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America, The World, Obama, in 2011


PH - 14/5. Strong Libido, Karmic Restrictions; Diversification; Personal Magnetism; Business/Money, Speculations; Dangers From Natural Sources
(For principle and detailed descriptions for the year click here and type in Aug 2, 2011; and for the monthly descriptions click here).

SC - 32/5. Positive Tidings; Gratifications, Gains; Links To Groups Of People; Plans Carried Through If Sticking To Own Opinion; Often A Lack Of Morality And An Association With Magic

AM - /9. Completions and Endings in Public Matters, Often In A Forceful Way.

For the nation's leaders, 2010 (see forecast by clicking here and type in 2010) was a year meant to address the financial/economic and sociological ailments of the country, like the runaway national debt (now nearly 100% of GDP) and with that the shrinking value of the USD, in a constructive and practical manner and revert to sturdy and common sense concepts and structures in these areas.
That did not happen, instead the problems were only magnified and their solution pushed into the nebulous future.

The process of centralizing all essential powers to run the nation from one pivotal point in the fashion of a socialist/fascist state, as warned about in the 2010 forecast, will proceed unabatedly. Through debt the FED now holds all governmental financial powers in her hands and so those of many banks and corporations and quasi governmental institutions (eg mortgage lenders), and, to top it all, increasingly the debts of foreign central banks and the European Central Bank (does anyone not see a pattern here?).

2011 will be a year of change; too often to the degree that it will be a change for the sake of change, without looking into the substance and repercussions of it.

It will occasionally become a fashion, an addiction among politicians to compete with each other over the ideas with the greater intellectual content, the greater appeal and the greater potential gains; and they will become inventive and skilled to sell their suggestions to Congress and the public in a poof-like manner. Ethics will suffer even more than in the years before.

There will be strong elements of restlessness and impulsiveness with the potential to scatter the nation's energies and resources, and at the end of the year, there will not be much that has been achieved and can be relied on to steer a stable course in the years to come.

In a way, most of the changes will turn out to have been public relations exercises in order to excite the political scene, to hype up the international position of the nation, and promote one's own political personal and national grand standing.
Many of the proposals and possible implementations will be anticipatable empirical nonsense. It will be a year of mental pursuits in the first place, and the application of wisdom will be challenged. There will be little in the way of workability and sturdiness. After all, many concepts, relationships and orthodox ways of thinking and methods of applying them, will have to come to an end (Area of Manifestation: /9, see above).

Many of these cul-de-sac changes can be blamed on the karmic nature of the energy type of the 14/5; however, this is the vibration the nation has to deal with in 2011. Vigilance and only making decisions after carefully thinking them through to the end, should be the order of the day, month and year. It is highly doubtful that this path will be followed.

As the miseries of the US are fundamentally of a financial/economic nature, much of the quackery will take place in and around 'fixing' the financial system, introducing austerity measures, 'stimulating' consumer spending and with that allegedly reverse the tendency of the economy dwindling and the loss of working places.
Alas, most of the measures proposed and deployed will either be phony in nature, or insufficient and not touching the root of the problems; instead they will lead to disruptions and delays.

In more concrete terms, 'quantitative easing' of big banks and big companies will get rampant, there will be more bank failures and/or mergers, and the FED will switch its primary role to funding the government instead of the consumers, though the latter, up to now, have been in the position of supplying 2/3 of the buying power in the economy. This position will gradually be changed in favor of the government, which is essential for a conversion to a centralistic nation, away from a market-orientated economy.

The exchange markets with their various asset trading sectors will experience a volatility not seen for years and with no consistent direction in sight. For investors, it will take a lot more sober analysis and unobfuscated thinking to find those areas and companies that will grow because their time has come (eg the commodities/energy sectors in the US and the investing opportunities in emerging economies and market growth areas).

The year's energy will be dynamic and bear some new and unusual ventures, like more military expansions by occupying more foreign countries, possibly wage skirmishes and smaller wars and definitely do the underground work for bringing about 'regime changes'.

In the national psyche of the American public there will be a feeling of excitement and adventure, which can easily be taken advantage of by crafty and knowledgeable political charlatans to demand 'progress' and thus distract the nation from the necessary real changes that would have to be made in the real world, eg by keeping working places at home, making domestically produced products sellable by reducing manufacture related duties and taxes, keeping undercutting alien workers out of the country, and making credit available again to the public and the business sectors at reasonable conditions and affordable prices.

