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The nation will have a new nine-year start in 2016, which demands that it lays the foundation for those nine years.
While the people will be in the mood for applying a refreshed attitude to attain, both in the commercial and in the political area, there is a karmic debt from the past misdeeds on the physical level that has to be compensated and will often lead to swarted efforts that, by all logical thinking, should have been successful.
Nevertheless, the invigoration of the nation's constructive mind will produce innovations and overdue problem solvings in the industrial and commercial sectors with the area of digitalization technology being favored.
On the social level America will experience friendly and beneficial relationships with other countries, will be more lenient, and at times reflective and tone down the former hard-core materialistic thinking and hopefully the governmental efforts to turn the country into a centralist republic.

There is a general feeling of completions and endings which is often paralleled with the sensation of exhaustion. It is the vibrational influence that reigned over America in the previous year.
The tenor of this vibration is to complete and prepare for the next evolutionary step. Humanity is advised to do what is needed to finalize and, if necessary, terminate what would probably become an obstacle in her further inner and outer development. This holds true for the domestic as well as the political, financial, economic, and sociological areas.
The world must not turn soft this year but stay strong and have a clear mind for completing or ending what is not working any more. There is are elements of wishful thinking and delusion present and they have to be watched.
How strongly this period's features will impact on a particular country depends on the individual phase (year, month) a nation is going through at this time.
Although the strength of the global year is lower than that of a particular nation, in all such cases the global year vibration will modify the energy of the personal phase in a specific direction.

Mr Obama is under the influence of an extroverted, even delightful energy in 2016. The previous year was one of delays of his plans and not being fortunate with the material aspects of his life.
2016 is good for socializing, making friends and enjoying life, provided he follows an ethical path and does not get carried away by the seeming lightness and joy-enabling qualities of this year. If he does, in a feeling of welcomed release from last year's slightly frustrating influences (because of his non-attunement with these), he will spend the year in the paradise of a fool, which will haunt him from the year 2017 onwards.
His public appeal will recover and he will be drawn to addressing international conferences, probably now in the last year of his presidency less inclined to hide his dreams and plans for a One World Government (New World Order).
Until he hands office over to the next president, he will work on leaving his "legacy" behind, which is to make as many as possible preparations for the installation of a centralist (ie socialist/fascist) republic.
He will openly support any candidate for presidency who follows this ideology.

Interactions and Compatibilities.
America vs the World: 33% up from 10% in 2015.
Obama vs America: 50% down from 75% in 2015.
Obama vs the World: 75% up from 10% in 2015.

America 2016, World 2016, Obama 2016
Obama, America and The World in December 2009
A close look at the psychic energies that influence Mr Obama, America, and the entire world in December 2009, how they relate to each other and what the results of their interactions are. While Mr Obama is feeling like getting onto a militant path, America is exercising a navel stare and the world is engaging in mind-exciting intellectual activities.

Keywords: Obama in December 2009, America in December 2009, the World in December 2009
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Published: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 06:55:35 -0500
America and The World in September 2009
America and the world have entered the month of September which amplifies the psychic powers under which humanity is in 2009, while Obama enjoys an equally enhanced protection and popularity in that month. Read why America and the world cannot see the reality that stares them in the eyes.

Keywords: Obama in September 2009, The World in September 2009
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Published: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 22:26:20 -0400
Advanced Numerology
Advanced numerology is based on the skillful combination of numerology (the structure and the meaning of the cosmic fabric), acrophonology (the knowledge and application of the effects of sound vibrations), and psychometry (the measurement of psychological phenomena and thus a branch of Psychology). Without the latter, numerology/acrophonology would remain in the realm of academic interest only.

Keywords: Numerology, Advanced Numerology, Predictions

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Published: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 06:54:39 -0400
Obama and the World in 2009
This press release deals with the psychological energy of the Global Year which will influence the entirety of humanity in 2009, and places it in contrast to the vibration of Barack Obama's Personal Year in 2009.

It also highlights the specific energies that prevail in the month of September, as this is the time in which the Global Year as well as the Personal Year of Barack Obama is accentuated in its respective characteristics.

Keywords: Obama Presidency, Obama 2009
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Published: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 01:50:09 -0500
Obama or McCain: Abyss for America
Both are 'hooked' on life long visions that neither one can comprehend, analyze and convert into concepts, structures and methods for bringing about change with a constructive and positive outcome. Both have a distorted view of reality and cannot change that - they were born that way. - Here is the analysis.

Keywords: Obama, McCain, Election, Presidency
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Published: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 06:20:13 -0400
The Call for Political Changes and the Global Years of Humanity
On a global scale the mood underlying humanity's motives and actions changes every year and follows a preset universal pattern that can be determined in advance.

Keywords: Obama, McCain, Election, Presidency, World Predictions
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Published: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 00:00:00 -0400

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Updated: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 06:55:35 -0500
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