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Press Release

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Mobile Phone Daily Service

This is an announcement with respect to our service of daily deliveries of the forecasts of the special energies you have on a certain day and month.
Many of you are using this service with great satisfaction and are finding a daily email from us in the Inbox on your computer's email client.
We have made this service now also available for delivery to your mobile phone (cell phone). Free.

Currently, there are two groups of mobile phones:
'Smart phones' with near computer-like Internet capabilities, and the generation of mobile phones that came before the smart phones and is still the most popular mobile phone type in use in the world.
This latter type is restricted with respect to Internet bandwidth, screen size, and account affordability.
This kind is the main reason for having developed as a separate service for the delivery of daily numeroscopes.

With a smart phone you may use the entire range of our services as if you were using a computer.
Go to, and for the daily numeroscopes to

Just for the daily numeroscopes, you may either use (see second link above) or The actual text of the forecasts is the same in both cases.

For the non-smart phones, we had to split the daily message into two, ie one for tomorrow's energy (T'Morrow) and one for the current month's energy (T'Month).

Due to the space limitations existing with mobile phones, we have kept the text for legend and other explanations at a minimum.

The requirements for using this service are that your phone has to be Internet enabled (which is a standard these days) and that your phone bears its own email address.
This email address is phone-specific and is assigned to it by the carrier service company that operates it.
Look up your phone manual for this email address or contact your carrier to find out.
More and more carriers in various countries have taken this facility on and their list is growing daily.

To find out what these email addresses look like, go to

The following carriers have been tested positive with this new service:

Here is how it works:

Use a computer or mobile phone to sign up for this service at

Fill in the fields and click Submit (or Enter).

Right after that you will receive an SMS on your mobile starting with the word 'mailto:'.
Click that link as it will validate your phone's email address.

Shortly after that you'll receive two more SMS messages, one with the link to T'Morrow and the other with the link to T'Month.
Click these links for the forecast you want to look at on your phone.

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If you like to read this press release through an RSS reader, go to

For additional information and commentary contact Herward Hencke by clicking here.
To unsubscribe from this mailing list hit the Reply button and type the word "Unsubscribe" in the message body.

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