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America and The World in September 2009

As a prelude to this Press Release, it is recommended to read the preceding one titled Obama and the World in 2009 which is dealing with the US presidents' and America's/The World's influencing psychic powers in the year 2009 and September of that year specifically.

In that previous release it is stated that in any calendar year, be that a personal, corporate or global one, the month of September amplifies the energy type of that year.
We read there also that humanity as a whole, on the physical level is to experience in 2009 (11/11)
'Revisions, Tests, Hidden Dangers, Treachery, Deception, Legal Dealings, Inspiration, Information, Art, Quick Resolutions',
and on the social level (38/11)
'Tenderness, Warmth, Strong Bonds, Vision, Benefits, but often also Trials, Tribulations, Separation and Divorce' (see Forecasting(orBackcasting)GlobalYears and type in 2009, Sept.)

Now that 2/3 of 2009 are gone, it has become obvious that the terms 'Hidden Dangers, Treachery and Deception' have taken on center stage:
The scientifically and empirically disproved Global Warming, the make-over and reintroduction of the 1976 Swine Flu marketing, combined with other earlier single virus releases, the groundless declaration of a pandemic by the WHO, and the planned legislation of enforced mass vaccinations in 194 member nations of the UNO.
These measures are expressions of a massive and cunning deceit on a global scale and, as said, will be intensified in their motoric on the generating side and in their perception on the side of the public.
Sufficiently hyped into a group-dynamic effect, it will be fairly easy to pass legislation and/or executive orders in the US Congress (who are part of the public) to then execute (meaning: enforce) inoculations of the majority of the population.

In analogy to the generation of fear (pandemic), another manifestation of 'Hidden Dangers, Treachery and Deception' is the staged financial/economic recovery show, which is based entirely on trickery (eg money to the banks but not to the economy) and manipulated statistics (eg false unemployment figures, 2-weeks cash for clunkers effects, untrue import/export ratios, artificially bank-prevented housing foreclosures, or creative book keeping like mark-to-market).
The reality is that increasingly more persons lose their job as exports and consumer spending shrink, fewer creditors in the world of finance are willing to purchase government bonds to finance the nation's upsurging debt which is mainly based on ever increasing outlays for the military and wars.
As extremely dire and preposterous these scenarios appear and defy logic, in 2009 the world public is unable to apply the common sense it would use and did use in other years.
The reasons for this are twofold:
First, it is the specific vibrational influence humanity is under in 2009.
Second, in any statistically relevant group of people, the visual perception type (one of the four existing ones), is occupying more than 50% of that group.
Visionary perception types observe in and predominantly recognize images. Visions (eg of a pandemic or a better world) they can identify themselves with and act upon accordingly. Abstract or logical/common sensical discernment/thinking is not how they assess and process information.
The next higher %-age perception type group in society is that of feelers (~25%). As the name implies, they are receiving and acting upon feelings/emotions and are thus easily impressed by sentiments/motions, either positive or negative ones.
Together, these two groups represent 75+% of any society and in an age of international mass media (based on images and sentiments) can be addressed effectively and steered in any desired direction.
As these two segments of society are in principle missing the ability to analyze, cogitate and reason, they show a strong tendency toward the all-known lemmings syndrome (ie following the herd) and assume that the greater numbers evidence right, correctness and truthfulness, where in fact most of the time and on most issues the opposite is true.

In this regard it is noteworthy that some formerly serious newsletter writers on the Internet have changed their tune in 2009 towards painting either a picture of an impending Armageddon (so fundamental religious believers and New Agers), or that humanity is now entering the 'Fifth Dimension' in which an elite of higher quality souls will reside, and become 'Earth Angels' who will have nothing to do with ordinary 3D-compeers anymore.
The described characteristics of both camps are markedly building up their idiosyncrasies this September.

Now, Obama in September on the physical level is under 'Being Guarded, Help from People in Places of Influence; New Contracts; Successful Plans; Travel' (23/5),
and on the social niveau under 'Desire; Abundances; Change; Affluence if Own Judgement/Opinion is Maintained; if not, Plans are likely to be Wrecked' (41/5, see Forecast One Month and type in Aug 4, 1961 as his birthdate).

Interpreting the two texts means that Obama will receive even stronger protection and more push to implement the plans that are already in the making (national vaccination and health care, bank/corporate nationalizations, more debts, intensifying foreign country occupations/wars to increase hegemony, and slowly but securely preparing a situation in which totalitarianism will appear to the public as the only way out to 'solve' national problems.
Obama will see himself as the popular 'maker and master' of all these developments, although he is only carrying out orders under the protection from above while bathing himself in leadership delusions and self-aggrandizement.

While humanity's next year (2010) will be characterized by 'Frivolous Carelessness' and 'Sacrifice and Victimization', and thus be a combination of half continuing the 2009 year of illusions/delusions and half of experiencing the results of defying common sense, the really hefty repercussions will manifest in 2011 when America and the world will have come to the bottom of a near financial/economic/trade standstill (again, read Forecasting(orBackcasting)GlobalYears and type in 2010 and 2011).

Globally speaking, depending on the 'national year' under which a nation is in 2009 and in particular in September of this year, the fierceness of the above outlined energy descriptions for humanity will vary from country to country.

* Physical Level: The maintenance of phyical life; work, money, food.
* Social Level: Interactions with other beings.

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