The stimulated adrenalin gland of the Americans in 2011 will equally well make those who are finally seeing through the hypocrisy of the political/financial elite after years of having been fed with false promises by unqualified leaders, form core groups with a revolutionary spirit at their base, ready to voice their anger in acts of denying civil obedience and defying authority, but to also engage in constructive thinking in order to reshape the American geo-political landscape (eg splitting away from the Union) and form their own regional financial/economic concepts and structures.

The latter will probably not happen in 2011 and will have to wait to be manifested in 2012 when the circumstances like national and municipal debt and everybody's tax burdens will have reached unbearable proportions and the country will have become largely dysfunctional, ie have turned into a dystopia, not only in the financial/economic, but also the social and political sense.

It is irresponsible and deceitful to proclaim that the economy can improve and get out of the recession (following figures as of Nov 2010, and rising) with a year-to-year GDP of minus 1% (real figure), 41 Mill of 308 Mill inhabitants on food stamps, 23% (real figure) of the work force unemployed, with all mortgage holders repaying (deliveraging) their debt and thus not spending, and the rest of the people either starting to save or not spending because the daily living expenses are suffering from an 8% real inflation rate.
Under these conditions, the general crime rate will go up and a 'war on crime', with all the methodological hallmarks of the 'war on terrorism (ie a priori, defining everyone as a suspect) will be decreed.

Finally, changes are also to be expected in the very material fabric of the nation: there will be an increased probability for natural catastrophies, like earthquakes, volcanic activities, fault openings, extreme weather, and with that the destructions of crops.

The government will use natural and man-made 'natural' (through weather seeding) disasters and/or premeditated acts of terrorism to control the public by issuing Draconian laws to limit the freedom of moving capital out of the country, manage/confiscate personal 401k and IRA superannuation funds, raise taxes across the board, and restrict/forbid/confiscate the possession of precious metals, the buying/holding of foreign currencies, and, in the extreme, tax and limit saving accounts in order to enforce spending.
In addition, there will severe attempts to include restrictions in the use of the Internet (initially by basing it on heavy usage fees, then on special licences). Internet users will be declared 'potential terrorists' by law in order to bring them under the umbrella of the Patriotic Acts.

All this is part of the negative expression of the energy types of the 14/5 and 32/5, both of which call for interfering with and attempting to mold the public mind on a large scale of social engineering.

The World (as a group entity).

PH - 4/4. Exertion; Effort; Construction; Assets; Money
(For principle and detailed descriptions click here and type in 2011; and for the monthly delineations click here).

SC - 22/4. Projecting Work, Advancement; But Also False Judgement

The vibrational influence the group consciousness of the world as an entity is under is called the Global Year and it expresses itself in the global mind. It is a general vibration that will affect all nations when the mind of humanity as a whole is activated in international communications and/or conferences, when a group attitude is displayed or in supranational decision making processes.
The energy of the the Global Year is not involved in nation-internal situations.

The Global Year is always one year behind that of the United States.

In 2011, the world will be in principle where America was in 2010, as she is always one numerological step behind the US.
Just like the Land Of The Free in 2010, the rest of the world will be plagued by financial/economic problems that in many countries will spill over into the social fabric and destabilize the foundations that have been in place for many years, but will now turn out to have been hollow and deceitful in their very design, as they were based on unrepayable borrowed money that was spent excessively and mindlessly.

The Global Year is an energy that effects everyone on this planet in various degrees.
The most intensive vibration an individual can experience is the personal one, the next one but with a lesser influence is that of the nation in whose sociological fabric the person lives, and lastly the energy of the Global Year having only a minor impact on the individual.

However, if it comes to matters that pertain to planetary thinking, global consciousness, and conceiving plans how the entire world should live, the energy of the Global Year is of importance as it foretells the psychological fluidum in which the whole of humanity swims in a given calendar year. Organizations engaged in 'thinking for and manipulating humanity' are interested in this type of information.

The characteristics of the Global Year 2011 are mentioned in the links above.
On the physical level (every day living in the material world) there will be severe economic problems caused by a western-world type financial system that is overdue for being remodelled, for having to stand on a principles that gives honor to the way every ordinary household used to be run: not spending more than is available and/or can be paid back from the income generated, and if the latter shrinks, reducing the spending out of necessity.

