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A Typical certus Free Numerology Reading

deals with approximately 100 psychic energies that control your behavior, how your life unfolds, how successful you will be, and how you fare in a relationship or situation of competition.

You may have a query about yourself, another person, or non-natural entities like juristic persons, ie legal entities like businesses, companies, associations, or public law or statuary corporations.

You will learn such things as

Forecasting (or Backcasting)

  • what kind of energy you will be subjected to, to go through particular experiences in the future - or went through in the past - in a specific day, month, year, 10 years, 25 years, or in the autumn of your life

Personality Profiles

  • which opportunities come your way and which ones bring you success
  • how to make best use of your abilities, ie your inborn talents and gifts to manage your professional and private life
  • what are your outstanding characterological characteristics
  • which career path you should follow to take full advantage of your special talents and gifts
  • which missing abilities you need to acquire to empower yourself more
  • what to do to narrow the gap between the opportunities that come your way and your capability to recognize them and take advantage of them
  • how to motivate yourself better to reach this goal
  • how to express yourself more effectively
  • what are your health dispositions and how to deal with them
  • in which way stress affects you most
  • how much harmony you have between the various building blocks of your personality, and on which ones to concentrate to eliminate discrepancies and to find inner peace
  • how you react to displeasing situations or sudden events
  • what kind of vibrations you need to surround you to balance yourself, such as those from colors and stones
  • what is your inborn, psychological daily routine
  • what is the main lesson you have to learn in this life
  • in which area of activity you master this lesson best
  • what is the innermost dream you never discuss with anyone
  • what kind of challenges you will have to face during certain periods in your life
  • what happens when you reach maturity
  • what is your spiritual initiation and what significance does it have for you
  • how your name affects what kind of people and situations you draw to you and how to initiate changes
  • which karmic debts you have to overcome in this life and how to do this
  • how many of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual birth qualities filter through into your daily life, and how to make alterations
  • what you really seek from life and what determines your code of ethics, your picture of the world, and the way you perceive and deal with information
  • what specifically you look for in a relationship and sex life
  • what it takes for others to have an harmonious and successful intimate life with you
  • what type of energy helps you to unfold the potential of your personality
  • in which way the image and success of your business are fatefully linked to the energy matrix of the person in charge, and how to turn this situation into a profitable relationship
  • how your energy pattern fares compared to the rest of us
  • what you would really like to do if you didn't have to work


  • which other birthdates, over a period of 10 years, match with yours with a score of 76-100%, 51-75%, and 50%
    (also works with two businesses/companies)
  • how compatible you are with another person in the Chinese zodiac
    (also works with two businesses/companies)
  • how you compare with another person (or between two businesses/companies) as Employer/Employee, Bus. Partners, Friends, Lovers, and Marriage (respectively parent co./subsidiary, joint ownership or joint management, cooperation of two cos, temporarily common project, merging of two cos)

Fort the purpose of serving you online and instantly, we have divided this list into seperate groups of items each one of which you are able to access from our certus Free Numerology Reading Services Page.

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