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January 1, 2015

- - -

America, The World, Obama, in 2015

Keep in mind that energies (vibrations, influences) dealt with here are not to be mistaken as predetermined patterns of behavior of the energy bearer at a given time.
Rather are they energies the bearer has to his/her/its/their availability and should deal with them in the appropriate way, that is take advantage of them if they are beneficial and be cautious or stay away from them if they may be harmful.

To tune yourself in and make the connection to the just past 2014, it is advisable to first read the forecast for 2014 here.

America in 2015

PH - 18/9: Completions; Carefulness; Forethought; Inner Strife because of Materialism Warring Against Spirituality; Tumults.

SC - 36/9: Obstruction; Insight; Forethought; Direction; Finally Completion after a few Ups and Downs.

AM - 11/11: * Communication and Inspiration.

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description for the year click here and type in Aug 2, 2018; and for the monthly descriptions click here).

In 2013, America was under the influence of a karmic debt (16/7, physical plane) which manifested mainly in the areas of (economics) health, (international) relationships, and money.
Because of the debt nature of this vibration, the land could not gain in any of these areas, rather had to experience the pain it had inflicted on other countries and her own population by her government in the past.
In 2014 the energy shifted to a 17/8 (physical plane), which was active in the material domain, like business, money, commerce, property, technology and industry.

The year 2015 will be quite different to the previous ones in the areas mentioned. It will be a year of completions, finishes and endings, all to bring the 9-year evolutionary cycle between 2006 and 2015 to a round-off, before a new one starts in 2016.

The 18/9 is a rather disliked vibration to have on the physical plane as many persons intuitively pick up that it is a year of endings.
However, in reality it is the fluidum in which that which has served its purpose in the previous eight years, has to be discarded to make room for the new influences that start in 2016. 2015 is the year to do that.
Those arrangements that have served the nation well and would in principle be beneficial in the future, should be kept and upgraded to account for changed circumstances.
This is also the year to show gratitude to those who have been beneficial to the people in the past.
For some, it is not easy to dispense with what has been in place for many years as they have become accustomed to comforts that they either have not earned or that have now turned out to be unaffordable.
This is specifically true for government spendings that serve no other purpose than maintaining an image of Uncle Sam of a glory that does not exist any more. Trying to enforce the effigy of gone-by days on other nations (eg using the military) yields the opposite effect and make the US look like a backward country. This is meant by "materialism warring against spirituality".
This may lead to confusion and an inability to harmonize the material with the spiritual side of the nation and the experiences she goes through in this year.
Self-deceit and treachery by others may be the result, and it can cause disputes of a violent nature, ending in upheavals and revolutions. This energy bears militant aspects. The nation must be aware of this tendency and maintain an ethical and integer conduct of her affairs.

The elements of delusion and deception are strong during this time. This must be borne in mind if and when the country is preparing for the next evolutionary step.
Despite the typical American enthusiasm for the new and for progressing, people should not commit themselves this year to anything that could backfire in case they have been deceived or subjected themselves to too much trust in circumstances, promises, documents, persons, or institutions.
While this phase lasts, nothing new should be started as any new projects or state relationships would not last. In the later part of the year, plans and preparations for 2016 and beyond will be in good order.
The nation should look after her health (both biological and fiancial) and calm her mind, for both are needed to be in a good state in the period starting with 2016.

That which still works and has become part of the bedrock of a functionig and healthy state, should stay and built upon in the upcoming next nine years.

Summarizing comment:
The two energies (No 1 and No 8) that comprise this period's No 18/9, are of the same group and express a very strong tendency to place their stamp on the earth or some nations, by pushing for success in the world of material projects, securing resources, and applying military power for control.
This is likely to be done with much force and little respect for the rights and individuality of the peoples at the receiving end.
The third energy in action is the target energy of the No /9 as the result of the No 1 having to go through the field of the No 8. As there exists a natural harmony between the No 1 & No 8 on the one hand but none between the No 1 and No 8 with the No 9 on the other, inner strife and contradiction are the result and will express themselves heavily in the outer world.
The No 1 and No 8 deal with matters on the material, the No /9 with such on the emotional, mental and to a degree on the spiritual plane. The No 1 and No 8 are after possessions, the No /9 wants to share and help. These features lead to 'materialism warring against spirituality'. Great frictions, tumults and wars are easily possible under this type of energy.

SC - 36/9: Obstruction; Insight; Forethought; Direction; Finally Completion after a few Ups and Downs.

