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America, The World, Obama, in 2010


The United States (born Aug 2, 1776) underwent an energy in 2009 that could best be described as 'frivolous carelessness' or 'irrational exuberance' and was characterized by the 12/3 (according to our website: 'Reflective Interlude; Insights; Modification of Outlook; Submission, Being Sacrificed and/or Victimized') on the material level and the 39/3 ('Advancement, Suggestions, Fortunate Relationships; Sabbaticals; but also Introspection') on the social level of America's Personal Year.
In essence, the /3 ('Expansion; Travel; Pleasure; Self-Expression, The Arts; Money, Lucky Times') is motivating its bearer to have 'fun', express the joy of living as if there were no tomorrow to think about ('carpe diem').
In the case of the Land of the Free, where living is synonymous with spending, in 2009 the Federal Reserve Bank was holding the reigns of all spending and directed who was to have most of the 'fun', and as we know now better than before, it was the Fed itself, the government, big banks and to a certain measure 'cash for clunkers' applicants who took this opportunity to obligate themselves to more debt, say spending. All this took place in the sector of politics and public appeal (Area of Manifestation of the above energy /5) in that year.

In 2010, the nation's Personal Year will be under the spell of the 13/4 ('Karmic Restrictions; Upheavals, The Unexpected; Having to do it again, sometimes forcefully; Transformation') on the material level and the 31/4 ('Contention; Material Stress; Obstructions, Isolation; Legal Dealings, Clearance') on the social.
To see details, go to Forecasting One Year and type in Aug 2, 1776.
This will have to be acted out in the domestic sector (Area of Manifestation of the /4 will be the /6).

The destillate of these energies is the /4 ('Exertion; Effort; Construction; Assets; Money') which has the underlying principle of Limitation, Order, System, and Service -- and no more 'fun'.

Matters and things, in particular in areas which represent the foundation and holding structure of the country, and which have gone astray, been overdone or simply not cared about, will have to be reassessed and methodically reconstructed to gain a solid footing for the future survival and orderly functioning of the social, economic and financial sectors. Speculations, methods based on non-clear, non-transparent patterns cannot be applied any more (as they were in 2009), for the /4 demands nothing less than common sense and practical, pragmatic approaches.
Among the different compound energies boiling down to a /4, the 13/4 is the worst, as it invokes the payment of karmic debts of the past. Sudden breakdowns of existing structures will occur and replacing them will become a burdensome and work-intensive undertaking, as success will only come after the sweat of having gone through different approaches a few times.

There will be severe economic and financial problems for the US, as the export figures will further and consistently shrink with the result of an extremely negative import/export balance, the number of lost working places will be increasing even more (the real number already at 22%), the precipidation into further debt on the federal (now standing at ~16% of GDP), state (up to 50% of expected tax income) and local levels will continue whilst attracting ever fewer buyers of these debt certificates along the way, resulting in the necessary cutting of social services like welfare, health care, education and the maintenance of law and order. Foreclosures, personal bankruptcies and defaults will continue to mount. Prices of imported products (90% of daily living consumption) will rise as the dollar has lost 25% of its value from its level in 2002 and 50% since 1985 against the major currencies of exporting countries, and it is sinking further.
The public's frustration with ineffective government policies will be likely to change from pessimism to rage on short notice. The prospect of social unrest or sporadic incidents of violence will be real.

At the same time, taxes will be increased in an attempt to have a government income for services and the repaying of its debts. However, its revenue will shrivel further as the tax paying sources like companies, smaller business and employees will dwindle even more as there is little money left that can be spend on innovation, development, production and consumption. On the private side, the median debt level of families is now 122% of their disposable income and will rise with no prospect of repayment. Families will have to sell possessions.

In short, there will be a contraction of available credit for everyone, from employees via the business world to governmental institutions. These are conditions under which financial sector and industrial consolidation (ie concentration in fewer hands), and a further privatization of public assets will take place. This is the process of centralization of the socio-economic fabric, a trend towards socialism or another form of dictatorship.

The above described scenario of a severe recession/depression will have become evident in the 2nd calendar quarter and harden from the 3rd quarter on.

The year 2011 will see changes from the downturn that will have been reached in 2010, yet the type of changes will depend on the degree of centralization that has taken place in 2010 and on the situation the rest of the world is under in 2011 (the world will be under a Global Year of a /4, very much like America will have it in 2010).

The World (as a group entity).

The vibrational influence the group consciousness of the world as an entity is under is called the Global Year and it expresses itself in the global mind. It is a general vibration that will affect all nations when the mind of humanity as a whole is activated in international communications and/or conferences, when a group attitude is displayed or in supranational decision making processes. The energy of the the Global Year is not involved in nation-internal situations.

The Global Year is always one year behind that of the United States.
In other words, in 2010 the group of the world will be impelled to follow in the footsteps of America's Personal Year 2009, though without the imposition of having to suffer from 'victimization and sacrifice'. Instead, it will be a clear energy of a 3/3 on the material level and a 21/3 on the social.
To see details, go to Forecasting Global Years and type in 2010.

