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Thank you for visiting our website.
We would like to honor your attendance with a small personalized gift. At the same time, this will enable us to acquaint you with the workings of the certus system of Personality Assessments and possibly entice you to order one of the items found in the pay-section of our website.
We believe that you owe it to yourself to know in advance under what energic influences you will be at certain times in the future to enable you to plan your private or working and business schedule ahead for an optimum outcome and this way become successful, happy and lead a fulfilling life.
By the same token, you can also go back in time and learn about the factors that influenced you on certain days in the past.

Being A Non-Natural Person

You are a non-natural person if your are a juristic person, ie a legal entity like a company, an association, or a public law or statuary corporation.
To be regarded as an entity for the purpose of this assessment, the entity has to be in a position in which it acts on its own volition, in its own right and goes through its own process of decision-making - ie exercises its will like a natural person. John Citizen trading as Citizen Plumbing does not suffice this condition, whereas Citizen Plumbing Inc does.
The Birth Date of such an entity has to be clearly discernable. It is the date on which it commenced its full legal existence and functionality. This is usually the date of public registration.
As is the case with natural entities, legal tags (in English-speaking countries eg Co, Corp, Inc, Pty, Ass; and others, like the word The) are to be omitted in the fields of the Analyzed Name, unless they are an expressed part of the entity's name (as in Incorporated Mississippi Steamships, or The East India Trading Company).
As with non-natural entities there is no division between Given-Name and Surname, the field for the Birth Given-Name and the Birth Surname may be used to type in the business' entire name, whereas in the Analyzed Name section only the field for the Analyzed Given-Name must be chosen for the entity's name. Here, all the words in the business name have to be joined to form one word (no hyphens).
In case the thus formed word is longer than 46 characters in the field of the Analyzed Given-Name, leave those parts out that are of the least importance in the full name of the business as far as the general public recognizes the entity by its name.

Different Calendar Systems

Throughout history, different calendar systems existed and were changed at different times depending on country and culture.
An example is the Gregorian calendar (our current time system), which was decreed in 1582, with the exact year of introduction varying from country to country.
The predecessor to the Gregorian calendar was the Julian calendar which existed in most European areas from 45 BC onwards. Both, the Julian and the Gregorian systems are often refered to as the Christian calendars.
Most countries converted to the Gregorian system in the 16th and 18th century, but some not before the 20th century (China only in 1946). Before these times and in other parts of the world, also other time structures were present, each being a specific expression of the prevailing culture in which is was devised and used.
Going back in time for research and study, numerology requires to work with the date of birth relating to the calendar scheme of the period in the particular country into which an individual was born, and the numerological system that applied to that same time frame. This need is based on the premise that consciousness tunes into the cultural mold existing at birth and embeds individual dispositions in the carrier frequencies of the group consciousness of the surrounding society.
Inversely, a date known in such a calendar system has to be converted to the Gregorian time count, to be calculated in a system used in today's time. However, depending on how great the cultural difference between nowadays' society and that in those days is, the results of such an assessment would have to be regarded as approximate only. Whilst the calendar conversion and numerological calculations would not pose a problem, today's textual interpretation of the energies would not be appropriate.
With most European countries and North America there would be no disparity, but it would not be fruitful to expect a truthful evaluation dealing with societies and their life styles outside of this group (example: ancient Kabbalistic numerology applies to the ancient Hebrew gentry only and cannot be employed in today's communities, either Hebrew or other).
The following website offers extensive information including leap years and conversion formulas on different calendar systems, past and present :
In the case that more than one calendar exist at the time pertaining to the life of an individual, the person has to decide which one is prevailing in the individual's daily affairs and is shaping the course of living.
In principle, the tenets of numerology can be applied to any time system as long as a date can be depicted in a numerical way and is written in the way it exists in that system (eg, 464 BC or -464 are not applicable).
In the certus System of Personality Assessments we have based calculations and delineations of energies on the Gregorian (present) calendar system, with a month not exceeding 31 days, February in leap years adjusted, 12 months in the year, and applicable between the years 1 through 9998. Outside of these parameters little research work has been done and no verifiable records exist. The algorithms and texts used in the certus system have withstood the test of time in our cultural system since Pythagoras in the 6th century BC.

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