America has to conclude and finalize projects that are due to be completed or come to an end, and do some work in areas in which she is in arrears. This energy gives her the power to do so.
Although she may be burdened with some temporary weights and worries, she should persevere, be determined, and keep in mind that there always has to be a time when to complete. Completion is as sign of achievement.
Generally, America's's mind is in a good frame and gives her the ingenuity and stimulation to accomplish and bring programs and undertakings to their designated result.
It is part of this energy that some ventures and rapports with countries have to be terminated, as they would not be appropriate for their or America's further development. The concerned parties should be sympathetic, responsible and maintain an ethical attitude, for there may be situations that will not be easily resolved and will entail emotional and mental strain.
It is important that the nation of America looks forward, is optimistic and confident about the future periods of the evolution that is her life. Every new step is another chance to grow.
The segregations, break-ups and losses that are occurring now, refer to agreements, situations and things that have been of value to the nation in the past but would turn out to be obstacles in her growth and success in the following cycle of a new nine-step development.
As holds true for the physical plane, social contracts and understandings, both between the federal agencies and the public and the nation and other countries, should be maintained if they have proven to be advantageous and healthful and would be in the future.

Summarizing comment:
The three vibrations at play in the present phase (No 3 , No 6 and No 9) are situated in the same family, which is characterized by its life-affirming, caring and giving nature.
As they are in natural harmony with one another, their workings in this not easy phase of completions should proceed without major roadblocks and those impediments that do present themselves will in all likelihood be dealt with in an amicable way so that the objective of the current vibration can be met.

AM - 11/11 (2): * Communication and Inspiration on a Higher Level.

The AM is the area in which the activity vibrations (what to do) of this year (the 18/9 and 36/9) are applied best (where to do it). While in 2014 the AM was under the "/1: Industrial and Governmental Executiveness", in 2015 it is characterized by the "11/11: * Communication and Inspiration on a higher level".
The general understanding is that the energy of the type of the 2 (here derived from the 11) refines and puts in the details of the plans and actions of the previous /1.
Whilst the /1 is a male energy, the 11/2 is a female one.
Similar to last year, the activity vibration for 2015 (PH and SC of /9), is in 75% harmony with the vibration of the area of manifestation (AM of /11).

The area under this vibration represents the No 2, but one none ahead, ie, the No 2 on the next higher (spiritual) plane (No 11).
Based on good communication, inspiration and the skill to relate to people, this area is exemplified by occupations like inspirational writing, teaching, leadership in public affairs in regard to envisioning the future, esoteric lecturing, astrological and astronomical professing, designing satellite electronics, or being an astronaut.
Gifted persons coming forwarded with insightful and constructive ideas and concepts should be listened to, as they may offer solutions to America's foreseeable problems in the domestic sector (eg public health and the justice system) as well the nation's role and often ill-involvement in other countries (internal) affairs.

The World (as a group entity) in 2015

PH - 8/8: Cause and Effect; Material Gain; Profit; Venture.

Time to reap what humanity has sown to obtain payments for, and to compensate scores.
The No 8 vibration is driven by the law of cause and effect (aka law of karma), according to which humanity will receive or has to pay back, in equal measure to her deeds in the past.
The great unknown in this phase is the premise and intensity of humanity's karmic entry from that past, with this past going back to the beginning of mankind. Chances are that the debt outweighs the credit like this is the case with most individuals in this age.
Humanity should be alerted but not be alarmed by this statement, watch how things develop and act extra circumspect if she picks up a tendency for the compensation of negative karma on a worldwide scale.
This energy (8/8) works predominantly on the physical plane, although the seeds that have been sewn in the past may have been actions on the emotional or mental level, which would then have triggered results on the physical.
By the same principle, this is a good period to manage and execute what has been started under the No 1 vibration seven steps ago and has been reviewed, expanded, put into structure, promoted, balanced and analyzed in the interim steps that have lead up to this one. The current energy will be especially prominent in the world of industry, commerce, business and finance but also in government and the military.
The measure by which the accomplishment of programs, schemes, enterprises and tasks will be achieved in this phase is dependent on how much directional effort has gone into pursuing the original project idea which was laid down in the foundational building blocks in the No 1 period (seven years ago).
During 2015, humanity can be adept, organized, less emotional, proficient and productive, and there will be tangible results of her efforts to gain income, status and honors.
It has to be remembered that any unethical attitude and behavior will institute a cause for equal compensation in the years after this phase, depending on the depth and impact of the acts now. The same mechanism works for an ethical and helpful conduct, ie the accruement of good karma in the karmic balance sheet.
In this period, mankind feels a strong drive to become operational and get things moving. She should make sure she doesn't deplete her energies and does implements compensational interludes on the way.
Part of planting seeds for positive future results is helping those who are not so successful at this time and would appreciate advice, strengthening and support. This holds true for the internal domestic sector of a nation as well as for the relations among countries.

