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January 31, 2017

- - -

America, The World, Trump, in 2017

Keep in mind that energies (vibrations, influences) dealt with here are not to be mistaken as predetermined patterns of behavior of the energy bearer at a given time.
Rather are they energies the bearer has to his/her/its/their availability and should deal with them in the appropriate way, that is take advantage of them if they are beneficial and be cautious or stay away from them if they may be harmful.

Here is a general note in regard to the numerological assessments of groups (like a nation or the whole world):
The appraisals refer to the majority of the population as that constitutes the evolutionary state of the group. Special interest groups, like a government, the finance sector, or a religious formation, as powerful as they might be, are not part of these appraisals. In that respect, a nation, eg, is not the government or any of these other groups.
When the psyche of the majority of the population changes, these groups have to, and will, follow.

To tune yourself in and make the connection to the just past 2016, it is advisable to first read the forecast for 2016 here.

America in 2017

PH (Physical Plane) - 11/11 : * Revisions; Tests; Hidden Dangers, Treachery, Deception; Legal Dealings; Inspiration, Information, Art; Quick Resolutions

For a brief recap, in 2013 America was under the influence of a karmic debt (16/7, physical plane, PH) which manifested mainly in the areas of economics, health, (international) relationships, and money.
Because of the karmic debt nature of that vibration, the land could not gain in any of these areas, rather had to experience the pain it had inflicted upon other countries and her own population by her government in the past.

In 2014 the energy shifted to a 17/8 (physical plane, PH), which was active in the material domain, like business, money, commerce, property, technology and industry.

The year 2015 (18/9, physical plane, PH) was quite different to the previous two in the areas mentioned. It was a year of completions, finishes and endings, all to bring the 9-year evolutionary cycle between 2006 and 2015 to a round-off, before a new one would start in 2016.

2016 (19/1, physical plane, PH) was a leadership period; the energy and drive of the nation ran high; the country and its leaders should have taken a chance, have had faith in their abilities, and success would have come.
Unfortunately, this period evoked parts of the nation's karmic past, with the effect that it could not have been as flourishing in reaching its goals as apparently it should have. For the same karmic reason, America should not have inflicted pain upon others (eg actively engaging in conflicts and wars with other nations) as this would cause negative repercussions (retributions) in the future.

In 2017 (11/11, Physical Plane, PH): Revisions; Tests; Hidden Dangers, Treachery, Deception; Legal Dealings; Inspiration, Information, Art; Quick Resolutions

This is a masternumber period, demanding more from the nation, but also rewarding her with more in return, if these demands are met.
In principle, it is to revise, adjust and fine-tune the foundations the nation lay in the foregoing year.

Unexpected occurrences will prompt America, as represented by her government, to take resolute action. However, instead of getting precipitate, she should exercise forbearance and assess a situation first, despite the intensity of the vibrations that are upon her now and make her nervous and impatient.

Adjusting and fine-tuning may also cover intricacies and disharmonies in partnerships and business structures with other nations, which will have to be straightened out and resolved by correcting and amending their contractual content. In most cases, this should be the prefered approach to resolving them, provided they are part of the foundational building blocks America lay for the current nine-step plan in 2016.

In this regard, it has to be mentioned that 'foundational building blocks' are only those that enable a nation to pursue an evolutionary path.
That is, recognizing and maintaining the nation's sovereignty when dealing with foreign countries and international bodies, ensuring that internal concepts, structures, and operations are not directed by outside forces, international bodies or ideologies, upkeeping the coherence of the nation's proven cultural values, and providing economic conditions that give the inhabitants shelter, food and health care.
All of the above are inherent expressions of human nature and provide for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, the basis on which cultural furtherance and spiritual development ('enlightenment') can take place. Nearly everything that is labelled 'progress' these days, is regress, a deliberate strategy to move backward. It is anti-evolutionary.
The reason for this is that almost all powerful nations these days are endorsing a centralist system of a One World Government (OWG), just as it was outlined in the prophetic book "1984" by George Orwell. In a OWG all human activities are commanded by a centralist office of bureaucrats according to concocted plans on paper. There is no taking into account the various elements of human nature and humans are treated as cattle trained to carry out orders. They have become morons (machinetons).
Any international socio-economic order, forcing different ethnic groups (nations) to give up their historically grown and proven culture and tradition, is robbing them of the basis of their natural development. Evolution can only take place in a coherent, sovereign self-developed individual system with the freedom of will and expression. Such a system may comprise of likeminded individuals (like a region or nation).
The fallacious attraction for these powerful countries is that each of their respective governments speculates to be in control of the OWG.

