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January 1, 2016

- - -

America, The World, Obama, in 2016

Keep in mind that energies (vibrations, influences) dealt with here are not to be mistaken as predetermined patterns of behavior of the energy bearer at a given time.
Rather are they energies the bearer has to his/her/its/their availability and should deal with them in the appropriate way, that is take advantage of them if they are beneficial and be cautious or stay away from them if they may be harmful.

Here is a general note in regard to the numerological assessments of groups (like a nation or the whole world):
The appraisals refer to the majority of the population as that constitutes the evolutionary state of the group. Special interest groups, like a government, the finance sector, or a religious formation, as powerful as they might be, are not part of these appraisals. In that regard, a nation, eg, is not the government or any of thee other groups.
When the psyche of the majority of the population changes, these groups have to, and will, follow.

To tune yourself in and make the connection to the just past 2015, it is advisable to first read the forecast for 2015 here.

America in 2016

PH - 19/1 : ** Karmic Restrictions; at the same time a Fortunate Period: Love, Fulfillment, Obstructions Overcome, a New Start; Success, Esteem, Honor

SC - 37/1 : Fortunate Friendships; Beneficial Partnerships Among Nations

AM - 3 (12) : Performing Arts

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description for the year click here and type in Aug 2, 2019; and for the monthly descriptions click here).

In 2013, America was under the influence of a karmic debt (16/7, physical plane) which manifested mainly in the areas of economics, health, (international) relationships, and money.
Because of the karmic debt nature of that vibration, the land could not gain in any of these areas, rather had to experience the pain it had inflicted on other countries and her own population by her government in the past.

In 2014 the energy shifted to a 17/8 (physical plane), which was active in the material domain, like business, money, commerce, property, technology and industry.

The year 2015 was quite different to the previous two in the areas mentioned. It was a year of completions, finishes and endings, all to bring the 9-year evolutionary cycle between 2006 and 2015 to a round-off, before a new one would start in 2016 (this year).

2016 is a leadership period; the energy and drive of the nation run high; the country and its leaders should take a chance, have faith in their abilities, and success will come.
Unfortunately, this period evokes parts of the nation's karmic past, with the effect that it will not be as flourishing in reaching its goals as apparently it should. For the same karmic reason, America should not inflict pain upon others (eg actively engaging in conflicts and wars) as this would cause negative repercussions in the future.

America is advised to refrain from impulsive action and use vigilance in its planning. It should beware that it does not idealize present situations or extrapolate positive current results when laying the foundation stones for future projects. It should build in fail-safe mechanisms.

This early interval lays the bedrock for the next nine years. Most of this foundation work the people have to do themselves as there are hidden dangers when relying on other nations or the government during this time. Trusting one's intuition is a good advice.

The no 19/1 vibration is fortunate for relationships and tight bonds with other nations, new as well as old ones. In the area of business and international mutually beneficial interaction, the formation of mergers and cooperation arrangements is under a good influence. Observing the warnings on the sign posts outlined above, the country should enjoy a pleasant time with its intimates, friends, and cooperatives within its own sphere.

As this text refers to a year's vibration, it should be taken very seriously and acted upon in accordance with it. If America is lazy or still unsure and feels insecure because of last year's completions and endings, the nation will have great difficulties finding a direction and a concept of living for the next nine years.

Despite the demands and extra workload with which the country has to deal this year, the new course does generally not become visible before mid of the year and clear before October.

Everyone should keep in mind that they are laying the foundational building blocks for the next nine-year cycle in this year.
Any long-range commitments should be checked against the importance of this twelve months period. Short term experiments are not allowed, decisions have to be good for the next nine years.

Summarizing comment (physical level):

Fundamentally, these two energies (19/1) live in conflict with each other. The selfcentered potential of the 1 diagrees with the 9s latent excellence, or at least ability, to give and help those in need.
If these nominal discrepancies are realized, often times a constructive cooperation can be formulated, insomuch that the attainment drive of the 1 and often raw urge to achieve can be directed by the creative talent of the 9.
This may entail emotional strain on both sides and require that both sides stick to the set goal to acommplish something that both can agree to and that is good for the nation.
The resulting energy of the combination of the 1 and 9 is again a 1 (1+9=10=1+0=1). This makes the position of the 1 stronger than that of the 9, which is the reason the 19/1 is generally liked, as it straightens the attitude of the bearer (the nation) and leads to a powerful pursuence of a set goal.
However, it should be borne in mind that not every undestaking, well planned and full of energy, can be a success. Some events will simlpy turn out to be a necessary compensation of a karmic debt of the past.