Summarizing comment:
There is a general feeling this year that humanity can carry out grand deeds in the physical world if she only sets her will and managerial skills on a project and does this in a straight and unemotional way.
This period is characterized by the possibility of steep developments in industry and commerce with which come increased income for everyone, prosperity and wellbeing.
At the same time, nations have to be aware of the nature of the law of cause and effect, which will manifest in this phase as repercussions (based on earlier positive and negative karma) from the past and creating new karmic (positive or negative) causes for compensation in the future.

SC - 26/8: Negative/Positive Karma; Messages; Matrimony, Gestation; Possible Disasters through Association or Ill Advice.

A karmic interval (the results of the ever present law of cause and effect); humanity experiences what she has set up to encounter due to her good or bad deeds in previous years.
At the same time, she originates the conditions for the beneficial or detrimental repercussions in the future.
It pays to acquaint oneself with the workings of this law and how it should influence one's code of behavior and dealings and wheelings as a nation or group of nations.
Taking the life of individuals as a measure, it can safely be assumed that the karmic balance sheet of mankind as an entity shows more debts (negative entries) than credits (positive entries).
All positions have to be compensated as striving for balance is a law of nature, and this is done by going through the same encounters that the receiving parties had to go through when they were being subjected to these situations (ie experiencing benefits in the case of positive actions or suffering pain if negative deeds were carried out against them).
Compensating 'positive karma' is generally not realized as a karmic process, for when things just fall into place in accordance with one's own plan or wishes, humans will regard this as life in its 'normal' mode. The factum of a debt-retribution operation is all the more visible as it counteracts plans, logical set-ups, and can most often not be traced back to mistakes that were made in the concept, design or implementation of these projects.
Finances are on the positive side in this vibration, yet the nations must be very vigilant, scrutinize the fineprint, anticipate worst case scenarios and incorporate fail-safe mechanisms. Maintaining a fair and integer attitude when designing or signing contracts is important.
If a country or a people is due for some karmic counterbalancing, hurtful tidings, broken agreements or damaging behavior by those on whom one relies can be expected.
Counter-situations may also involve relationships and strong bonds with other countries. Circumstances and happenings might get a nation involved in a liaison that, unbeknown to her and her partner nation, meets the conditions to make restitution for a negative karma in the past in a certain sector; alternatively, the same principle might let a country sail into a horizon beyond which there is nothing but prosperity, light and happiness.
In light of the workings of the law of karma, each nation should try to understand the specific reasons behind what is happening to her now.

Summarizing comment:
The energy in this phase concentrates on the law of cause and effect (law of karma), both in the way that debt from the past has to be paid - or benefits are received due to past positive actions - and that an awareness is developed in the present to be very circumspect not to set up causes for entries of negative karma in the karmic balance sheet of a country, people, or group of nations for future compensation.
Most of the workings in this period under the energy of the 26/8 are the results of actions on the social plane with manifestations on the physical plane, ie in the fields of finance, economics, commerce, government, and the military, all with an emphasis on the domestic side of humanity.
Generally, the 26/8 is recognized as the vibration of karmic collection.

AM - N/A

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description click here and type in 2018; and for the monthly delineations click here.)

The vibrational influence the group consciousness of the world as an entity is under is called the Global Year and it expresses itself in the global mind. It is a general vibration that will affect all nations when the mind of humanity as a whole is activated in international communications and/or conferences, when a group attitude is displayed, or in supranational decision making processes.
The energy of the Global Year is not involved in nation-internal situations.
The Global Year is always one year behind that of the United States.

It is an energy that effects everyone on this planet in various degrees.
The most intensive vibration an individual can experience is the personal one, the next one but with a lesser influence is that of the nation in whose sociological fabric the person lives, and lastly, the energy of the Global Year having only a minor impact on the individual.

However, if it comes to matters that pertain to planetary thinking, global consciousness, and conceiving plans how the entire world should live, the energy of the Global Year is of importance, as it foretells the psychological fluidum in which the whole of humanity swims in a given calendar year. Organizations engaged in 'thinking for' and/or manipulating humanity are interested in this type of information.

Obama in 2015

PH - 20/2: Mindfulness; Resilience; Delays of one's Plans; not fortunate with Material Aspects; Reorganization; Development of the Spiritual Side.

