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America, The World, Obama, in 2012

Keep in mind that energies (vibrations, influences) dealt with here are not to be mistaken as predetermined patterns of behavior of the energy bearer at a given time.
Rather are they energies the bearer has to his/her/its/their availability and should deal with them in the appropriate way, that is take advantage of them if they are beneficial and be cautious or stay away from them if they may be harmful.

To tune yourself in and make the connection to the just past 2011, it is advisable to first read the forecast for 2011 at .


PH - 15/6: Benefits Fom Others; Constraints; Vacillation; Personal Magnetism; Voluptuous Temperament; Eloquence
(For principle and detailed descriptions for the year click here and type in Aug 2, 2012; and for the monthly descriptions click here).

SC - 33/6: Great Responsibilities; Sacrifices; Emotional Crucifixion; Sometimes Riots And Treason; Bravery.

AM - /8: Money; Military.

The energy of the 15/6 puts an accent on the materialistic side of the life of the United Sates, by bestowing favors on some states and instigating openings of which some of them may take advantage to advance and to free themselves from the present constraints of the federal government and union law.

This may eg apply to the management of the finances of a state in the sense that some will break away from the all-pervasive state branches of the (private) Federal Reserve Bank and set up their own, state-owned state bank (as is already the case in North Dakota and under study in California), which will be able to provide credit at lower interest and leave the profit of that bank within the state (unlike other states, North Dakota has budget surpluses and passes them on by lowering the income tax and propping up the health system).

It may also apply to legislating their own state laws and regulations in respect to the provocative immigration situation which has exceeded the country's ability of assimilating the influx of, in particular, illegal immigrants who pay no tax but burden the state with a multitude of necessary social services, like the hospital services, without paying for them.

Along with this comes the providence that the population in some states may change some of their opinions and attitudes and demand drastic improvements in the social welfare system because its traditional funding and distribution pattern can simply not cope with the increasing number of welfare recipients any more.

The danger in this situation is that in 2012 on the social level there exists the vibration of crucifixion (33/6) for the nation. This foreshadows that demands for such changes may not come without rebellion and riots which the federal government will want to suppress using military-style police and other law enforcement agencies.

The administration might also try to introduce a different type of welfare system, one that would pay out a benefit reduced from the current amount and only rendered to those who would work for it in government owned or managed work fields (this could lead to a socialist style forced employment).
One of such fields would be the military (see above, AM - /8: Military, Money) in which the federal government requires an increased number of persons.

Apart from the military, the Government is now engaged in about 20% of economic activities that should be carried by the market economy. As the latter continues to shrink, the former expands. Both developments are pursued by the administration and the FED eagerly and on purpose.

In this context, it is important to emphasize that the needy ones should not accept benefits without discernment, and make sure they do not shackle themselves to contracts, federal agencies and institutions, with inappropriate contracts, such that are one-sided and have the potential for exploitation and bondage.

The No 15/6 vibration for this year is extra beneficial, as one can count on being endowed with favors from others. As for America as a whole, this may result in some other nation's central banks being prepared to help (eg with credits or artificially devaluing the USD as an act of concession to reduce the US debt value).
In this context it should also be born in mind that the Federal Reserve Bank is in effect a foreign entity, as it is owned by foreign banks and is receiving its orders from outside of America.

The general tenor of the 15/6 during this time is to bring one's own national house in order, ie upgrade one's welfare, educational infrastructure, professional training schemes, renovate public buildings, and encourage the artistic and creative side of one's inhabitants, both in cultural and industrial design.

That is the positive (potential) side of this energy; however, it will be next to impossible to follow this path for the lack of money (federal all obligations debt/GDP ratio already 300 % and rising) and Mr Obama's vibrational influences in 2012 being firmly focused on military and war matters, which coincides with America's Area of Manifestation (AM -/8: Military, Money) and thus strengthens this energy.
It is not likely that WW III will break out in 2012, although the US admin is on track preparing for that long planned goal since 2005. Yet, some close regional encounters may eventuate in the Near and Middle East area as conditioning factors for WW III in the years to come.