In the group of America, many individuals are likely to have dreams, visions, and revelations in 2017. They may develop psychic abilities and receive intuitive information regarding the details and the furthering of this universal nine-step plan of the nation.
In this period, channelling the intensive energies into something worthwhile should be undertaken, wherein educational and artistic outlets are valuable options.
In the commercial area, this is a good time to refurbish the training and knowledgebase of employees and generally update and upgrade the intellectual units to the current levels of quality software and information.
During this year America will experience a strong link to the higher realms of her national Self. Depending on the individual perception type, people will receive material in the form of thoughts, feelings, visions, or unspecified knowings. These intuitions will initially not always be distinct, explicit and convertible into implantable concepts. Persons are warned not to hasten their inculcation and wait for clarification and supporting information.
There is a tendency to handling the increased inflow of information from the astral world negatively this year; that is getting lost in it and losing touch with the world of manifestation in which daily life has to be lived. Fail-safe mechanisms should be put in place where a lack of concentration could have severe consequences.

SC (Social Plane)- 38/11 : -* Tenderness, Warmth, Cultural/Social Bonds; Visions; Benefits; but often also Trials, Tribulations, Separation and Divorce.

A period under the influence of an indirect masternumber, coupled with the presence of a powerful spiritual force.
Dreams bring messages from the subconscious, the learning and practising of metaphysical disciplines is timely and can open a window to the world of wisdom learnt by the people in earlier subcycles.
Persons in high positions will offer their assistance. Romance and love can develop deeply and may lead to a lasting bond.
It has to be understood that the prevailing influence is less a worldly than it is an esoteric one, particularly in regard to the fact that this vibration applies to the social level of existence (SC). The nation should tune into the deeper meaning of life and its intangible values and not fight for the material side of existence now. Everything the country needs to sustain in the physical world will be given to it.
This energy combines two forces, the No 3 and the No 8, together formulating the indirect masternumber 38/11. By their own nature, these two vibrations contradict each other. While the 3 incites to take life with the attitude of having an easy-going, careless time, the 8 urges to find satisfaction in methodically acquired possessions, status and power in the world of matter and money.
People should be aware of the resulting conflicts and inconsistencies in what they FEEL as a group, and what they have to DO during this time.
Depending on the detailed layout of America's energic birth matrix, she will either be able to somehow handle this antagonism or will struggle to keep a direction and render some constructive advancement in fine-tuning and detailing the foundations for the current nine-step subcycle which she laid in the previous period (2016).
If positive, the country will benefit from the intuitive information it receives from its higher source; if negative, many potentially advantageous relations, contacts, contracts, and cooperative arrangements will end in severance and disunion.
During this year America will experience a special link to the higher realms of her Self. Depending on the individual perception type of persons, they will receive material in the form of thoughts, or feelings, or visions, or unspecified knowings. These intuitions will initially not always be distinct, explicit and convertible into implantable concepts. People are warned not to hasten their inculcation and wait for clarification and supporting information.
There is a tendency to handle the increased inflow of information from the astral world negatively in this year; that is getting lost in it and losing touch with the world of manifestation in which daily life has to be lived. Fail-safe mechanisms should be put in place where a lack of concentration could have severe consequences.