A time to reassess and possibly remodel the foundation Mr Obama laid in the previous year. He should take a sober look at this bedrock with a view towards the next eight step years in his life, and devise a plan that will enable him to reach the goal he has set for those next eight steps.
Unexpected occurrences and circumstances may necessitate Mr Obama to manifest conclusions that could be decisive for many years to come. While remaining poised and considerate about new and alternative ideas for adaption, he should base his assessments and decisions on common sense and rational thought.
Mr Obama is now under the influence of a passive, female type of energy. He will have to accept the occasional delay in proceeding with his plans, as some items need their innate germination time before they can become perceivable in the outer world.
Notwithstanding this, he should not stay inactive bur reflect, assimilate, add in the details for which he had no time in the foregoing year, do preparatory work, but do not overthrow his original concept or start something new. The time for action will be the next year (No 21/3) in his nine-step cycle of personal development.
The energy during this year is strong because it has the God-power behind it (No 20/2). This explains the intensity with which he experiences it at times, but also the potential he has to fine-tune and fill in the particulars in the sketch of the new concept of relating to those in his immediate environment, his political associates and other social contacts with whom he will interact in the future to reach the goal of his current nine-year plan.

SC - 38/11 -* Tenderness, Warmth, Matrimony; Vision; Benefits; but often also Trials, Tribulations, Separation and Divorce.

A period under the influence of an indirect masternumber, coupled with the presence of a powerful spiritual force.
Dreams bring messages from the subconscious, the learning and practising of metaphysical disciplines is timely and can open a window to the world of wisdom learnt by Mr Obama in earlier subcycles or in a previous life.
People in high positions will offer their assistance. Romance and love can develop deeply and may lead to a lasting bond.
He should understand that the prevailing influence is less a worldly than it is an esoteric one, particularly in regard to the fact that this vibration applies to the social level of existence. Mr Obama should delve into the deeper meaning of life and its intangible values and don't fight for the tangible side of his (political) existence now. Everything he needs to sustain in the physical world will be given to him.

This energy combines two forces, the No 3 and the No 8, together formulating the indirect masternumber 38/11. By their own nature, these two vibrations contradict each other. While the 3 incites to take life with the attitude of having an easy-going, careless time, the 8 urges to find satisfaction in methodically acquired possessions, status and power in the world of matter and money.
Mr Obama should be aware of the resulting conflicts and inconsistencies in what he feels he has to do during this year.
Depending on the layout of his energic birth matrix, he will be able to somehow handle this antagonism or will struggle to keep a direction and render some constructive advancement when fine-tuning and detailing the foundation for the current nine-step subcycle which he laid in the previous year.
If positive, Mr Obama will benefit from the intuitive information he receives from his higher source; if negative, many potentially advantageous relations, contacts, contracts, and cooperative arrangements will end in severance and disunion.

During this period Mr Obama will experience a special link to the higher realms of his Self. Depending on his individual perception type, he will receive material in the form of thoughts, or feelings, or visions, or unspecified knowings. These intuitions will initially not always be distinct, explicit and convertible into implantable concepts. He is warned not to hasten their inculcation and wait for clarification and supporting information.
There is a tendency to handle the increased inflow of information from the astral world negatively in this period; that is getting lost in it and losing touch with the world of manifestation in which daily life has to be lived. Mr Obama should put fail-safe mechanisms in place where a lack of concentration could have severe consequences.

If Mr Obama's officially stated birthdate (Aug 4, 1961) is correct, his Fundamental Lessons (FL) for this life are 20/2 on the physical, 29/11 on the social, and 20/2 on the spiritual plane.
Of specific interest here is the 29/11 on the social level, which is almost identical to the 38/11 on the same level in 2015.
The 29/11 and the 38/11 give the bearer a strong tendency to live in images, wishful thinkings and have a distorted understanding of the reality around him.
In this regard, the 38/11 in 2015 is amplifying his life long Fundamental Lesson and twist, warp and even pervert the plans he formulated last year.

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description click here and type in Aug 4, 2018).

AM - /4(13): (public) Work, Structure, and Organization.

Areas of human interest that are different and unusual, meant to be progressive in the overall human development and are requiring organizational skills, perseverance and steadiness in work.
Among other examples, this area includes social engineering, mass-psychological applications, and political administration.

Summarizing comment:
2015 is the year in which Mr Obama wants to fill in the details of the leadership plans he envisaged and proclaimed in 2014. That is, to turn the US into a socialist/fascist republic ruled by a plethora of inticrate laws and regulations, issued and controlled from a central point of administration and held in place through a vast system of surveillance and military presence.
As he stated publicly, this will be the inauguration of the "New World Order" and would manifest what he studied and was trained for.
Needless to say that this not only is against the clearly expressed stipulations in the American constitution, but also is the death nail for a functioning and growing economy based on democratic principles and market principle commerce. It is for reason that Mr Obama will be cautious in 2015 to reveal these his plans and will work on them clandestinely.