SC - 37/1 : Fortunate Friendships; Beneficial Partnerships Among Nations

Again, new beginnings, a year in which to lay the buildings blocks for the next nine years, ie 2016 through 2025 in the relations development of the nation. This is the social level.

The general tenor of this vibration on this level is to take a break from social activities, business and profit-thinking and look after those in the community. Home and business will appear to be castles which deserve to be defended against any affliction and menace from the outside.

Feelings of friendship and love are strong during this time, and an alliance or goodfellowship with other persons, companies and nations of standing can be formed and could be of great benefit for the advancement of the plans Americans have as individuals or as the nation for those next nine evolutionary steps.
Arrangements with an associate of the opposite gender, both in the private as well as in the professional and business life, are particularly advantageous. However, make sure you as Americans or the nation as a whole do not lose the position of independence. Partnerships on a par value or even below that should not be entered.

In the private sphere, America will feel drawn to pursuing interests in the fields of religion, philosophy, metaphysics, divination, and the arts.
Travel over long distances and water may be on the agenda.
As said before, this year should be taken very seriously as it is to lay the foundational material for the next nine years to come. If America is lazy or still unsure and feels insecure because of last year's completions and endings, it will have great difficulties finding a direction and a concept of living for the next nine years.
Despite the demands and extra workload with which the country has to deal this year, the new course does generally not become visible before mid of the year and clear before October.
Any long-range commitments should be checked against the importance of this period. Ideally, any pledges, promises, obligations, engagements or involvements should be good enough for nine years.

Summarizing comment (social level):

America was born with the characteristics of a strong male energy (the 'birth certificate' was signed and published on Aug 2, 1776), which established the 13/4 on the physical level and the 31/4 on the social.
The 13/4 is strong in its constructive drive to build organization and structure. It also is a karmic debt number, which means that many projects are swarted, have to be started again and again, and sometimes just serve to compensate negative karma of the past.
The 31/4 is argumentative and likes to hold its own conviction, no matter what.

The 3 and the 7 in the 37/1 are not in natural harmony. The 3 is extroverted, the 7 introverted. Inner strife is sometimes the result. Socializing is on the agenda at times, but so is reflection and going within at other times. In projection to the outside world, the 37/1 is experienced as friendly and welcoming. Outside favors can be expected, especially from the opposite gender.

AM - 3 (12) : Performing Arts

The AM is the area in which the activity vibrations (what to do) of this year (the 19/1 and 37/1) are applied best (where to do it).
While in 2015 the AM was under the "11/11: * Communication and Inspiration on a higher level", in 2016 it is "Self-expression" in the various areas of communication, and in particular the performing arts, which in the age of digitilization is likely to be bound to electronic screens and visual wizardy and games.
Yet, besides those there will be a great deal of creativity of a more serious nature, in areas of manufacturing advancements, developing more efficient means of transport, or developing readiation-free nuclear reactors, just to name a few.

As the 3 is derived from the 12 (sacrifice, victimization, submission), new electronic gadgets (like smart phone banking) might experience technical and social problems, and new games delve too much into the dark side of human nature and create more mental/emotional disturbances in addition to the ones we have already.

The World (as a group entity) in 2016 (Global Year)

PH - 9/9 : Completions; Sympathy; Encouragement; Preparation

In principle, the World as a group will be under the psychological influences America was in 2015. Situations and events have to come to an end, peferably by completing their course or reach goals that are not too far off the originally set objectives.
Artificially clinging on to something that does not work any more because the original circumstances and conditions have changed, would be against the evolutionary law of nature and would backfire.

This is a period ending a nine-step subcycle of the prime lesson that humanity has to learn in her existence (the Fundamental Lesson).
She must free herself from associations and situations that have become obsolete and would become obstacles in the next cycle - or it will be done for her by nature.
All projects that are close to completion have to be finished, no new ones must be entered in this phase, as they would not have the substance and strength to withstand the test of time. This holds true for the domestic as well as the political, financial, economic, and sociological areas.

Completions do not necessary mean endings. Those circumstances and conditions that are meant to serve humanity for some time longer in her evolutionary process, will indicate themselves as such very clearly in this time.
Nations better be aware of what is happening now and use their intuition and common sense to sort the wheat from the chaff.
With regard to existing relationships among countries, there be will be some with whom one might like to form a deeper bond, and one might want to honor them with special thanks and gratitude for having been beneficial to the development and evolution of one's own nation in the past.

