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Obama, America and The World in December 2009

As an informative primer to this Press Release, it is recommended to read the preceding one titled America and the World in September 2009 which is dealing with America's and The World's influencing psychic powers in the year 2009 and September of that year in particular. That release delivers a good overview over the principle energies at work in the year 2009.

Let's see how numerology assesses these powers for the month of December for the entities Obama, America and The World.


Unlike the month of November in which Mr Obama was influenced by an energy that made him slightly withdraw from ostentations in public life, not at last because he made some negative experiences in contact with others, the month of December will see him forceful again and trying to apply a certain militant attitude in order to achieve the goals that are on his list of planned accomplishments.
On the physical level of his existence he is under the energy of a 17/8 (Benefits, Prosperity; Strength, Will; Intuition; Assistance; Often Securing Fame),
on the social a 53/8 (Karmic Collections; Abrupt Situations; Bravery, Discernment; Success Through Service in Public Areas)
and on the spiritual a 26/8 (Negative/Positive Karma; Messages; Matrimony, Gestation; Possible Disasters Through Association Or Ill Advice).
To see for yourself, go to Forecasting (or Backcasting) Personal Months and type in Obama's birthday of Aug 4, 1961.
In essence, the /8 energy is pushing its bearer to achieve goals in the material world, ie typically acclaim, glory, wealth, influence and power.
To achieve these, the influenced person may have no scruples to use militant means like faits accompli or monetary bribes.
As Mr Obama is under the spell of a 14/5 for his personal year 2009, this /8 is embedded in that /5, which means that he would use personal charm and persuasion to 'sex up' his ambitions in December in order to win. However, there is also a strong aspect for karmic evocation in every /8 energy, which would be triggered by amoral, speculative behavior and social manipulation.


The birth of America would have to be regarded as the date on which the Declaration of Independence was actually signed, which appears to have been August 2, 1776.
According to that date we receive for the physical level a 15/6 (Benefits From Others; Constrains; Vacillation; Personal Magnetism; Voluptuous Temperament; Eloquence),
for the social a 51/6 (Enforced Justice, Legalities; Command; Sudden Advancements In All Undertakings; Expressing A Militant Attitude)
and for the spiritual a 24/6 (Domestic Life, Harmony; Support By Those Of Status And Standing; But Also Danger From Animals/Powerful People/Institutions On Which You Depend).
To see for yourself, go to Forecasting (or Backcasting) Personal Months and type in America's birthday of Aug 2, 1776.
In essence, the /6 energy lets its bearer be concerned about and appreciate domestic values, ie typically to have enough income, comfort, security, harmony, and beauty.
In light of the current economic situation in the US, the greater public will accept more stimulus packages and debt creation with the temper that they create, and perhaps even rectify the phenomena of 'global warming' and 'pandemics'.
Little does the public in December realize its blinker-type thinking and feeling and instead gives preference to short term comfort over rationality and common sense.
The latter faculties are also brushed away, as for the whole of 2009, America is under the influence of 'frivolous carelessness' (12/3 physical and 39/3 social) which is the attitude of the child that does not want to be reminded that it is inevitable that it has to grow up and learn. On top of that is the global year of humanity which allows for dreams, illusions and deceits.

The entity of Humanity in the global year of 2009.

On the physical level a 5/5 (Diversification; Contacts; Attraction; Libido; Travel),
on the social level a 41/5 (Desire; Abundance; Change; Affluence If Own Judgement/Opinion Is Maintained, If Not, Plans Are Likely To Be Wrecked),
and on the spiritual one a 23/5 (Being Guarded, Help From People In Places Of Influence; New Contracts; Successful Plans; Travel).
To see for yourself, go to Forecasting (Backcasting) Global Months and type in 2009 to receive the physical level energy for December.
In essence, the /5 energy subjects its bearer to all sorts of changes, often initiated by one's own lust for speculation, gain, and excitement. The gains of today will become the losses of tomorrow. Excitement of mind is the prime motivation for doing things, especially when addressing the public.
At the end of December, there is generally little that can be shown that humanity can book as an achievement or make use of for the future.
Aggravating is the fact that in 2009 humanity is under the heavy influence of illusions, deceits and treachery. Clear thinking is not possible in 2009.


Interactions of the above mentioned energies are how compatible they are in relation to each other.
In December, Mr Obama's vibration will get the upper hand over that of the American general public, as his energy is a strong masculine and that of America a soft feminine one.
In relation to the rest of the world, Mr Obama's vibration will be in stark disharmony to humanity (8 vs 5).
America as a nation, will experience an harmonious/disharmious mix, ie with some countries it will be more of the one than of the other, depending on the yearly vibration of a particular nation and the resulting compatibility.

The years ahead.

While humanity's next year (2010) will be characterized by 'Frivolous Carelessness' and 'Sacrifice and Victimization', and thus be a combination of partially continuing the 2009 year of illusions/delusions and partially of experiencing the results of defying common sense, the really hefty repercussions will manifest in 2011 when America and the world will have come to the bottom of a near financial/economic/trade standstill (again, read Forecasting (or Backcasting) Global Years and type in 2010 and 2011).

* Physical Level: The maintenance of physical life; work, money, food.
* Social Level: Interactions with other beings.
* Spiritual Level: Storing learning experiences.

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