Summarizing comment (both Physical and Social Planes):
Intuition and inspiration coming down from a higher source should be carefully analyzed and checked for the possibility of making use of them in the structure of the manifest world, either in 2017 or the next year, as soon as they are articulate and can be related to the social and physical existence of the nation.
This year is under the influence of a passive (female) energy. While people are open to information from higher realms, they are also exposed to illusions, self-deception, imagery and wishful thinking, all of which can lead to deliberate treachery by those taking advantage of this type of psychic fluidum, or infidelity and disloyalty as the result of waking up to the fact that much of the hailed visions for a better living in the future has turned out to be based on a world that does not exist on planet earth and cannot be created here.
Apart from that it should be remembered that the current year is one in which to quietly work on the details of the foundations laid in the preceding period, fine-tuning and rounding up programs and plans for the next eight steps.

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description for the year click here and type in Aug 2, 1776 2019; and for the monthly descriptions click here).

AM (Area of Manifestation) - 4 (13/4) : (Public) Works, Structure, and Organization.

The AM is the area in which the activity vibrations (what to do) of this year (the 1/11 and 38/11) are applied best (where to do it).
While in 2015 the AM was under the "11/11: * Communication and Inspiration on a higher level", in 2016 it was "Self-expression" in the various areas of communication, and in particular the performing arts, which in the age of digitalization was to be bound to electronic screens and visual wizardry and games.

Now, in 2017 the AM is defined as areas of human interest that are different and unusual, (truly) progressive in the overall human evolution in the US and are requiring organizational skills, perseverance and steadiness in work.
Such areas include the generation, distribution and application of electricity in industrial products, trades and professions, including the supply of electrical power to information technology devices, the re-emphasis of natural-scientific disciplines in education, academia, research and development, and social and psychological work for the community; but it may also include new ways of business and banking administration.
While this list looks attractive and worthy of pursuing, the AM is derived from the karmic debt energy of the 13/4. In other words, set-backs in the activation of the above spheres, modifying approaches to a set goal, have to be expected - but should not lead to discouragement.

The World (as a group entity) in 2017 (Global Year)

The vibrational influence the group consciousness of the world as an entity is under is called the Global Year and it directs the global mind. It is a general vibration that will affect all nations when the mind of humanity as a whole is activated in international communications and/or conferences, when a group attitude is displayed, or in supranational decision making processes.
The energy of the Global Year is not involved in nation-internal situations.
The Global Year is always one year behind that of the United States.

It is an energy that effects everyone on this planet in various degrees.
The most intensive vibration an individual can experience is the personal one, the next one but with a lesser influence is that of the nation in whose sociological fabric the person lives, and lastly, the energy of the Global Year having only a minor impact on the individual.

However, if it comes to matters that pertain to planetary thinking, global consciousness, and conceiving plans how the entire world should live, the energy of the Global Year is of importance, as it foretells the psychological fluidum in which the whole of humanity swims in a given calendar year. Organizations engaged in 'thinking for' and/or manipulating humanity are interested in this type of information.

PH (Physical Plane) - 10/1 : Presentiment; Kismet; Success; Self-confidence

Humanity can now carry out long held plans, but must be vigilant, as the new layouts have to be the foundation for the entirety of the next nine evolutionary steps (years) to which this text refers.
This is a call to break the ice and launch a new project, possibly on a grand scale. The tenor of endings and uncertainties for the future that were experienced in the previous phase are over. The reigns can be taken up again and life can be given a fresh, new outlook and start. Indeed, humanity has to lay the strategic foundation for the next nine-step cycle that is starting with 2017.

Mankind as an entity, is required having to act solely upon her own assessments and decisions, but in this period has the faculties and the strength to succeed as long as it bases its conclusions on fact and acts upon its intuition. Nevertheless, it will be a hard and concentrated engagement, but it will be worth it.
Part of this vibration is to become choosy when selecting those with whom humanity or a community of nations wants to work in this phase to reach the objectives it has set for itself for this period. On-par partnerships should be avoided now.

The force of the current energy is strong as it is endowed with the God-power behind it. Yet, this must not lead to getting carried away with it, especially after the first half of this year. Guarding against developing an overpowering ego, becoming arrogant and selfish are a must, else humanity will become known for evil instead of for good, will inflict pain upon itself and, that way, create a negative entry in her karmic balance sheet.
Humanity or a community of nations must remain ethical in their approaches and may not impose themselves upon their own members or other nations. However, the present energy does allow making the occasional bee-line and get away with it. All the same, as much as possible constructional work must be done in this fundamental period.
If the former nine years have culminated in a state of exhaustion in the very previous one, the longing and willingness for a new approach to life and wellbeing of the nations is understandably very strong.