This will be different to the 2009's world mind which has been vibrationally manipulated to follow images, visions, delusions and fears leading to such. Examples are the illusion that a market economy can be stimulated by applying centralistic, command economy type measures as it is done according to Keynes (socialism), and another one that natural changes in the global climate can be altered by setting up a carbon certificate trading exchange.

At the core, the /3 will induce a delight in pleasure and self-expression with a great emphasis on social life and entertainment. On the physical (material) level it will just be that with no strings attached, on the social (21/3) it will be ('Travel; Diversity; Different Vistas; Benefits and Success in the Later Part of the Year').

In circumstances in which there were no problems of the kind we are experiencing now (wars, social unrest, loss of production, income and spending power), the mentioned characteristics would determine much of the world's mind and spirit the way they are described above.
Alas, mankind is beset with predicaments that will tune down the expressions of 'pleasure and entertainment' and limit them to not taking the serious problems as serious and take life from a lighter side. When complexities of problems become evident and become too much to understand, there is always the tendency of ignoring them altogether.
So there is a strong element of becoming as careless as the US were in 2009, and that will haunt the world's mind in 2011 when the global economic/financial situation will turn as sour as that in America in 2010.


Mr Obama had a year of being able to address a wide international audience and could bath in a number of lime-light situations. This will change in 2010, in which year he will be under the influence of the 15/6 on the physical level ('Benefits from Others; Constraints; Personal Magnetism; Voluptuous Temperament; Eloquence') and the 33/33 ('Great Responsibilities; Sacrifices, Emotional Crucifixion; Sometimes Riots and Treason; Bravery') on the social.
To see details, go to Forecasting One Year and type in Mr Obama's birthday as Aug 4, 1961.
His Area of Manifestation for these energies will be that of the /8, which means that he has to deal with matters of money, like the accumulated debts on all government levels and the military, like ongoing and new occupations and wars.
Whilst the influence of the 15/6 type energy is welcomed, much of its favorable sway will be needed to sustain the burdens of the 33/33 as on that level he will have to deal with human beings, their formations and institutions.
The 33/33 is a so-called masternumber energy under which much can be achieved if an unusually great effort is made. While there is a willingness to show courage, hardiness and obstinateness in adverse circumstances, these faculties may be misactivated and may even lead to more adversity and hostility. 'Emotional Crucifixion' can easily be the result of one's well-meaning efforts; the 33/33 is therefore also called the crucifixion number.

A word of warning is apt here:
'Well-meaning' efforts (good intentions) do not necessarily equate with morally high ranking goals or applied wisdom. They only purport that a person is strongly standing up for a certain conviction. Many historical leaders have displayed this character trait in order to subdue peoples and/or impose the idea of a new order. Both Mother Teresa and Adolf Hitler had strong convictions, yet their levels of spiritual maturity were quite different.

Interactions and Compatibilities.

US vs the World.

In essence, this is the energy of the type of the /4 vs that of the /3.
This combination is one of the most disharmonious among all vibrational forms; both sides see things, matters and situations very differently and thence take a disparate, almost opposed approach to proceed in life.
America's need and occupation with dealing with their problems in 2010 will not find much resonance and sympathy in the rest of the world. After all, so the argument will be, the US have brought this upon themselves, have influenced the world to suffer in their wake and are now obligated to rectify the situation, at least so for their own continent.

Obama vs America.

Mr Obama's /6 is well in accord with his country's /4. They can talk to each other and can in principle attempt to solve the pertaining predicaments together.
There are, however, the idiosyncrasies of the individual energies of the 13/4 (the nation) and the 33/33 (Obama). To say that negotiations between the two will be difficult would be an understatement.
The cross-combination of these two energies of break downs in the structures of finance, economy, and sociology and the ensuing emotions, riots and possible break-away of states on the side of the country (13/4), and the emphatic and overly vigorous stance of the president to push his 'conviction' for the solution through the political institutions (33/33), will not bode for a smooth ride in 2010.
In this context, it is worth mentioning that Mr Obama's convictions are largely based on the life long energy of the Fundamental Lesson which in his case is that of an /11. This makes a person follow visions and dreams and not realistically achievable goals (see mention of this in Obama or McCain: Abyss for America.)

As America's problems will magnify in the second half of the year and the realization that the present financial and parliamentary system has become hollow, not functioning and not representing the people any more, the nation's quandaries and troubles will not be solved in 2010.
Instead, new ideas and unorthodox approaches to replace the outdated ways of thinking that actually developed the present structures, will not have a chance before the year 2011.

Obama vs the World.

Here we see a high compatibility between the /6 of Mr Obama and the /3 of the rest of the world.
The potential of the /6 for friendship and harmony combines well with the potential of the /3 for social awareness. However, Mr Obama will not be in a position to take much advantage of this fluidum with the international world as he will be tied up in and with his own country.

* Physical Level: The maintenance of physical life; work, money, food.
* Social Level: Interactions with other beings.
* Spiritual Level: Storing learning experiences.

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