identical with Obama's life long vision (details see Press Release Obama America).
Numerologically, in 2009 Barack Obama is under the Personal Year influence of the Number 5 type energy which is the force needed to excel in the fields of public relations, promotions, political ideas, and preaching, which all in all has to do with addressing and dealing with large groups of people.
If naturally present as in the case of Obama, oratory skills come to the fore with much strength in that year and play a major role in the person's 'sex appeal' towards the general public.
The person is driven by the anticipated excitement of bringing about change, adventure, and social transformation, and very often there are the trickery of the magician and the lyrical skills of the unethical salesman involved. What counts for the person is the expected satisfaction of the successful manipulation ("I have done it").

In every year now, whether it is in a Global Year or a Personal Year for an individual or company, the month of September intensifies the characteristica of the year's energy.
For Humanity as a whole, this is the energy of the 11/11 (physical level *) and the 38/11 (social level *), see Forecasting(orBackcasting)GlobalYears and type in 2009, Sept.
With Barack Obama in September it is the 14/5 (physical level) and the 41/5 (social level), see Forecast One Month and type in Aug 4, 1961.

The 14/5 stands for
Strong Libido, Karmic Restrictions, Diversification; Personal Magnetisms; Business/Money, Speculations; Dangers from Natural Sources, and the 41/5 for
Desire; Abundance; Change; Affluence if own Judgement/Opinion is maintained; if not, Plans are Likely to be Wrecked.

Whether Obama will abide by the positive side of these energies or fall into the rapture and ectasy of indulging in the lime light of international attention, depends not only on other building blocks in his personality (which at this point cannot be evaluated as he is neither revealing his place of birth nor his certified birth name), but also the strategical onus under which his masters will put him. There may eventuate frictions between the two.

Humanity's 11/11 in September tells us of
Revisions; Tests; Hidden Dangers, Treachery, Deception; Legal Dealings; Inspiration, Information, Art; Quick Resolutions
and 38/11 of
Tenderness, Warmth, Strong Bonds; Vision; Benefits; but often also Trials, Tribulations, Separation and Divorce.

Obama's energy in September 2009 is one of masculine determination, humanity's one of female vulnerability. It is obvious who will be attempting to sway and move whom.
Despite the clear situation in place, there exists a fundamental discrepancy between the two energies, that is Obama's 5 and Humanity's 11. They are not in natural harmony and thus a lot of fretting, irritation and resistance will originate between Obama pushing his vision of a NWO and the various peoples in the world.

Depending on the personal year under which a nation will be in 2009 and in particular in September of that year, the fierceness will vary from country to country.

* Physical Level: The maintenance of phyical life; work, money, food.
* Social Level: Interactions with other beings.

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