The current standard pattern is to engage heavily in thinking and working on spending, including future depletions, mainly for self-aggrandizement, with no thought on the present and future affordability.
Financial book keeping tricks (eg derivatives) and the deceitful creation of credit against zero security/collateral (excessive money printing) cannot gloss over the fact that money as a principle means for trading and expressing value has to be based on a tangible backup. This backup used to be gold and silver but does not exist any more and has not been replaced by any other means to fulfill this role.

These days, all currencies are fiat money, ie entirely based on trusting what the issuing agency (central bank or government) or the international group of these institutions deems a currency to be worth. In principle, this could be any value agreed upon by these players and does not reflect any lasting tangible value. For this reason, it is also likely that currency wars as part of trade wars are to eventuate in 2011+.

2011 will be a global year in which having lived beyond one's means for years will backfire enormously. This will not only hold true for governments on all levels but also corporations and the private hand.

The Global Year energy is not sufficient in strength to develop something on its own or out of nowhere, rather does it act as a catalyst and thus needs a seeding of its own or similar specific energy type upon which it will operate as an amplifying force.

In practical examples, it will precipitate the dire straight situation of those countries that are in a national year that is the same, ie a /4, or is congenial with the vibrational type of the Global Year, ie is in a /1 or /8 (to read the energies of a certain nation, click here and type in the birthdate of the country, but be diligent when researching for the correct date).

If a country is in a dismal situation, the negative forecasts will be emphasized; if it is in a different one, it will be influenced by the more constructional abilities of the global years's energy and the nation will look at improving its financial/economic structure to being more solid and to removing all uncalculatable risk.

The social level of global 2011 is directed by the masternumber energy 22/4 which is the 4/4 two more numerological levels (nones) up.
The leading theme of the 22/4 is thinking, conceiving and planning in grand and idealistic terms for the (assumed) benefit of all, if not the whole of humanity. There is a potential for prodigies.

That sounds great, encouraging, and the ambitions will be felt by everyone in 2011. However, the catch is that this energy is of a time in the future, one in which humanity will have evolved to a higher level of (spiritual) maturity. Having it in the present is a precursor/anticipation and meant to be an aid to see problems in the material and social world from a higher perspective and develop the unorthodox means needed to solve them. And only the best in their professional fields are called for to achieve this goal.

This is possible, provided that those involved in this planning and process are bona fide, ie are not interested in personal, political, institutional, or ideological gain. If they are, any project will fail and leave nothing but destruction in its wake.

Given the present temper in the ideological/political field, there is little chance that the 22/4 will influence the nations of the world in a positive sense and for a positive outcome.
Instead, opinion makers like ideologues and politicians will use the general feeling, tension and tendency for solving humanity's problems to push for premeditated and long held plans to install their versions of how humanity should live. It will be the continuation of what has been in the making for decades: a NWO with an OWG in order to achieve central planning of and for everything humanity does - and that includes thinking, concluding and making decisions.


PH - 16/7. Health Concerns, Misadventure; Revival; Warnings Of Accidents; Danger From Water; Disappointments In Personal Relationships
(For a principle and detailed description click here and type in Aug 4, 2011).

SC - 34/7. Messages, Dispatch; Arrangements; But Also Secrecy And Mystical Aspects

AM - /9. Completions and Endings in Public Matters, Often In A Forceful Way.

In 2010, Mr Obama's year centered around responsibilities and attempted balancing acts in the domestic sector of the nation, especially in the area of finances and big institutions in that field, but also the deployment of and care about soldiers of the country in military front zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.
While some of the ways of dealing with the problems present in these sectors might have had merit if applied, they were not, because Mr Obama seldom was in the position to make the final decision, and often to make a decision at all.

In the year 2011, this later aspect will become more pronounced, as in principle the relationships he entertains in his professional life, but also in his private sphere, will suffer.
This will not be because of wrongdoings on his part in this year, but will be related to causes he has set in earlier years, at least nine years or more back in this life. This is the working of the karmic debt energy (16/7) he is under in this year on the physical level of his every day life. In concreto, this will manifest in a way that many an assumption and its application he has held up to this year will turn out to be spurious, false and an illusion, far removed from reality.
The particular areas here are the already mentioned relationships, but also his health and income, as the latter two refer to the area in which they manifest (AM of an /9, see above). There might be some unexpected, abrupt happenings taking place.