Finalization or finishing international conjunctions and ties may in some cases be an emotionally straining process for both sides. The parties should be sympathetic to each other and stick to integrity and ethical behavior.
It has to be kept in mind that life is a journey on which no one is supposed to return to the starting point. If someone does, he has gone in a circle and has not developed let alone evolved.
While humanity is in the mode of fulfillment and accomplishment this year, it also has to prepare herself for the next interval which will start a new nine-year subcycle of evolution in 2017. Nations have to expect that they will then need a good amount of energy and be in a state of good financial and economic health.

Summarizing comment:

There is a general feeling of completions and endings which is often paralelled with the sensation of exhaustion.
How strongly this period's features will impact on a particular country depends on the individual phase (year, month) such a nation is going through at this time. Although the strength of the global year is lower than that of a particulat nation, in all such cases, the global year vibration will modify the energy of the personal phase in a specific direction.
Here are a few examples.
If the individual phase is under the energy type of a No /1, the present global phase (Global Year, Global Month) of a No /9 will slightly tone down the vitality of the No /1; if under a No /2 (or /11), it will lead to more self-reflection with a religious or metaphysical tendency; if under a No /3, it will add to the spirit of artistic self-expression with the inclination of trying out dangerous activities; if under a No /4 (or /22), it will add to the predisposition if the No 13/4 reigns on the physical level to let things and situation abruptly break down; if under a No /5, it will increase change and mental and sexual speculation; if under a No /6, it will heighten the urge to be of help to others; if under a No /7, it will intensify the search for truth in scientific, philosophical and metaphysical spheres; if under an No 8, it will direct some of the acquired wealth to the needy; and if under a No /9, it will hasten and intensify finalizations, endings and terminations.

SC - 27/9 : Authority and Power; Emergence; Preparing for a New Undertaking; Rewards from the Productive Mind

This period has to be lived through with a positive and expectant attitude, or it will bring endings and losses instead of completions.
Providing this, it is a fruitful and encouraging time on the social level; relationships with other nations and economic liaisons can grow into a deeper understanding, and new ideas and projects should be pondered over and prepared for to implement them in the next phase (ie from 2017 on).
This may include the integrational expansion of a nation's population or setting up cultural centers in other countries. A nation will obtain the aid from other country's or international organizations who are in a position to help and support in a pertinent form.

During this time, humanity's awareness and analytical talents as well as the handling of details will come to the fore and will be given special powers.
An increase in traveling, either physically or mentally/spiritually is likely to occur, which will give mankind hints about her future direction. She has to be careful, though, with the interpretation of intuitions, visions, feelings and inner knowings as, in this year, these are not yet delivering clear and articulate information that could be recognized and applied in the outer world. Their elucidation will happen in the next interval (2017).

The tenor of this vibration is to complete and prepare for the next evolutionary step. Humanity is advised to do what is needed to finalize and, if necessary, terminate what would probably become an obstacle in her further inner and outer development.
Nations should be sympathetic with those who have difficulties going through this phase, and should not forsake the principle of integrity and ethical behavior.
A negative reaction to the current influence would be to lose oneself as a nation in daydreams, fantasies, and idle, unconstructive pursuits. A people would miss the opportunity to coach itself for the next nine evolutionary steps in its development and would have to expect delays and inopportune endings in the following period.

The elements of delusion and deception are strong during this time. This should be borne in mind if and when humanity is preparing for the next evolutionary stage.
Despite humanity's general enthusiasm for the new and for progress, a nation should not commit herself to anything that could backfire in case she has been deceived or subjected herself to too much trust in circumstances, promises, documents, persons, or institutions.

Summarizing comment:

The internal energies (No 2 and No 7) resulting in the No 27/9 are of the same group and are thus in natural harmony with each other.
Both are reflective vibrations and incline humanity to review, analyze and come to some truthful conclusions with respect to the eight evolutionary steps that have preceded the current one.
As they are female or 'soft' energies, they also bear the element of illusion, wishful thinking and being removed from the reality of life.
This stands in stark contrast to the characteristics of the target energy of the No /9 which likes to exert itself with authority and the power to see its will done.
In consequence, there exists a contradiction in the vibration characterizing the present period. Awareness of this fact, vigilance and caution in handling a nation's affairs during this time are a must. New undertakings should be postponed to the next phase, starting with 2017.

AM - N/A

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description click here and type in 2019; and for the monthly delineations click here.)

The vibrational influence the group consciousness of the world as an entity is under is called the Global Year and it expresses itself in the global mind. It is a general vibration that will affect all nations when the mind of humanity as a whole is activated in international communications and/or conferences, when a group attitude is displayed, or in supranational decision making processes.
The energy of the Global Year is not involved in nation-internal situations.
The Global Year is always one year behind that of the United States.