In this fluidum, the nations have to make sure that they are not following a self-proclaimed leader or prophet on the basis of promises to lead humanity into its next step of 'evolution'. If sacrificing independence and sovereignty are the price, dependence and loss of self-determination will ensue and all development will become an act of involution (regression).

Summarizing comment (Physical Plane):
Humanity's eagerness to have a new start and approach the problems of communal and individual living that have been carried over from the latest nine steps of its development is quite pronounced.
Along with this goes a strong willingness to make advances in a different, preferably unorthodox or entirely new way.
Generally speaking, this is a good frame of mind for making progress; however, caution and vigilance have to be applied to ensure that the course is heading in the right direction, that is that humanity places herself on (or back) to conditions that will lead to her evolution.
As is the case with all energies, they lead to evolution (meaning natural advancement of biological systems) if their characteristica are followed, and result in the magnification of the present problems, if not.
If the particularities of this type of energy are ignored, the repercussions will be fatalities of the present societal status quo in the very near future (within the next nine years).
Following a pied piper on the basis of promises or alleged and mentally pre-manufactured problems will not do, and if this happens in the public arena there will be a lot of hypocrisy involved. It might be a good idea to consult history and learn from similar situations that occurred in the past.

SC (Social Plane) - 28/1: Opposition, Rivalry; Incredulity, Curious Events; Loss through Trust in others and The Law, Having to Start all over again

A period of new beginnings for the ensuing nine years, ie up to/incl. 2026.
Many fresh opportunities, but possibly full of controversies. The reason for this lies in the combination of the two energies that constitute the current vibration (the No 2 and 8). The first one makes one shy, passive and overly sensitive, the second one pushes one to follow the policy of a hard-core businessman, ie being shrewd, unemotional and result-oriented.
Once humanity is in the swing for the latter, she should be extremely careful.
She may feel that everything goes her way and thus lower her vigilance. That is when calamities strike.
In the physical realm, that would be a physical accident (eg a false alarm triggering a war), in the mental a mental one, ie rushing into signing a contract without the preparatory checking of the fine print.
It is not possible for humanity to exclude the one from the other, she has to realize the often contradictory aspects under which life presents itself in this year and try her best to come to constructional and forward-directed resolutions and approaches.
Some events may come up suddenly. Proceeding with caution is advised, especially in competitive areas, and situations should not be taken by their face value. Facts should be obtained, sentiments be avoided, and judgement should be fair, specifically in land, territory, property, and international rights dealings where there is a good chance of being successful.
Internally, humanity is now formulating new concepts, pursuits, and a different style of living for the next nine evolutionary steps.
External manifestations of this may include a move to a new or strongly altered constitution, a new activity or project of national or international dimension, or the start of an internationally agreed new nationhood.
There is a karmic implication with regard to the motives and deeds humanity acted out in past intervals. It is imperative that she behaves ethically this time and this way avoids repercussions in the future.
Backlashes from unethical/immoral actions in the past (eg having run a socio-financial system based on extortion and delusion) may be severe if not fatal for the functionality of everyday economic life in industry, government and the private sector.
This holds particularly true if such a system has not been exposed and wound up in the preceding year.
In 2017 humanity lays the foundation for her next nine evolutionary steps (years). Whatever she does, she must be aware of the cardinal nature of this year for her future.

Summarizing comment (Social Plane)
The characteristic of this type of the No /1 energy is its contradictory presentation.
As this vibration applies to the whole of humanity, mankind has to expect rivalry among her nations, fights over different concepts of how to change the course of humanity's development, in particular regard to solving the problems that have accumulated over (at least) the latest nine evolutionary steps, ie since 2008.