In regard to the stock markets, 2011 was a year of extreme volatility and no constant direction. The exchanges will stabilize to a certain degree in 2012, move slowlier, but will overall experience a development to lower index levels.

As the 15/6 contains the energy of the No 5, there are also strong oratory and persuasive elements involved, which will be helpful to overcome the occasional undecidedness of the basic No 6 for the year.

On the other hand, this can lead the nation, i.e its leadership, to exert a magnetic power over other country's governments and international bodies that in this year are in a state of impressionability and/or neediness to be helped. Therefore, the 15/6 is often called the devil's number. Help offered and given under the 15/6 is not without ulterior motives.

The World (as a group entity)

PH - 5/5: Diversification; Contacts; Attraction; Libido; Travel.
(For principle and detailed descriptions click here and type in 2012; and for the monthly delineations click here).

SC - 23/5: Being Guarded, Help From People in Places of Influence; New Contracts; Successful Plans; Travel.

The vibrational influence the group consciousness of the world as an entity is under is called the Global Year and it expresses itself in the global mind. It is a general vibration that will affect all nations when the mind of humanity as a whole is activated in international communications and/or conferences, when a group attitude is displayed or in supranational decision making processes.
The energy of the the Global Year is not involved in nation-internal situations.

The Global Year is always one year behind that of the United States.

It is an energy that effects everyone on this planet in various degrees.
The most intensive vibration an individual can experience is the personal one, the next one but with a lesser influence is that of the nation in whose sociological fabric the person lives, and lastly the energy of the Global Year having only a minor impact on the individual.

However, if it comes to matters that pertain to planetary thinking, global consciousness, and conceiving plans how the entire world should live, the energy of the Global Year is of importance as it foretells the psychological fluidum in which the whole of humanity swims in a given calendar year. Organizations engaged in 'thinking for and manipulating humanity' are interested in this type of information.

The characteristics of the Global Year 2012 are mentioned in the links above.

2012 is a time in which humanity's subconsciousness pushes her to introducing fresh and stimulating ideas into life. Growth cannot take place in surroundings that have ceased to incite and encourage for advancement and progress.

This is a time for mental pursuits; humanity has to be adjustable and accommodate to changes, but she has to take a constructive attitude when choosing among the many opportunities that are offered now, especially when interacting with other peoples (SC: 23/5).

The nations have to channel the present energies wisely and make decisions with the understanding that they have to add to daily life in a productive, useful and practical way.

A lot of physical and mental traveling will take place in this phase. Mankind will feel the pulse of life more than in other periods.

While showing malleability and resilience, the nations may not make rigid and long-lasting plans in the earlier part of this interval. The pace is fast and people are inclined to see this as excitement and enjoyment where in fact it is not, because of the vulnerability of the financial/economic structures of all countries in the world in these years.

On the physical level, there will still be strong effects of earth changes taking place in the first half of 2012 (cycle 24 of the sun with very strong activity) in the form of extreme weather, climate changes and tectonic movements.

This period is an excellent time to popularize oneself as a nation or culture, promote its industry and products, or any other idea on which the country has been working for quite some time. Now there is this radiation of magnetism that is needed to attract large audiences and markets.

Humanity's communicative skills and national appeal are at a high. It follows that there will be increased and intense interludes with other countries and peoples, and with their industries, economies and political circles. With an open and constructive mind the nations will be able to profit from these experiences in their own area of activity.

In all these pursuits, humanity has to be responsible and ethical in her selections and exertions and avoid starting a new project before the former one has been completed.

In this phase people should not overindulge in activities that gratify the senses or bear the danger of addiction.
They should not become too daring or impulsive, as this may result in accidents, both on the physical and the psychic (emotional, mental) planes.

Above all, it has to be remembered that this is an interval in which nations and their populations have to make choices for constructive opportunities, such that further their future growth and spiritual advancement.