Interactions and Compatibilities

America vs the World in 2015

America - /9
World - /8

The compatibility between these two was 10% in 2014. This percentage has not changed although the reasons for their disharmony are different in this year. Again, 10% are far below the mark of the workable balance of 50%.

As far as compatibility is concerned, the World is at utter variance with America (more accurately the American government), and this is not only caused by the disclosure of international communication surveillance that has been institutionalized in the intelligence agencies of the US government for many years, and is still practised unabatedly.

As said in 2014, while these revelations have underscored the already existing distrust of the US government, it has been and is the continuing American hubris to define who is at war with Uncle Sam, which nation is to fight another one, who will be given a regime change designed by the USA, how world trade and the economic cooperation among other countries have to be carried out, and how the American finance, equity and commodity markets are to set the tone for non-US countries to do business with one another.

After last year's phase of reflection (/7), in 2015 the World feels that it is now time to get engaged in practical, down-to-earth work, use organizational skills and take an efficient approach to (re)build a materially sound basis, each country for itself, to (re)gain independence, status and sovereignty.
The establishment of non-paper money, or at least, money that is backed by gold, as well as conducting international trade in non-USD currencies are driving forces to break away from the undeserved power of the current USD as the reserve currency of the world.
The metaphysical interaction of the two energies is the finish (/9) and the karma (/8). It is better the two have as little to do with each other as possible. If they do, the result may be conflict and mutual destruction.

Obama vs America in 2015

Obama - /2
America - /9

As in 2014, there will be a 75% harmony between these two in this year. Both energies are of a female nature (though the /2 more than the /9) and both can work together.
While Mr Obama will be inclined to cooperate and harmonize, the people of America will struggle to come to terms with the realization that the current financial and hence economic system in America has entered a cul de sac.
Their struggle will be to analyze the status quo and determine which way to go to make changes. They will realize that making changes will mean to abandon false tenets in the fields of finance and economics, eg the Bretton Woods agreements, the removal of the gold standard and the withdrawal of the Glass-Steagall Act.
As mentioned in the foregoing section, the /9 type energy can express itself negatively and cling on to the established, instead of preparing for completions of the old and possibly relinquishing it.
This would be the described delusion, and established profiteers (like the arms industry and their lobbyists) would want to maintain it, this way or that way.

Mr Obama's life long energy (Fundamental Lesson) is a 29/11 on the social level. This energy determines that he lives more in a world of imagination than in the real world.
In 2015 his vibration on the social level is 38/11 which amplifies his unrealistic view of the world and America in this year.
A demonstration of this is the design of an 'affordable health care system' (Obamacare), which is not benefitting those in need but a number of selected pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Doctors have declared that they cannot deliver proper health care under the new restricted funds, limited care methods, time spent with the patients, and admimistrative paper work.

Obama vs the World in 2015

Obama - /2
World - /8

In 2014 there was a slight compatibility (33%) between the mindset of the World and the mindset of Mr Obama. That has dropped to 10% for the year 2015 and can be called discordant.
While Mr Obama shows a willingness to communicate, cooperate and solve conflicts, the world nations at large have no trust in him any more, want to find answers and work on solutions themselves.
On the international political stage, Mr Obama has lost his (self-imagined) leadership position and the world is increasingly withdrawing from working with him.
During Mr Obama's years of presidency, he asserted himself as the head of the strongest military and economic force on this planet and managed to influence other nations and the UN to accept his versions of events in the world. He used confidence tricks to make the world follow his suggestions for solutions. After the world's year of soul sarching in 2014 that has changed.

Recent examples of Mr Obama's manipulative purporting are falsely blaming Russia for downing Malaysia flight M17, and inciting WW III by reacting to Russia's counteraction to America's missile shield build ups along Russia's borders.
To pursue his obsession to subordinate any country to his leadership, he lately arranged with Saudi Arabia to produce more oil than the world is needing now. The result was a sharp drop in world oil prices, so much so that the US producers of oil and gas had to stop ongoing productions and lay off personnel as their production cost were higher than the current oil price. As of this writing, this situation is unchanged.
Last not least, he conspired with the American and British central banks to sell their holdings in Rubles and this way let that currency drastically lose its international purchase value.


* PH - Physical Level: The maintenance of physical life; work, money, food.
* SC - Social Level: Interactions with other human beings.
* SP - Spiritual Level: Storing learning experiences.
* AM - Area of Manifestation: Area in which the aforementioned levels are manifested best.

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