It is an energy that effects everyone on this planet in various degrees.
The most intensive vibration an individual can experience is the personal one, the next one but with a lesser influence is that of the nation in whose sociological fabric the person lives, and lastly, the energy of the Global Year having only a minor impact on the individual.

However, if it comes to matters that pertain to planetary thinking, global consciousness, and conceiving plans how the entire world should live, the energy of the Global Year is of importance, as it foretells the psychological fluidum in which the whole of humanity swims in a given calendar year. Organizations engaged in 'thinking for' and/or manipulating humanity are interested in this type of information.

Obama in 2016

PH - 21/3 : Travel; Diversity; Different Vistas; Benefits and Success in the later part of the year

In 2015 Mr Obama was subjected to "Mindfulness; Resilience; Delays of one's Plans; not fortunate with Material Aspects; Reorganization; Development of the Spiritual Side" (20/2).
This was essentially a female energy and asked for observation, a certain reflection, and detailing the plans he had formulated in the year 2014.
It is unlikely that Mr Obama or his personal advisers would read the forecasts on this website, but in retrospect, it is obvious that he did not restrain himself from dealing with the material aspects of the nations, for which he had neither the talent nor the enery blessings needed to succeed.

Not surprisingly, most of them failed (among them the Health Care reform and the Gun Control act).
When he realized that the majority of the population analyzed and revealed these plans for what they were, his popularity decreased steadily and probably let him doubt the 'magic' of his former success which was based on clever, adulating rethorics and well formulated expressions.
As a consequence, he resorted to pursuing his unchanged plans clandestinely by keeping Congress as well as the public in the dark, and used the mechanism of 'excecutive orders' to implement rules and regulations for the administration and bodies of the executive, eg the finance and tax departments and the military. In effect, these orders had the same practical importance as an act ratified by Congress would have had.
In other words, he did not follow the advice last year's energies stipulated for him in order to apply them for good courses and with a good measure of wisdom. Instead he mislead the nation and furthered the already negative international opinion about American politics.

The vibrations in 2016 are much more positive for Mr Obama, provided he follows an ethical path and does not get carried away by the seeming lightness and joy-enabling qualities of the 21/3. If he does, in a feeling of welcomed release from last year's slightly fustrating influences (because of his non-attunement with these), he will spend the year in the paradise of a fool, which will haunt him from the year 2017 onwards.

Here now is the description of the 21/3 energy for Mr Obama for 2016 on the physical level.

Plans still ventilated should be carried out, mental and physical transactions and ventures will be productive.
There is a great desire for freedom, self-expression and joy of living. Travel is part of this vibration, and a change of residence, job or business may take place.
This period is also a good time to get married or form a business partnership, provided the set-up has been premeditated and is based on a compatibility that will sustain the ups and downs of life in the years to come.
Mr Obama should look into the opportunities offered now, even if they present or would require an unorthodox or pioneering move into unchartered territory.
He should retain a sense of security and protection and seek sober legal advice. His decisions should not be influenced by the present euphoric life spirit he feels. The latter, if applied in contractional long-term arrangements, may lead to misfortune and loss.
He should guard against losing his emotional reins and not see answerabilities as an undue interference to distract him from having a well-deserved good time. Else, he may experience obstructions, limitations and setbacks.

SC - 39/3 : Advancement, Suggestions; Fortunate Personal Relationships; Sabbaticals; But also Introspection

Relaxation, a period of sentiment, fiction, idyll and romance, during which time Mr Obama wants to share the feelings of closeness, friendliness and contemplation with others.
In a way, it is like going back to the days of his early childhood when he were cared for and enjoyed the vibes of affection, tenderness and warmth. He may want to choose to be in a quiet spot, a deliberate break-away from the hustles of this world, in order to either fully emerge himself in the experience of a twosomeness or to absorb himself in the wisdom of the perennial philosophy, if he is that way inclined.
Invitations to join social events or biddings to become part of a program or venture are very likely and friendships have the potential to develop into strong and meaningful links.
This energy combines the playfulfulness and joyfulness of the No 3 with the desire to help others of the No 9, and both vibrations show a strong leaning towards a sexual expression.
The 3 and the 9 are in the same group of energy and are thus in harmony with each other.
In its positive demonstration, Mr Obama will radiate a warm, likeable and caring nature during this time; in its negative expression he will indulge in irresponsible social activities and render services primarily to make him feel good. In the latter case there is a good chance that he will be sacrificed and victimized because his egocentric motivations may be discovered. Slander and libel may ensue (the hidden 12/3 in the 39/12/3).