There is a general feeling of animation, thrill and a strong call for action and undertakings. International pursuits with new and uncommon endeavors and ventures are on people's minds and will take place, but most of them will not be an engagement in physical labor, rather will be of a mental or managerial kind.

There is a strong element of trying out the not-done-yet to discover new ways of bringing about general progress in the affairs of humans and their way of living. Introducing new ideological concepts in politics and sociology is part of the idiosyncrasy of this vibration.

After the onus of having had to deal with problems in the structure and methodology of how humans can provide for a living for themselves in the previous phase, the willingness for freely and excitingly following the many opportunities that are coming along humanity's way in this period is great, and is felt as a relief from the hardship and labor in the previous phase.

Whilst there have to be openings for experimenting with novel ideas to stimulate general advancement in human development, it has to be pointed out that only those thoughts and concepts will further human progress that have been tested for their realistically possible implementation, workability and sturdiness in the past.

Engaging in pursuits just in order to experience change is not to anyone's benefit and is a waste of energy.

As this energy is chiefly of a mental character, humanity should avoid applying this energy boost to activities in the physical world, as changes there have a high probability of resulting in disruptions and delays and at the end of the year will have resulted in nothing positive or constructive.


PH - 17/8: Benefits; Strength, Will; Intuition; Assistance; Often Securing Fame.
(For a principle and detailed description click here and type in Aug 4, 2012).

SC - 35/8: Readiness, Courage; Legacy; Appreciation; Career; Enterprise; But Also Disasters Through Associations, Speculations, or Bad Advice.

AM - /1: Industrial And Governmental Executive.

The concerns of health, income, and relationships of the previous period are easing; a return to bodily wellbeing, mental vitality, and a good rapport with those he needs and to whom he wants to relate is taking place.

Money, benefactions of various kinds and material advances are very much part of this energy. Mr Obama is likely to be rewarded for good management or some outstanding work in the public arena, whether he has actually done the jobs and thus deserving the laurels or is granted them because some outside powers deem them strategically opportune to pop him up for their own purpose.

The great unknown in this phase is the premise and intensity of Mr Obama's karmic entry from the past (this and former lives). This holds specifically true for the social level (SC: 35/8) which is generally known as the influence under which karmic collections take place (positive and negative ones). Situations can change suddenly.

Chances are that the debt outweighs the credit like this is the case with most contemporaries in this age. This statement should make Mr Obama alert but not alarmed, and require him to watch how things develop and act extra circumspect if there seems to be a tendency for the compensation of negative karma. After all, in his position this would affect the course of the nation.

The influence in this phase is predominantly one of a professional and/or business nature. Mr Obama will act almost instinctively and have presentiments of how to operate successfully. His will to make good, build for the future and prosper is strong and he is likely to follow this inclination.

This should not be read as necessarily being good for the nation, for that depends on whether or not Mr Obama's conviction, belief system, attitude, goal would be good for the country. If, eg, his plan is to impose upon the nation a centralistic government socialist/fascist style, then it would not be.

If he conforms to the advice of others, associates with them or speculates (eg gives in to starting a war or abandon the market economy), chances are that he will find himself in predicaments, loses in his professional or business life and may even have accidents on the physical plane.

Mr Obama will project himself with self-assurance and confidence and will be able to win people over for cooperation and support.

He should have faith in the potential of this energy and should not cloud his mind with emotional hangovers from the previous year. He is in the clear again.

Despite his feeling of vitality and determination to tackle the problems at hand, Mr Obama should look after his health and do not engage too much in the whence and wherefore of the fluidum in which he has to swim now to get to the other side.

He should also not escape into superficial activities (from feasting to gambling) if the going gets a bit rough. This would be the way to cause karmic repercussions which he would have to offset in the future.

A realistic assessment of situations and people and an organized management will help him make the best of this energy. The next phase will be one of completion, part of which is also to receive answers to the queries he may have now.

Going into his own inner stillness by meditating will give Mr Obama insights into the workings of the law of cause and effect and how he could benefit from its proper application in his own and in the life of the nation.
For Mr Obama, 2012 is a year in which the law of karma (law of cause and effect) plays an essential role. Under its vibration, he is in a position to offset negative karmic loads of the past. However, this necesssitates that he learns, comprehends and takes to heart the inescapable workings of this immutable and ever present natural law.

