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Listen to Our Webpages offline

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You can listen to the voice version of our Home Page and our library file On the Fundamentals of Numerology/Acrophonology.
Thanks to the development of text-to-speech technology, it is now possible to hear the contents of webpages or other text files using the sound system of your computer.

   You need to have
* A PC
* Windows 3.1 or later for HelpRead, Windows 95+ for TextAloud
* 4 MB of RAM or more for HelpRead, 16 MB for TextAloud
* 2 MB available Hard Drive space for HelpRead, 5 MB for TextAloud
* A sound card and speakers or earphones

   The certus Free Numerology Reading voice files are
* certus Home Page file:
  hp27d6.txt, 16 KB, run time approx. 20 min.
* On the Fundamentals of Numerology/Acrophonology file:
  intr5d.txt, 42 KB, run time approx. 50 min.

You may
A. Use a Freeware Program

HelpRead, a freely downloadable program, has been developed under the guidance of the Hawaii Education Literacy Project.
We invite you to download it from our server, together with the two certus Free Numerology Reading voice version files mentioned above. We compressed the package in the file (1.68Mb) which contains hp27d6.txt and intr5d.txt as the two certus Free Numerology Reading voice files, in a subfolder named certus Files.
After unzipping the package in its own place, run SETUP.EXE to install the program in a place of your choice.
Once HelpRead is installed, you can listen to any text file on your computer (that inludes the two certus Free Numerology Reading files supplied) or any webpage that you visit online or have stored. To do this online, have HelpRead loaded and depress its Web button. This will read out the current webpage to you.
When offline, copy the desired text or saved webpage into Windows' Clipboard, ie highlight the wanted text and click Edit, Copy. In the case of an entire file, you may alternatively press the Open button in HelpRead and select the file from the directory tree (eg one of the two certus Free Numerology Reading files). Reading, or stop reading, is activated by pressing the Read button.
Further information and tips regarding the design of your own voice version text files you find in Readme.txt and Web.htm in the folder of HelpRead. You may also want to download a help-webpage from HelpRead by pressing the Help button in HelpRead while being online.

To see the project's own website click here
and then click here to download containing all the files needed for HelpRead.

B. Use another Freeware Program

Speakonia, in function similar to the above but with the standard of a commercial program like TextAloud (see paragraph C.) features a variety of different voices and reads any text that can be copied to Windows' Clipboard (eg from an html, email, or wordprocessor).
Click here to visit Speakonia's website for downloading the program.
Click here to download containing the two certus Free Numerology Reading voice files (hp27d6.txt and intr5d.txt) needed for Speakonia.

C. Use a Commercial Program

We favor TextAloud (shareware, evaluation time 20 days, US$ 19.95 in 2004) for its clarity, standard of articulation and reasonable price. It reads any text (eg from an html, email, or wordprocessor) after you have copied it into Windows' Clipboard. You may choose from a number of different voices and may include such calibrated in foreign languages.
Click here to visit TextAloud's website for downloading.
Click here to download containing the two certus Free Numerology voice files needed for TextAloud.
The easiest way to listen to the certus Free Numerology Reading voice files is to load them into the program by clicking the 'Text File' button at the top of the TextAloud panel and locate the desired file in your folders.

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