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certus Personality Assessments (business name: certus Personnel and Business Identification Assessements) is committed to high professional standards and ethics. We protect visitor and client privacy and only request the minimum of information needed to carry out our services.
Neither input data nor output information is stored in our records, in any possible way, except for the purpose of accomplishing our online or offline service until the delivery of the requested report is carried out.
None of these data or information are transfered to storage places outside of certus Personality Assessments, which would, for instance, be the case if such material were sold, rented out, or made available for non-profit or other projects. Such acts we would regard as unprincipled and a breach of trust with our visitors and clients.
Data and information necessary for our online employment are erased the moment the required information appears on screen or the ordered offline report has been dispatched.
The only information kept is the visitor's email address (not the name) in the case a Complete Assessment, Excerpts and the Daily/Monthly Numeroscope delivery; here we reserve the liberty to inform the visitor of future developments in our palette of services. However, at any time, this piece of information will be removed when having received an email requesting to do so or, in the case of the daily delivery, the visitor has unsubscribed from that service.
Our webpages contain links to other sites, for the content of which or privacy practice, certus Personality Assessments cannot be made responsible.

General Disclaimer and Statement of Purpose

Greatest care is taken to keep files stored on both our server and proxy server free from virus infections or other file corruptions and distortions.
However, in today's environment of steadily improving interference mechanisms from hacker and snooper programs, certus Personality Assessments cannot guarantee that any file or program obtainable for download and/or execution on/or through this site is free from computer viri or other conditions that could damage or interfere with data, hardware, or software with which it might be run.
All files and/or programs published on this site are made available on the strict condition that you, the user, assume all risk of use and absolve certus Personality Assessments entirely of all responsibility for any consequences of its use.
The information handed out by certus Personality Assessments, in whatever form, is confidential and for personal or corporate use only.
certus Personality Assessments disclaims all liability for damage or loss arising from a person, natural or legal, acting or failing to act, on the basis of the statements made, opinions or suggestions, whether by reason of negligence or in any other manner.
The information rendered is intended to be a tool for increasing awareness of personal or corporate personality and development. The person, natural or legal, perusing this knowledge must carefully evaluate the text, compare it with material from other sources and, in the final analysis, take full responsibility for any action taken.
Services and information rendered by certus Personality Assessments do in no way constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, financial, or other advice. Nor do certus Personality Assessments services and information establish direction, and/or diagnosis and/or treatrment instruction of any kind, be it medical, mental, psychological, spiritual, or other.
certus Personality Assessments is not part of or affiliated with any religion, organization, personage, or other kind of third party.

Email Disclaimer

The content of our emails and their attachments are confidential and may be subject to legal professional privilege and copyright. The content is aimed solely for the intended addressee. Access to our email and its attachments by anyone else is unauthorized.
No representation is made that our email or its attachments are free of viri or other defects. Virus scanning is recommended and is the responsibility of the recipient.
If you are not the intended addressee, any disclosure, usage, copying, distribution, or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on it, is prohibited.
If you have received our email in error, pleae advise us immediately by reply email and delete the message from your computer.


Copyright in all material presented on our website is vested in certus Personality Assessments, except otherwise stated.
The storage and copying of this material for any reason other than serving as a tool for increasing awareness of personal or corporate personality and development is expressly prohibited, unless prior written consent is obtained from certus Personality Assessments.
All trademarks, registered trademarks and servicemarks mentioned on our site are the property of their repsective owners.
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The use of our website indicates your agreement with the terms and conditions outlined in the above paragraphs.

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