Interactions and Compatibilities

America vs the World

America - /6
World - /5

In last year's forecast I stated that 2010 and last year (2011) saw great incompatibilities between the energies of the US and the rest of the world.
Among other things, this resulted in bloody regime changes, planned and carried out by the US with the help of her NATO partners.

In 2010 and in 2011 the compatibility was 25%. Now, in 2012, it is still 25% which is still far from the mark of a workable balance (50%).

In other words, the course of dominating the world's supply centers of readily available energy and strategical resource materials, the US started with the planning phase in 2005, will continue unabatedly, although in slightly mitigated overt activities (like military encroachments and occupations), and will instead concentrate on internal destabilizations in the target countries (eg Syria, Yemen, Iran, Russia and others), and/or arrange for allies of the US (eg Israel and NATO) to carry out the physical side of their aggression and warfare.
In addition, the US will use the threat of economic/financial sanctions and blockages to bring these nations to the 'negotiating' table.

Under the No /6 and /33 type vibrations which the US has in 2012, she will try to construct a kind of good image in the world, which is also tactically important in view of the upcoming federal elections.

From the /33 comes the motivation to help others but also her own country and people. The interest of the American public, and with that the world of business, to find constructive ways to become increasingly independent of foreign energy and resource supplies, will grow (examples: coal seam gas/oil on one's own soil and the development of rare earth mining).

Thus, while America will act as if she had rediscovered the value of domestic responsibility and bourgeoisie, the world will be in the phase of daring new approaches to regaining sovereign freedom and self-sufficiency in financial/economic and in cultural/ideological ways. Understandably, these two forces are in conflict with each other.

Obama vs America

Obama - /8
America - /6

On the physical level (America: 6/6), these two vibrations display a 50% compatibility, on the social level (America: 33/6) there is discord and the percentage drops to 25%.

While the nation is in the mood to take on responsibility for her welfare and future development seriously and constructively now, with the inclusion and willingness that some sacrifices have to be made to get the house in order again, Mr Obama will only make use of the executive capabilities for material achievement with which he is endowed this year, as far and as long as his self-centered goals are concerned.

These self-interests are to expand his material wealth, power and status, especially in light of and in combination with the election campaign that will become the road show of the year.

The concerns and adaptable attitude of the population in regard to the nation as a whole, will be in conflict with Mr Obama's fixity to pursue his personal agenda.

Obama vs the World

Obama - /8
World - /5

The combination of the energies of the /8 (Mr Obama) and that of the World (/5) is worse than the relationship between the US and the World.
Nominally, in both cases the compatibility is 25% (which is low), yet in the practical manifestation of what is typical of the /8 and of the /5, the antagonism between Mr Obama's approach to 'fix' the world's problems is at great odds with how the nations of the World outside of the American imperium want to proceed in order to return to solid ground and a healthy financial/economic standing.

Although the people of America are not anymore convinced and motivated to leave their country and fight for causes that for the nation and her inhabitants have turned out to be nothing more than a waste of energy, money, time and human life, and are now inclined to put their efforts into re-energizing the domestic economy, welfare and health system, for reasons of self-aggrandizement and material gain Mr Obama will align with those who have profited and will benefit again from the destabilization and colonization of 'profitable' and/or war-strategical countries in the World.

Both energies, the /8 and the /5, are strong, active, male, and goal-oriented. Severe clashes between them will be unavoidable, although, as mentioned further above (US vs the World), Mr Obama is not the US (though he likes to gives that impression) and his personal ego-driven objectives will be less tolerated by the public than ever before.


* PH - Physical Level: The maintenance of physical life; work, money, food.
* SC - Social Level: Interactions with other beings.
* SP - Spiritual Level: Storing learning experiences.
* AM - Area of Manifestation: Area in which the aforementioned levels are manifested best.

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