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America, The World, Obama, in 2013

Keep in mind that energies (vibrations, influences) dealt with here are not to be mistaken as predetermined patterns of behavior of the energy bearer at a given time.
Rather are they energies the bearer has to his/her/its/their availability and should deal with them in the appropriate way, that is take advantage of them if they are beneficial and be cautious or stay away from them if they may be harmful.

To tune yourself in and make the connection to the just past 2012, it is advisable to first read the forecast for 2012 at .

America in 2013

PH - 16/7: Health Concerns; Misadventure; Revival; Warnings of Accidents; Danger from Water; Disappointments in Personal Relationships.
(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description for the year click here and type in Aug 2, 2013; and for the monthly descriptions click here).

SC - 34/7: Messages; Dispatch; Arrangements; but also Secrecy and Mystical Aspects.

AM - /9: (Selfless) Giving and Teaching.

An interval under the influence of a karmic debt (16/7), which means that the nation will experience limitations in the continuation of essentially spurious or simply false assumptions and their application in life. The sectors of concern are income, health, and relationships to other countries and between the federal and the state governments.

To illustrate this, the non-official, true rate of unemployment, underemployment, partial employment and similar factors that limit the amount of money the breadwinner is able to bring home, is now 23%, and rising.
Into this plays the upcoming compulsory health insurance scheme (Obamacare) which results in less money for bread and butter and binds the patient to the pharma industry with their unnatural, non-healthy prescriptions. Money that in case of need could be spend on consulting practitioners of natural medicine, will not be available any more and will lead to a further reduction of national health (the US are already having the most expensive but poorest health system in the world).

An additional effect of the socialized health care system will be an increase in unemployment by the millions. Employers will reduce the business size by offlaying workers whose pay ranges above the government mandated threshold for the employer's health care contribution, reduce the work hours to below this limen, or thirdly outsource more jobs to foreign countries.
The net effect will be that there need be more part time jobs per person, but none entitling them to the health care Mr Obama promised them.
Predictably, this will lead to more economic desperation, recipients of food stamp and a growth in crime rate, especially in high-density population areas like cities.

Adding to this will be more natural disasters in relation to water (eg hurricanes), already forecast on the basis of the sun's heightened spot activity for the first half of 2013, and a shortage and price increase of basic food items due to failing harvests in 2012.

In regard to relationships between the US and other nations it has to be expected that aggravation and deterioration will develop, as the administration (meant to be) representing the citizens of America will steer a course that is increasingly not in concordance with its people and with those outside of the States (this will also include non-Arab countries).

On the American side, the people of America are not in favor of continuing interfering and warfaring in other nations and entire geographical regions, mainly to uphold the image of the gone-by days of being the leader in everything from finances to the economy, science and education.
Among the American people there will be a great deal of reflective thinking and re-evaluating principles (eg making foreign debt the bedrock of society in order to prosper), a kind of striking an interim balance and analysis over the previous six years, and hopefully grasping and learning the negative karmic repercussions of hitherto national actions (16/7). Ethical conduct, eg in the finance industry, will be under scrutiny and will again be understood as a necessary and important ingredient in societal behavior.

Those in the realm of corporations but also in private life, who will ignore the inner voice of 2013-America, will experience thwarted plans, disappointments, discreditations, losses and hardships in their professional and private spheres.
This year is one to go within and not to expand activities in the material world. Where new arrangements have to be made, in corporate or in private life, too rigid an attitude or rash behavior must be avoided, attentiveness and scrutiny should be applied and the use of expert advice should be sought in matters with a long-term effect (34/7).

The spirit of helping each other through giving and teaching will come to the fore (/9). Where possible, this attitude will also extend to peoples in other countries, like those in the developing world.
Increased constructive communications (34/7) will take place between the states, all in preparation to break away from the all-pervasive control of and mismanagement by the federal government; certainly so in areas where the federal constitution and those of the states make this possible without too many hassles.

The American people as a group, can now count on a heightened awareness, a sharp mind and a deep understanding of principles. They should use the insights they gain this year to formulate plans and practical approaches and carry them out in the years between 2014 through 2015 (2016 will be the start of a new nine-year cycle for the nation).

