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The Subconscious Paradigm and the Natural Dispositions

If one has lived for a while one notices that from time to time there are waves of what people regard as the latest belief in how life works, or what is 'in' and therefore has to be followed in order not to be left behind.
It is the consciousness of the herd that expresses itself here as it always needs the comfort of being part of what most do and thus must be right, safe and secure.

These waves are generally bound to a nation but often also to an entire culture, like the American, European or Asian culture and manifest in areas like fashion, societal values, codes of behavior and even in jurisdiction.
Generally, these waves are based on beliefs that at that time are presented with surface logic and a strong element of success if followed. With these building blocks they suffice the constitution of an ideology.

In the 1970s, in the areas of finance and management, there were surges of the teaching that material achievement and success were possible for everyone and were only based on the strong application of will, impression of a certain idea upon others, and the consistent repetition of one's own goal in a mantra-like fashion.

These ideas were packaged as workshops, courses, or newsletter memberships through which the subscribers received psychological encouragement through testimonies and fortifications of the underlying concept of the teaching.
What the different variations of these concepts had in common was that they were neither delivering new scientific discoveries or universal truths, but were offering a method for working on a goal.

However, if that goal was misapplied with respect to an individual's natural dispositions, it could not be achieved, however hard and persistently a person tried.
As an example, purpose designed superfoods, drinks and consistent body building exercises will not lead to an Arnold Schwarzenegger champion figure if the body structure of a person is not disposed by birth to develop an athletic form.
In the same way, it is not feasible to have financial, managerial or business success on the basis of adopting a certain mental attitude or code of interaction with others, on its own.

Like everything in the organic nature of which we humans are part, development in the evolutionary sense (ie success) takes place on the basis of natural dispositions combined with environmental influences.
The above mentioned approaches for material success of adopting a mental concept or method of behavior are environmental influences and can only contribute to the person's success if they resonate with, ie strengthen, the person's natural dispositions.

This principle of growth in nature works also in reverse: If the environmental influences are working against the requirements for development by the dispositions by being in disharmony with them, growth is hampered and in the extreme situation will lead to starvation and death.
Transfered to the mental/intellectual realm, a person being imposed or imposing himself/herself with a concept or method that is not in line with his/her natural dispositions will waste time, money and will end up frustrated or with psychological disturbances.

In recent times on the Internet, there makes the round a resurrected notion from the 1970s that success in the world of finance and business is only based on changing one's paradigm, ie how one sees the world.
It is backed up by the hypothesis that human life is largely controlled by the subconscious and not the wake consciousness and that concepts, residing in the wake consciousness, will not be carried out as long as they are not impressed on the subconsciousness.
The solution offered is to bring a concept into the layers of the latter by either removing certain existing ones from the layers first (a technique practised in Neuro Linguistic Programming) and/or attack these layers with constant repetitions of the desired concept until the person feels that he/she is ready to act accordingly and automatically as part of the person's 'new nature' (an idea that has been exclusively pursued in Behaviorism; see Prof. Skinner).

As said before, as long as there is concordance of a certain concept/method with a person's personality building blocks, it will be extremely helpful to reach a preset goal.
To find out, it is necessary to examine with which natural disposition a person has been born. The professional use of numerology is probably the most suited approach available today.
To demonstrate the aforementioned harmony or disharmony between natural dispositions and imposed concept/method (whether the latter is residing in the wake consciousness or the subconsciousness), the following examples are given.

A person with dispositions for method, system, the handling of money, a desire for leadership and public honors (numerologically the numbers 4,8,1) will greatly benefit from a method to concentrate on these features and become successful in these areas.
A person showing dispositions for research, philosophical endeavors and mystical talents (7,2,11) will not, no matter how intensively he follows a method that promises financial and business success.
A person disposed for love, beauty, helping others, bringing harmony to the world and having an aptitude for writing or acting (6,33,3) will find it hard if not impossible to busy his/her mind with aspiring for position, money, promotion and leadership.

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