Whilst most countries realize that the ideological course, as manifested in the world's prevailing economies and governments, is fundamentally disastrous and has to be changed, there will emerge hefty contention and antagonism among the nations or groups of nations, which can lead to conflict and war.
An outbreak into physical hostility and clashes is not a manifestation that has to be expected, but it has an over 50% probability if willful mass-moving psychological machinations are applied, as in the fields of ethnicity and religion, or the fear that humanity may perish if certain alleged environmental demands are not met.
Often under this type of vibration, the latter would be manufactured indoctrinations and showered over entire regions of the globe in order to set conditions and so-called justifications for preemptive actions.
Trusting other nations, international bodies and one's own leadership is critical during this time; they have to be thoroughly scrutinized for their possibly ulterior motives.

As much as there is a strong motivation for a new start, this groundswell should not lead to the abundance of critical thinking, analysis and the probing of new concepts. Emotions of having been hurt by the collapse of a flawed system of governance and socio-economics must not be reason to rush to bandaids or the continuation of the old in a new garment.

AM (Area of Manifestation)- N/A as the birthyear of the world/mankind is not determinable.

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description of the Global Year click here; and for the monthly delineations click here.)

Trump in 2017

PH (Physical Plane)- 12/3: Reflective Interlude; Insights, Modification of Outlook; Submission, Being Sacrificed or Victimized

A period in which not to make any major decisions as far as they could effect his life beyond this year.
Mr Trump should be passive and - ideally - let the events take their own course without any interventions from his side.
Many situations/projects/people will turn out to have colors different to those they were wearing when they tried to impress and prompting him for action. Slander and libel are easily possible.
This year gives Mr Trump an opportunity to gain an insight into the internal workings and motivations of his fellowmen, not all of them being bona fide.
At the same time there is a chance to realize that some of his own attitudes need to be changed to secure a more ethical and hence karmicly safer mode of living.
During this time, a position of contemplation and equanimity will be helpful to fulfill the objective of the current energy.
Preoccupation with matters in the physical world and an emphasis on his part to lead them to success, is bound do fail and will teach Mr Trump that the forces reigning from the subconscious, both on his side as well as on the side of others, are always gaining the upper hand.
If possible, Mr Trump should use this phase to nurture his inner self; put himself in a slightly philosophical frame of mind; solemnize, meditate, muse, and let others engage in the hustles and dramas of pursuing the dream of finding happiness in the world of physicality and matter.

SC (Social Plane)- 48/3 : A mixed Bag; Success, Abundance, but also Victimization and Sacrifice

In the beginning of this period Mr Trump will be in a joyful mood, some goals have been accomplished; a festive time, and he likes to think that he has finally reached a stage for which he has long hoped and which he regards as the well-deserved, normal mode of operation of being.
He is advised not to go overboard though, or abandon all disciplines of a healthy life style and circumspect thinking, as this phase shows only one side of existence, albeit one just as important as others.
The negative side of this energy is that there are the hidden dangers of being victimized and experiencing sacrifice.
According to Mr Trump's plans and reasonable assumptions he should now reap the fruits of his works of prior periods. That may be the case, yet alternatively he may also experience unexplainable delays and losses. Both extremes might express themselves with much intensity.
Because of the combination of the No 4 with the No 8 type energy in this vibration, Mr Trump may feel a strong inclination for matching organizational structure with money, status and power, in business as well as in private life.
Although, on the surface, this may appear to be the ultimate fulfillment of earthly desires, he is cautioned to look beyond the time span of this year and discern whether, for his satisfaction in the material world can be a substitute for content and, possibly, happiness in the realm of his feelings and spiritual wellness. This warning is particularly apt in case he plans a marriage or a partnership in the business or political world. It never pays to sacrifize inner freedom and peace of mind for material satisfaction.
There is a component of hidden victimization, slander and libel in this vibration. Mr Trump should make sure, he retains his sovereignty and does not change his paradigm to one in which only the base elements of the material world have a value.
While he may be experiencing this period as one of structural and societal advancement, he should be sympathetic with those who are now not going through such a positive time and help them with advice and services to alleviate their shortcomings on the physical side of their existence.

(For a principled and detailed, but uncommented description click here and type in June 14, 2019).