More and more persons in the US realize that their country is not home of the free anymore and that their restrictions are the result of a stealth ideology to turn the nation into a highly centralized administrative apparatus that dictates from the top down every move that is to be taken in the entirety of financial, economic, social and cultural life. 2013 is the year to gain a clear understanding of this situation and specify changes to be carried out in the years to come.
To reiterate, the critical areas under the 2013 energies are health, income and relationships.

The World (as a group entity) in 2013

PH - 6/6: Close Bonds; Domestic Activities, Reshaping Internal & International Obligations.
(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented descriptions click here and type in 2013; and for the monthly delineations click here).

SC - 24/6: Domestic Life, Harmony; Support of those of Status and Standing; but also Danger from Strong Other Nations or Powerful Institutions upon which one depends.

The vibrational influence the group consciousness of the world as an entity is under is called the Global Year and it expresses itself in the global mind. It is a general vibration that will affect all nations when the mind of humanity as a whole is activated in international communications and/or conferences, when a group attitude is displayed or in supranational decision making processes.
The energy of the Global Year is not involved in nation-internal situations.

The Global Year is always one year behind that of the United States.

It is an energy that effects everyone on this planet in various degrees.
The most intensive vibration an individual can experience is the personal one, the next one but with a lesser influence is that of the nation in whose sociological fabric the person lives, and lastly the energy of the Global Year having only a minor impact on the individual.

However, if it comes to matters that pertain to planetary thinking, global consciousness, and conceiving plans how the entire world should live, the energy of the Global Year is of importance as it foretells the psychological fluidum in which the whole of humanity swims in a given calendar year. Organizations engaged in 'thinking for and manipulating humanity' are interested in this type of information.

The characteristics of the Global Year 2013 are mentioned in the links above and are spelled out here again together with some commentary.

2013 is a year that evokes activities and a need for care in the areas of domestic and community life. Some nations are called upon for help to give assistance and advice to others.

People, on a national level, should accept burdensome possibilities happily now, but avoid needless ones like doing the schoolwork for their children or taking over other country's duties. Apart from weighing down one's own life, there would not be the necessary learning experiences those subjects or nations have to go through to progress and evolve in their own way.

The obvious example to demonstrate this, is that over-indebted governments have to find ways to reduce their debt without torpedoing the existing capacities to produce and provide working places in industry and commerce, and without taking away incentives for expanding the economy and market dealings with other countries. It may be necessary for some countries to form financial/economic alliances with nations in similar situations regarding geography, line of exports, and indebtedness. This is the year to set such plans into motion.
An alternative to this may be to default on ones's debt, create a new (or recreate an old) currency and have a new start with rules and regulations that are not set by outside creditors, and do not fall into the trap of an unquestioned and unconditioned flow of foreign credit. Not taking constructive steps as the ones mentioned and continuing spending outside creditor's money, is contrary to the psycho-energetic demand that is placed on the world in 2013; it would magnify the problems that exist.

All in all, in this year nations are drawn to balance and harmony, not only in the fields mentioned but also within their own national consciousness, in order to go through this needful phase with a minimum of energy loss. On an international level, this year offers a good influence to ease tensions, resolve problems and sign amicable agreements.

The services a nation or a group of nations renders now will have an effect on its karmic balance sheet, either to heal some old scores or gathering good points for future usage. Chances are that each country has to complete some past unfinished business regarding dues on the subject of responsibility, to which it did not attend in earlier times.

Artistic pursuits are well aspected, and they would serve to psychologically counterbalance some of the inevitable heavy charges and obligations with which mankind is saddled now.
Refurbishing national buildings, monuments, domestic public infrastructures and attending with overdue care to the areas of education, training and welfare fall strongly into the domain of this phase and will give the nations a great feeling of satisfaction when completed.
During this time, a nation's country is its castle and it wants it to shine with strength, warmth and harmony.
There is now a feeling of closeness and belonging to one's own ethnic group, history, culture and soil.