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description click here and type in Aug 4, 2019).

AM - 5 (14) : Public Appeal, Media, and Travel

This is the field of the media, the sales people, and the professional travelers.
An area in which there is constant activity, change, dynamism, excitement, and an exercising of the intellect, as eg, in advertising, radio, TV, journalism, publishing, but also in investigating, acting, stock-broking, or politics.
Mr Obama may find himself drawn to addressing international conferences, probably now in the last year of his presidency less inclined to hide his dreams and plans for a One World Goverment (New World Order), and this way supporting his former competitors in the democratic/liberal political camp.

Summarizing comment:

After the frustrating 2015 experiences in his political career, in 2016 Mr Obama may find a renewed eagerness to pursue his centralist idea for America and the world.
It is likely that the types of energies he is influenced by this year (21/3-PH, 39/3-SC, 5-AM) and which are all of the same extroverted energy group, will make him over-enthusiastic, let him set renewed goals to achieve his "legacy" as a president for a One World Government (New World Order).
He is also likely to cast all warnings of the past and of the present in the wind and will delude himself with the feeling that he will be regarded as a milestone in the historical anals of the centralization of the world.
Little does he know and understand of the course of humanity for the intermediate future, say the next ten years.
America, as a union, is most probably not sustainable and will split up in a few geographical/economical regions. That alone will swart the idea of a centralized US, let alone a model to be exported to the rest of the world. This development will be the same in other regions in the world where preparations for separations and new states are already in the making.
As said before, in 2016 Mr Obama will not have a realistic view of America and the world.

Interactions and Compatibilities

America vs the World in 2016

America - /1
World - /9

The compatibility between these two was 10% in 2014 and in 2015. 10% are far below the mark of the workable balance of 50%.

In 2016 the compatibity is 33%, still not sufficient to expect a concordance of mind and actions.
While America has a new start this year and is obliged to lay fundamental building blocks for the next nine years, the remaining world is under the influence of completions and winding up situation that have proven not to be working (any more).
The two energies are per se discordant as the self-centered potential of the 1 for achieving is taking on an attitude of showing the world that the US is still (again) the leading industrial and military nation on earth and wants to demonstrate this through raw action, while the world is in a more reflective mood, trying to figure out which mistakes it made in the previous eight years and how to let formerly binding engagements among their nations come to an end without causing too much harm.

Although America is not the leading nation any more, neither in industrial output, low unemployment numbers, middle class and workers income, or in a repayable government debt (just to name a few), under a number 9 the surrounding world is not in a mood to be letcured and being told how to run their individual country and what type of regime it should have. This attitude leads to friction.

Obama vs America in 2016

Obama - /3
America - /1

There is a 50% harmony between these two vibrations, with a certain toning down of the 1 (America) by Mr Obama because of the social awareness of his 3.
This is probably a good influence as the pushy energy of the 1 is raw and has little regard for reflections and considerations of sentiments. It just wants to attain, no matter what.
At times the public may be disgruntled by the happy-go-lucky attitude of Mr Obama as it interferes with the 'seriousness' of the American mind in this year to rectify the misdirection the government has taken in his presidential time (eg Obama Care, immigration policy, allowing criminal record bearers to hold government jobs, tax hikes, constant barrages of debilitating rules and regulations, missing incentive for industry and commerce, surveillance, withdrawal limitations from a person's own bank account, gun ownership issue, presumed guilty until proven otherwise, unjustified American military enegagement overseas).
Mr Obama will notice an improvement in the relationship between him and the public, and he is likely to regret that he has made the decision not to run for another presidency.

Obama vs the World in 2016

Obama - /3
World - /9

Both energies are of the same group and are in good harmony with each other (75%).
In this year Mr Obama has the social awareness he lacked in 2015, while the rest of the world is in a state of mind that could be described as sentimental, reflective, empathetic, considerate, and ready to help.
While the 3 (Mr Obama) could occasionally fall into blind joyfulness and carelessness, the 9 (the remaining world) could negate her mission for giving this year and concentrate on receiving rather than giving (each energy has a positive and a negative expression). Without having a better psychological understanding of the situation, this would tone down the positive attitude and cheerfulnes of Mr Obama.
In the rare event that both energies express their negative side at the same time, the world would show a disposition for greed and exploitation which would cause Mr Obama to become sulky, moody and frustrated.


* PH - Physical Level: The maintenance of physical life; work, money, food.
* SC - Social Level: Interactions with other human beings.
* SP - Spiritual Level: Storing learning experiences.
* AM - Area of Manifestation: Area in which the aforementioned levels are manifested best.

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