SP (Spiritual Plane)- 30/3 : Creativity Boost; Fascination, Happy Home; but also Thoughtful Deduction, Retrospection and Mental Superiority over others

Mr Trump's mind is in an excellent state, he can express himself well, be that in an artistic, a mental, or commercial area.
His grasp and comprehension of a situation or concept is fast, although this does not go into the deeper layers of understanding their principle essence.
Mr Trump should take advantage of this influence, do not just banquet and toast, but expect the current sway to enable him to supply ongoing or new ventures with a strong creative input.
He can trust this vibration as bringing out capabilities of creation that had not been given a chance to express themselves in the preceding eight year of this nine-step cycle. Self-expression is the key-word now and may be applied in his life as an individual, as the CEO of a company, or the president of the USA. He is given a great opportunity to upmarket anything that falls into areas like design, promotion, image, scripting and contract drafting of the American nation.
The uncertainties and delays of the previous year are over. Procrastination and doubt would leave the power of this interval for constructive purposes untapped and wasted, although, there would still be a merry time filled with much social life and interesting new contacts.

AM (Area of Manifestation) - 11/11: * Communication and Inspiration on a Higher Level.

The area under this vibration represents the No 2, but one none ahead, ie, the No 2 on the next higher plane (No 11. a spiritual plane).
Based on good communication, inspiration and the skill to relate to people, this area is exemplified by occupations like inspirational writing, teaching, leadership in public affairs in regard to envisioning the future.
In essence, it is a sphere in which inspired activity is well aspected and fruitful.

Mr Trump's Personality.

As this is the new president of the United States, it is of interest and necessity to acquaint oneself with the features of his personality, his character, his natural talents and gifts, his contradictions and his limitations.
In short, if Mr Trump would not have brought karmic debts from previous incarnations into this life, he would be able to apply the power of his mind unabatedly and reach the goals set by him 100%.
This statement is of a generic nature as there is hardly any person on this planet without (negative) karmic debts from the past. In Mr Trump's case, these debts amount to 62% across all personality building blocks. This is unusually high as it is above the average of 25% in the western cultures.
Persons with considerable karmic debts do not have an easy life as they are repeatedly thrown into situations where they have to deal with 'unfinished businesses' of former lives.
In addition to this, there are entries in the karmic balance sheet (of any individual) that are the result of the course of this life. They cannot be calculated by any method of divination. The person has to educate him/herself with the workings of the law of cause and effect (aka law of retribution or law of karma) to develop a sense and realization of practical situations to assess the karmic implications in a given situation.

On the positive side, the basic characteristics of Mr Trump's personality, which are displayed in his character and capabilities as the so-called Fundamental Lesson, are that he is bestowed with the ability to create system, organization, and order often where none have existed before, and as a special endowment, with an understanding of what has to be done to make his country evolve into a state of a better life for everyone, without creating any karmic debts. The latter is the energy of the 'masterbuilder' (22).
On the negative side, Mr Trump's Intimate Self stands in stark contradiction to the above features. Here he is attracted to ever new excitement which leads to inconsistency and excess. Clearly, these two energies are not in harmony with each other.
On balance, the Intimate Self accounts for 15% of his personality, while the Fundamental Lesson to 25%. The Intimate Self is how a person IS, the Fundamental Lesson is what a person is driven to DO in life. Achievements come from the latter.
To bring some harmony into his life, Mr Trump is well advised to concentrate on the outstanding potentials of those 25%. The public, on the other hand, should see his entire personality and not focus on those disharmonious 15%.