Whilst there is a strong inclination to articulate and strengthen the nation's individual character of her land and inhabitants, and refurbish the country's human and material resources and reserves for leaner future years, at the same time there is also an aptitude towards forming connections or even unions with like-minded other nations for mutual benefits in the areas of culture, economy, and the military.

In this period, humanity has a heightened sensitivity for sentiments, details, and the subtle matters in life, and as a whole is able to give constructive counsel to those of her members who are in need of it.
The only draw back is that there may be some countries or international bodies who, in this period, are not in the mood for harmonizations because their own personal year is diametrically opposed to that of humanity (social level: 24/6); instead these may be under the urge to follow an aggressive path to acquire wealth, control and status in the world.

If the energy of the /6 is flanked with envy, mistrust, resentment, or an ideology that has no basis in nature, these members of humanity may take advantage of the nations that are now in a mellow disposition and would like nothing more than live in peace and are therefore prepared to sign agreements that would maintain the contentment and repose in their mind that they are cherishing so much in this year.

Those nations ready for harmonization must be warned not to let their temporary sensibilities and belief in the goodness of all men gain the upper hand and cast vigilance and scrutiny in the wind; they will only have themselves to blame in the future for having been negligent or too trusting at this time and thus having been taken advantage of.

As a general remark, the overarching energy of the /6 (harmony, balance, responsibility) is concordant with most other types of energies and will have a positive effect on the inhabitants of most nations.

Obama in 2013

PH - 18/9: Completions; Carefulness; Forethought; Inner Strife because of Materialism Warring Against Spirituality; Tumults.
(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description click here and type in Aug 4, 2013).

SC - 36/9: Obstruction; Insight; Prudence; Direction; Finally Completion after a few Ups and Downs.

AM - /2: Relating; Communication.

A period of completions and endings to prepare for entering the next round of nine evolutionary years which will start with the year 2014.
2013 is not a year to start anything new as it would not last, most probably not even outlast the year 2013.
Mr Obama is advised to set his environment in order, finish up odd ends and do some work in the areas in which he is in arrears. The energies under the 18/9 and 36/9 are specifically geared for completing backlogs, including work that he started in the years from 2004 onwards when his current evolutionary subycle began.

Completion may in some cases mean finishing, ending or abandoning, as the original purpose for a project or relationship may either have been achieved or has turned out not to be achievable, respectively taken the wrong direction. Hanging on to them for sentimental reasons will become a burden and hindrance in the years between 2013 through 2021. Nevertheless, where termination is needed it should be done with a minimum of damage and pain for those involved, as any inflicted suffering will create negative karma that will have to be compensated by the perpetrator in his future.

Not all is coming to an end. With those circumstances and persons that he intuits should stay with him for further personal development and success in life, he should cultivate a deeper understanding and greater appreciation. It is timely and pertinent for his hereafter that he shows a gratitude to them for having been beneficial to him in the past.

The visions, intuitions, feelings and inner knowings Mr Obama has now are indicating his future route to travel, although they are not likely to deliver clearly painted pictures or articulated messages.

Due to the character of one of the core energies in his personality (the Fundamental Lesson), this is likely to lead to confusion and an inability to harmonize the material with the spiritual side of his personality.
Self-deceit and treachery by others may be the result, and it can cause disputes of a violent nature, ending in upheavals and revolutions. This energy bears militant aspects. Mr Obama should be aware of this tendency and maintain an ethical and integer conduct of his affairs.
The elements of delusion and deception are strong during this time (18/9), and in Mr Obama's case are greatly enhanced by the dreamy lay-out and impressionability of his drive for action (Fundamental Lesson). Mr Obama should bear this in mind if and when he is preparing for his next evolutionary step.

Despite his enthusiasm for the new and for progressing, he should not commit himself to anything that could backfire in case he has been deceived or subjected himself to too much trust in circumstances, promises, documents, persons, institutions and/or visions and ideological wishes.
It may be easier to give this advice than it may be for Mr Obama to contain himself, now that he has been elected for the second term in the Oval Office.