Ideally for him, this year would be suited to go within, analyze the previous eight years with regard to the law of cause and effect, and draw conclusions that will lead to a more ethical conduct of life, specifically in regard to those realms in which he sets the conditions of living for the many in his country.
Not heeding this advice, will result in thwarted plans, disappointments, discreditations, losses and hardships in both the professional and private living space.

In 2011, Mr Obama can count on a heightened awareness, a sharp mind and a deep understanding of principles. He should use the insights he gains to formulate plans and practical approaches and carry them out in the following years. They will be to his advantage, even if he will not be president any more.

In this sense, a great help will come from the (karma-free) energy of the 34/7 Mr Obama has on the social level, ie there, where interactions with other human beings are formulated and carried out.
There will a good deal of activities taking place, tidings and messages will be received in rapid succession and will be responded to in an organized manner to achieve progress and advance with long-held plans, retained proposals, and ready-to-go projects.

Despite his feeling of being under time pressure, he should use attentiveness and scrutiny when making arrangements, and make use of expert advice when signing agreements that will have a long-term effect, both for his country and himself.

To make the best of this vibration, he should avoid too rigid an attitude and rash behavior, and do not waste time wrangling and brawling over technical details or matters of principle. If he does, he may experience set-backs, resentments, conflicts, legal problems and stagnations. He would misuse and squander the beneficial opportunities he has during this time when communicating and being in a dialogue with others.

Interactions and Compatibilities.

US vs the World.

US - /5
World - /4

In last year's forecast, I mentioned that the combination of the then current energies of the /4 (US) and /3 (world) was one of the most disharmonious among all vibrational forms; that both sides saw things, matters and situations very differently and thence took a disparate, almost opposed approach to proceed in life.
This description has to be repeated with more emphasis for 2011, as the combination of the /5 (US) with /4 (world) is topping the list of all incompatible vibrations that there are.

In essence, it will be that the desire for change, high flying ideas and influencing/managing the world (/5 - US) will be in utter conflict with the conviction that there has to be a return to system, order and solid, conventional structures (/4 - world) to avoid collapse and doom of the world's interconnected fabric of trading, existence and welfare.

It will not only be a scenario of both sides being busy solving their own - mainly financial/economic/social - problems, but a situation involving agitational elements, as both sides will try to teach/blame the other for having initiated the mentioned miseries in the first place. The antipodes of the US vs the EU and CN come to mind.

The role of the US's and certain other nations' military in this regard is a difficult one. The forces on all sides will tend to act on their own or will exert strong influences, backed by arguments of the armament industry, to sway governments in the direction of physical conflicts.

Obama vs America.

Obama - /7
America - /5

While in 2010 there was a modicum of mutual understanding and the possibility of having dialogues between these to sides, these points of contact are nearly not existing in 2011.

To start with, both personalities have to deal with energies laden with karmic limitations in 2011 (16/7 - Obama, 14/5 - America), which lead to unusual hardenings of stance and express themselves in arguing for the principle of things (Obama) and senseless exuberance when pursuing new ideas and telling others, including Mr Obama, how to think and act (America).

In substance, Mr Obama's tendency to be introspective, slightly withdrawn, and having difficulties relating in 2011, contradicts the free-wheeling spirit of the nation in this year, pretending that there are no financial/economic problems and life can easily return to how it was before the recession began some years ago, and/or that it is only a matter of concocting some smart ideas of how to exploit those who still have, create jobs out of nothing, or follow some high-flown speculative concept of how to get out of the whirling mess that the nation will represent in 2011.

Obama vs the World.

Obama - /7
World - /4

The two energies are usually in harmony. The more principle-based approach to life by Mr Obama in 2011, will basically be concordant with the rest of the world's motivation for system, order and dependable, proven structures, especially in the troublesome fields of interwoven international finances and trade.
There is a chance that the world expresses the vibration of the /4 with too much rigidity in order to return to a financial/economic model that works, one that has worked in the past and that will again be based on common sense and practical logic (an approach, the US will still be far away from).

* PH - Physical Level: The maintenance of physical life; work, money, food.
* SC - Social Level: Interactions with other beings.
* SP - Spiritual Level: Storing learning experiences.
* AM - Area of Manifestation: Area in which the aformentoioned levels are manifested best.

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