Mr Trump was born on June 14, 1946 and was baptized as Donald John Trump.
To read about a few of Mr Trump's personality building blocks, goto

(Fundamental Lesson, Intimate Self, Outstanding Characteristics)
(Karmic Debts)
(Long Term Influences)

On the webpage for Career is the following summary of Mr Trump's personality building blocks:

Your driving force of ESTABLISHING SYSTEM, ORDER AND ORGANIZATION, especially where none exist, has to be satisfied in the first place (FL).
Ideally this takes place in an area in which you have to comunicate and deal with people in an ENJOYABLE and uplifting way (AM).
On par with the importance of your FL is your urge to express your desire for doing things in a FREE-THINKING and unorthodox way (EX).
After your FL and EX your next priority is to serve your disposition for being INVENTIVE, ENTERPRISING, ASTUTE, INVESTIGATIVE, and cherish new encounters (IS).
In your inner longing though, you would like to be in a position in which you are appreciated for your ability to HANDLE RESPONSIBILITY, and in which you can rectify and balance situations in which you are involved to help and serve (IL).
To also fulfill your secret innermost dream, this should be paralleled with revealing the GOODNESS OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD to others through practical types of work, advice and counsel (SS).

Interactions and Compatibilities

America vs the World in 2017

America - /11
World - /1

The compatibility between these two has been 33% in 2016 and has sunken down to 10% in this year (which, btw, is not caused by a change in presidency or the ruling party).
In 2016 America was on the course of a new start for a nine-year evolutionary period (a /1), which is the driving energy that the world (ie each country outside the US) is embarking on in 2017 (a /1).
In 2017 America is to place into proper positions the building blocks she laid in the previous year and fine tune the vibrations that they emanate. This is is done on a higher level, ie the level of the /11 which is the higher plane of the /2.
Seeing life from a higher vintage point this year, America as a whole is sueptible to inspirations and unorthodox approaches to solving problems, especially those that have been created in the previous nine years. She must not revert to the arguments of 2016 whether or not the nation should give up independence and self-attainment in order to supply the rest of the world with money, arms and changed regimes. Other nations have to find their own way to evolve and must not be prevented from pursuing this. Non-interference is a condition for evolution.
The two subcycles of the Fundamental Lesson for this year, for America and the rest of the world, are not concordant. They follow different courses.

Trump vs America in 2017

Trump - 3 (12/3)
America - /11

There exists a 50% harmony between these two yearly vibrations.
In terms of the numerological order of the nine years cycle, Mr Trump is one step ahead of America. This year America has to develop an awareness of the spiritual laws of the universe and how they apply to human living. Mr Trump went through this phase in 2016 and it is hoped that he gained some fundamental insights into the human nature and how it can be directed or misdirected through clandestine ideologies and their usually evil goals.
If he has gained some (intuitive) understanding of the motivations behind certain political propaganda of the same type over many years, using psychological trickery, he is well equipped to make the nation aware of these machinations, their overall goal, and steer the American citizens to a code of ethical behavior when dealing with domestic problems and such in other nations.
After the often frivolous and low level exchanges on the presidential campaign trail, in 2017 Mr Trump will feel at ease when projecting a creative self-expression and social awareness. This will be appreciated by the American public, this year being on a course for a slightly overly-serious, idealistic approach to the nation's wellbeing.
It should be born in mind, however, that the new president's No 3 energy is the result of a No 12/3 vibration which on its positive side calls for a lighter living and a creative self-expression, but on the negative side bears the possibility of victimization and sacrifice.
Mr Trump (or his personal advisers) should be made aware of this. There are certain months and days when the potential for being duped, swindled or cheated is higher than at other times. These intervals can be looked up at
(Forecast Twelve Months)
(Forecast Ten Years with Months)

Trump vs the World in 2017

Trump - /3
World - /1

The compatibility between these two energies is 100%. Harmony and mutual success characterize the situation. Each side assesses the other with a similar measuring stick and aims for similar goals. Their way of thinking is in 100% harmony. Relationships of this quality are very rare, whether or not it is between individuals or nations.
The year 2017 is outstanding in this and will not be repeated during Mr Trump's presidency (unless it lasts to 2016).
However, if Mr Trump stays in office for two terms (ie until 2015), each year will show a compatibility above 50% and thus ensure a working relationship between him and the rest of the world.


* PH - Physical Level: The maintenance of physical life; work, money, food.
* SC - Social Level: Interactions with other human beings.
* SP - Spiritual Level: Storing learning experiences.
* AM - Area of Manifestation: Area in which the aforementioned levels are manifested best.

- - -

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certus Personnel and Business Identification Assessments
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