With the psychological tendencies he has in his personality and especially in 2013 (both mentioned afore), he is likely to conclude that he has a 'mandate' to turn the country into a centralistic republic, following the historical, ideological examples of socialism/communism/fascism/corporatism (all based on Marxism). After all, this is his ideological and training background, his paradigm, credo and conviction of how America and the world should be run. He does not know things in any other way. He has never held a job in the real world, nor did he get his hands dirty, for that matter.

Persons in the real world who run businesses and carry out jobs that are based on the natural principle of a market economy, will know by experience that the academic constructs of the above mentioned -isms are at best theories which all have failed the historical field test and led to police states, injustice, cronism, personality cults, starvation and death by the millions.

Remarking on the rapture of his 'mandate' to morph America into a centralist republic, Mr Obama will build the pillars of socialism/fascism by expanding and strengthening the capabilities of the military and the police with new technologies (drones, lasers, mind inducers, etc) and hitherto unimaginable executive powers, and by 'redistributing' wealth through confiscating pension funds and over-taxing the job-building middle class.
In socialism/fascism, military and police strength and poverty for everyone are fundamental conditions to stay in power.

Finally, Mr Obama should abstain from travel as far as possible in 2013. There is a tendency for accidents.

Interactions and Compatibilities

America vs the World in 2013

America - /7
World - /6

The compatibility between these two were only 25% in both 2012 and 2011. It has moved up to 33% in this year but is still below the mark of the workable balance of 50%.

While the rest of the world will take the term responsibility and returning to a viable, illusions-free concept of providing income and wellbeing to its respective peoples seriously, America will engage in a kind of introspective journey and soul searching to fathom out the basics of a free country, free citizenship, free manufacture and trade and the never-changing natural conditions for fostering creativity, ingenuity and their applications in an obstruction-free and incentive-laden economic and sociological environment.

These conditions are known and are to a great extend documented in the constitution as the legal bedrock on which the country has been run with comparatively good results until 1913. Since then, the people were indoctrinated with aberrant, non-working ideologies and the constitution was increasingly disregarded.
In this year, America will try to find out what it has lost and how, at least partially, it can rectify the situation. In this effort, there will be a schism between the federal and state governments (see earlier paragraph under America.)

To the outside world, America may appear aloof and self-absorbed, but then, it has to deal with problems of internal economic and sociological health and the financial cul-de-sac it has driven itself into.

Obama vs America in 2013

Obama - /9
America - /7

The harmony between the president and the American people is 33%. That is a drop from those 50% in 2012.

The main reason is that Mr Obama is more delusive in this year than in previous ones while the American public is in a position to think clearer than before and is in an interval of reflection, strike an interim balance and is able to see and understand basic principles like the conditions of a free society and a healthy, self-sustaining market economy as an expression of democracy. Mr Obama's centralist agenda opposes all of these. This will become more visible than before and will not be appreciated by the voters.

Obama vs the World in 2013

Obama - /9
World - /6

Last year, the combination of the energies of the /8 (Mr Obama) and that of the World (/5) were worse than the relationship between the US and the World. They were only 25%.
That has drastically changed, as there is a near 100% overall harmony between Mr Obama (/9) and the world (/6) this year.

The tendency for creative self-expression is part of both these energy types, which may lead to unisono declarations for the betterment of human life, visions for a better globe and other public relations exercises.

Unfortunately for Mr Obama, the world out there are not his constituents and these are more concerned about the apparent and growing discrepancies between the official statements regarding the progress and wellbeing of the nation and the reality. It is not unlikely, that Mr Obama may feel more welcomed in the world out there than at home in America in this year. Although he is not advised to travel in 2013, he might try to leave America as often as possible.

Often, the energy of the /9, as in Mr Obama's case out of an 18, has problems expressing its positive side (selfless giving) and prefers to receive than to give.
With a side view to Mr Obama's fundamental building blocks, this situation may quite well eventuate as a ground swell for his tendencies in this year.


* PH - Physical Level: The maintenance of physical life; work, money, food.
* SC - Social Level: Interactions with other beings.
* SP - Spiritual Level: Storing learning experiences.
* AM - Area of Manifestation: Area in which the aforementioned levels are manifested best.

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